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White Hart Hotel, St Albans

The place is going through some changes... They are trying to put a fancy restaurant in the back. Bar area is cosy. Beers OK. Atmosphere lacking.

24 Mar 2010 16:20

The Garibaldi, St Albans

Not my preferred choice however, ... I popped in here the other day and the new landlords are making a good go of it. Irish twist. Lively and fun. If you haven't visited since the new people took over (last year?) might be worth checking out again.

24 Mar 2010 16:16

Barney's Bar, St Albans

More of a restaurant / cocktail bar than a pub. Very little real ale. Good lager selection.

The kitchen serves some very excellent food.

29 Jan 2010 19:04

Earl of St Vincent, Egloshayle

Good Pub. Interesting decor.

18 Oct 2009 22:17

The King Harry, St Albans

Further to my review of 20 Jan 2008, food improving and some beer selection getting better.

1 Jun 2009 11:26

The White Hart Tap, St Albans

Good pub.

1 Jun 2009 10:27

The White Lion, St Albans

Excellent pint of Norfolk Wherry. Good Sunday roasts and superb desserts.

1 Jun 2009 10:26

Bolingey Inn, Perranporth

Good quality - worth seeking out.

1 Jun 2009 10:24

Bar 62, St Albans

This has a good atmosphere on a Friday night. Good for if you like lager or Pimms(!). Worth a look anyway.

3 Mar 2009 22:25

The Plough, Smallford

Good Sunday Roast.

25 Jan 2009 15:16

The Plough, Tyttenhanger

Sad to say that the food in the Plough has really gone downhill this year,... maybe due to staff changeover perhaps? Can anyone explain?

10 Dec 2008 16:48

The Glass House, St Albans

Nice staff. Odd place. Not unpleasant though.

19 Aug 2008 07:52

The Crown, St Albans

Has lots of TVs for watching sport, and serves several varieties of Lager. Close to St. Albans City FC. Needs some TLC.

9 Apr 2008 15:18

The King Harry, St Albans

Poor quality.

20 Jan 2008 19:01

The Nellie Dean of Soho, Soho

This standards in this pub have dropped significantly.

20 Jan 2008 18:56

The Beehive, Tottenham

Serves pies lunchtimes on matchdays. Fills up with Spurs supporters. Good humoured. Good choice for pre-match lubrication. Recommended.

8 Jan 2008 19:39

Bar Vin, Bournemouth

Older crowd with strict door policy to keep the youngsters out. Reasonable staff. Decent drinks of all types. A good place to try out if you're new to Bournemouth and you want to avoid the puking louts. Toilets a bit grotty though.

29 Nov 2007 12:56

De Hems, Soho

Good upstairs area, and the Dutch snacks (like Crocquettes) are excellent. Some really great Dutch bar staff. Definitely worth a visit.

25 Nov 2007 22:58

The Vintry, St Albans

As the Vintry has undergone a complete makeover, the previous terrible scores... "Current user rating: 3.8/10 (rated by 30 users)" are now quite irrelevant. Does BITE have a facility to reset and start again I wonder?

25 Nov 2007 14:52

Black Horse, Braunton

Run by a sociable funny Scotsman. Friendly.

22 Nov 2007 18:32

The Williams Arms, Wrafton

This is a decent pub that will offend nobody, run well with a giant restaurant area and owned and run by the people who run the great Squires Fish and Chip restaurant down the road. Not an inspiring place or a drinkers pub however.

22 Nov 2007 18:31

The Angel and Crown, Leicester Square

Decent boozer, friendly staff.

25 Oct 2007 10:23

The Vintry, St Albans

Remarkable! The Vintry has had a massive makeover. Looks good so far. The old user rating of 3.5/10 seems somewhat harsh now.

23 Sep 2007 14:58

The Lamb and Flag, Covent Garden

Very excellent real ales. Nice building. Charming.

13 Sep 2007 12:04

The Roundhouse, Covent Garden

This has improved so much over the years from the old grot-pot days. These days it is welcoming, ok beers, reasonable food, good atmosphere.

13 Sep 2007 12:03

Eraina Taverna, Cambridge

This is not a pub, but a lovely old-style restaurant with 147 different dishes on the menu.

24 Aug 2007 23:04

The Brocket Arms, Ayot St. Lawrence

A wonderful pub and definitely unique. Excellent beers. 14th Century building. Difficult to find (check the website). Extremely friendly crowd.

