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Comments by sewell01

The Twynersh, Chertsey

Whilst the kids were growing up, we regularly visited the Hungry Horse for food until we were served food on plates that had not been cleaned one day ! (Sounds odd, but true).
After new management took over we tried again, and things were much better, until recently.
Staff have now decided to take the P*SS out of customers in a busy bar for not recalling their table number, food with a baked in insect (More than once) like it belongs there, and reluctant staff to put things right.
Complaint to the head office results in a 25 refund off of a spoilt 70 meal, so we wont be going back to try again...
Shame, as location is good and spacious, it just needs a new team !!!!

30 May 2010 13:48

The Volunteer, Sutton Abinger

A great hidden pub - a true country setting, surrounded by thatched cottages and fields.
Not such a great selection of beers etc, and food is very expensive, but still a real popular pub, mainly for it's setting I think.
Staff are young and fruity (I say no more...)

7 Jul 2009 12:57

The Parrot Inn, Forest Green

Fantastic little country retreat, but gets very busy, inside and out !
Restaurant seems to serve some fantastic dishes, but quite pricey.
Pub also has a small deli area inside selling home made breads, pies and locally produced meats.
Good range of drinks available including a personal favourite - Addlestones cider.

7 Jul 2009 12:55

The Plough, Cobham

Used to drink here ages ago, before L'Auberge got involved.
It's nice to see this week, that the bar is still exactly the same, but the restaurant seems to have died off a bit.
A nice quiet spot on the edge of town, decent pint and best of all, friendly staff.
Perhaps we'll come back more often ?

7 Jul 2009 12:51

The Thames Bar (Ship Hotel), Shepperton

Little known fact, the hotel is haunted by an old couple.
If you want to freak the staff out, tell them that you can see these two old folks in the room moving things about, as they regularly move salt/pepper etc around the room. The staff don't know the place is haunted, but cannot understand why things are being misplaced.

Good fun !

7 Jul 2009 12:49

The Angel, Swadlincote

Lovely atmosphere since Steve and Julie took over residency. Well worth a quick stop if you're passing.

7 Jul 2009 12:46

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