24 Aug 2007 22:59

The Goffs Oak, Goffs Oak

Ember Inns Pub, ie: decent quality chain pub serving standard meals.

5 Jul 2007 16:53

Plough, Cuffley

Good pub - nice lunches - busy working crowd. McMullen and Sons Pub with reasonable Herts ale selection. Recommended.

5 Jul 2007 16:51

The Robin Hood, St Albans

Pretty decent pub, ... worth a look anyway.

27 Jun 2007 18:42

The Boat Inn, Stoke Bruerne

Good location. Cheesy chips delicious and the beer was fresh and tasty. Decor somewhat sterile.

27 Jun 2007 15:43

The Elephant and Castle, Amwell

Nice pub in a remote location.

26 Jun 2007 20:49

The Goat, St Albans

This place has new management who we can hope will improve it some more - With other great pubs nearby, competition is intense, so the new managers have a job on their hands. It's an OK pub at the moment although the real ales are not as fresh as they might be, and it does feel a bit of a sprawling mess at the moment. The building and history are lovely. Staff pleasant. Sunday pub quiz attracts a large crowd of largely non-drinkers who sit in teams of 10 hoping to grab the 50 quid prize money. They should award beer tokens instead of money. That would sort the wheat from the chaff! :)

22 May 2007 13:21

The Boot, St Albans

For a city centre pub, this is an excellent joint. Very good atmosphere inside, frequented by people of all ages. Exceptionally jolly. Sheeps Ale OK, but could do better.

22 May 2007 12:39

The Garibaldi, St Albans

Laid back pub makes enjoyable evening. An excellent alternative to the Sopwell Lane pubs. The beer is great; ESB at 5.5% will bang your head, or three lighter ales on offer too. Selection of delightful 'hand-made' crisps which includes Parsnip and Parmesan flavours. The decor looks like it was last done in 1982 and so it is a bit like stepping into the past. The best sort of place to drink Harvey's Bristol Cream Sherry! hahaha.

12 May 2007 10:41

The Hare and Hounds, St Albans

One of three great pubs to choose from on Sopwell Lane, this has good beers (including a nice Tribute, and excellent Timothy Taylor Landlord ), excellent food (duck especially), lively locals of all ages and very good staff. Lovely old building, with a quirky layout.

12 May 2007 10:20

Bar Lupo, Soho

Dark and Dingy. Drinks poor. Best avoided.

8 May 2007 22:38

The Sir Richard Steele, Belsize Park

Very gorgeous interiors and interesting drinkers, some gorgeous and some thug elements. Beers only so-so. Dirty.

8 May 2007 22:30

The One Tun, Goodge Street

Reasonable pub, above average for the area. Food OK. Beer good. Friendly staff.

8 May 2007 22:12

The Nell Gwynne, Covent Garden

Great pub.

3 May 2007 15:29

The Blacksmiths Arms, St Albans

Awful. Staff obviously hate the place too.

2 May 2007 18:48

The White Swan, St Albans

Very Excellent. Ringwood IPA was one of two guest ales.

2 May 2007 18:43

The Three Greyhounds, Soho

Very reasonable selection of good beers and prices in the centre of Soho. Adnams, Landlord and 3 other beers plus standard range of lagers. Excellent on a sunny day when you can sit in the chairs outside. The staff were very friendly indeed.

21 Apr 2007 11:43

The King Arthur, Reynoldston

Lovely restaurant and large comfortable bar attached, serving some good well kept ales.

16 Apr 2007 20:19

The Farmers Boy, St Albans

Found it dirty, service was poor and the whole experience was fairly charmless overall. Very pleased to see they brew their own beers.

16 Apr 2007 20:12

Jack Stamps Beer House, Streatham

An excellent thing about Jack Stamps is that it is next door to Taylors. So it's only a 10 yard walk to get to a decent pub. Errrmmm difficult to think of anything else...

16 Apr 2007 20:06

The Waterfront, Streatham

Well known for its good pizzas.

7 Apr 2007 16:13

The Fort St George, Cambridge

It is weird how this pub has been so disappointing over the last 2 decades when the location is just so great.

2 Apr 2007 13:03

The Plough, Tyttenhanger

Great country pub, great beers, very popular, fantastic on a sunny day, but the queues can be off-putting (due to its popularity). Tricky to find. Arrive early for food orders. Extremely nice and friendly staff.

2 Apr 2007 12:57

The Waverley, Aldwick

Great spot.

25 Mar 2007 13:36

The Nellie Dean of Soho, Soho

Refreshing indeed! Extremely friendly pub - wonderful staff, good beers and a really pleasant crowd of drinkers.

15 Mar 2007 23:46

Bar Med, Bournemouth

This place has been hideous for years. Popular though! :-)

9 Mar 2007 09:03

The Churchill Arms, Kensington

The pub itself is very nice, although I thought the Thai food was awful.

7 Mar 2007 02:44

The Windsor Castle, Kensington

I'm always pleased by visits to this lovely pub. Often crowded. Nice people.

7 Mar 2007 02:42

The Barley Mow, Tilford

Well situated pub. Food and Beer OK.

6 Mar 2007 06:29

The Mariners Arms, Braunton

Excellent Pub.

6 Mar 2007 06:28

The Holly Bush, Hampstead

Crowded. Beer and wine passable. Steaks very good. Nice interior. Jolly atmosphere.

6 Mar 2007 05:01

The Vansittart Arms, Windsor

Comfortable pub with decent beer and food.

4 Mar 2007 18:36

The Harp, Covent Garden

Good pub, very friendly management and staff, crowded. Ideal place for early afternoon drink before the crush starts.

4 Mar 2007 18:32

The Blue Posts, Soho

Excellent traditional pub. Only slight problem is the popularity which can make it a bit of a scrum!

4 Mar 2007 17:30

French House, Soho

Not a great drinkers pub - crowded and uncomfortable - maybe a little too "French". :P

The pub has some interesting history and associations. Restaurant is good.

4 Mar 2007 17:22

The Toucan, Soho

Pub for Guiness drinkers in Soho. Small/cosy and friendly.

4 Mar 2007 17:17

The Bedford, Balham

Good comedy nights.

4 Mar 2007 17:15

The Lamb, Bloomsbury

This has been one of the great pubs in London for years. Definitely worth a visit for anyone interested in good pubs.

19 Feb 2007 10:12

The Pigs Ear, Chelsea

Pub has a nice interior. Interesting bunch of customers. Wines are good. Apart from the guinness which was good, the rest of the beers varied from poor to very poor. The food is excellent including Fried Pigs Ears to steak tartar which was yummy although over-salted.

10 Feb 2007 08:01

The Royal Oak, Borough

Excellent pub. Good food, beer and people.

10 Feb 2007 07:52

The Idle Hour, Putney

To clarify for the pedantic: its excellent at what it does "Organic-bistro bar". It's just not a "beery"-type place.

7 Dec 2006 02:32

The Idle Hour, Putney

OK, this place is great. It gets a full score of 10/10 even though it has some major major drawbacks. Putney is very lucky to have this place.

It's a sort of organic pub-bistro really, not a trad boozer and definitely not for lovers of real ale. Drinkers and foodies range people aged 25-45.

First the bad bits ... it's not cheap!!! Wines are overpriced and selection is weak. I tried a Chilean White which was absolutely rubbish, though the Italian Pinot Grigio was really excellent. Usual selection of slightly incoherent Eastern Europeans serving, although the short blonde one is a total babe and could charm the pants off Mr Scrooge.

Now the good bits: Really Comfortable! Nice chairs - leather sofas, wooden tables. It's a good place to hang out. The food is good. The customers are polite. Generally, it is many times better than all those shabby all-bar-ones and dreadful crappy pubs near Clapham.

BTW The on-tap beer selection is awful for real ale. Though the owner claims he'll order in and stock any beer bottle you request if he doesn't currently stock it. I might test this out one day by asking for Palmers!

Basically, if you can afford it and are happy drinking wine/cider/bottled beers, it is totally cool hangout. :)

5 Dec 2006 08:23

Taylors, Streatham

This is an excellent pub.

14 Nov 2006 20:18

The Fox Inn, Dosthill


28 Feb 2006 23:22

The Great Northern Railway Tavern, Hornsey

Largely unknown gem of a pub. Well worth the extra trip.

28 Feb 2006 20:59

The Flask, Highgate

On the right day is a lovely pub. Just pick carefully!

28 Feb 2006 20:54

The Duke's Head, Highgate

Many good nights here.

28 Feb 2006 20:51

The Angel, Highgate

I'll always remember it for a mid-90s boxing day when there was a hilarious full-on bar brawl with punters being thrown along the pub floor. Police stopped it awww ;)

28 Feb 2006 20:49

The Wykeham Arms, Winchester

Beautiful pub will a lot of wannabe-posh fat people. Definitely eat there if you can afford to.

28 Feb 2006 19:54

The Fishermans Haunt, Christchurch

Was there the other pint of Ringwood 49er i've had in the Christchurch area, really great Scampi and chips. Lots of doggies and laughing old ladies. Could be worse!

28 Feb 2006 19:25

The Lamb Inn, Winkton

Guys, give the slightly nutty couple who run this place a break...the food is good (pricy), and the beer is OK, so all in all the pub is OK. Not great, but not terrible.

28 Feb 2006 19:22

The Fishermans Haunt, Christchurch

A restaurant, not really a pub.

19 Jan 2006 22:49

The Cottonwood Hotel, Bournemouth

The hotel has a pub which serves real ales - usually including Ringwood. There is traditional jazz and other music several evenings a week. The location right on the cliff top is fantastic, and there is a sun terrace, although the internal decor maybe needs updating.

12 Dec 2005 03:12

The Christopher Creeke , Bournemouth

If you can ignore the really awful outside (dirty picnic tables), inside you will find a surprisingly nice and relaxing wine-bar type pub. No real ales, but if you are a lager drinker and want to avoid some of the dodgy places try it. A (free?) discount card will get you around 10% off. So far so good ... we'll see how it develops and hope it doesn't get too poncy.

8 Nov 2005 19:14

The Grange Hotel, Southbourne

Older crowd.

The real ales are Cask-Marqued, but they could improve a bit here ... maybe they could get some more varied and better real ales in.

Loud live music on Fridays and Saturdays with bands doing covers, not original music.

20 Mar 2005 01:09

The Commodore Hotel, Bournemouth

Good real ales available. Quiz nights twice a week. Friendly atmosphere.

9 Mar 2005 01:42

The Rose and Crown, Stoke Newington

Excellent Sunday Roast. Good Beer.

25 Jan 2005 14:21

The Spyglass and Kettle, Southbourne

Was in there for a drink on Sunday - it really is more of a restaurant than a pub.

The RINGWOOD Beer was nice though.

25 Jan 2005 14:16

Black Dog, Chilmark

Good Food and Beer.

23 Jan 2005 11:45

The Royalty, Christchurch

Excellent Pub.

Nice Beers Real Ale - Ringwood Beers 49er and Best.

Excellent Menu although Starlight Indian Restaurant is a few doors away.

Fisherman's Theme.

Pub Quiz Wednesday and occasional specials nights.

10 Jan 2005 18:40

The King Street Run, Cambridge

The only pub I've been in where an unconscious man lay on the floor in front of the bar - when I enquired about the man to the landlord he said - "oh just ignore him!" (1987)

17 Dec 2004 06:29

Eraina Taverna, Cambridge

Great food!

17 Dec 2004 06:26

The Riverside Inn, Tuckton

Pretty Good Place as a family restaurant... not a drinkers pub.

17 Dec 2004 06:25

The Thomas Tripp, Christchurch

Good Pub.

17 Dec 2004 06:19

The Seagull, Boscombe

Sad to see it demolished. Had many good nights here in the late nineties.

It used to have the nickname "the airport lounge" due to its dreadful architecture.

How many "luxury flats" can they build around here? I assume the developers will go bankrupt in the crash.

17 Dec 2004 06:16

Deacons, Boscombe

This pub has a very bad reputation. The owner ought to address this.

The size and location of the pub means that it could be a great place.

17 Dec 2004 06:08

Brasshouse, Bournemouth

Excellent given the large jangling pub that it is.

17 Dec 2004 05:56

The Tapp & Hobbit, Bournemouth

Nice place.

17 Dec 2004 05:53

Bar Me, Bournemouth

I too agree with the remarks made by Adam Solley.

The old Jug of Ale was a good pub with decent beers and would be a first stop on a night out, and it used to be a refreshing change from the hideous pubs like the Litten Tree.

They have turned a decent pub into a piece of crap, thus making the Litten Tree seem not quite so bad at all...!!! I hope they go bankrupt soon.

17 Dec 2004 05:48

O'Neills, Bournemouth

Better than average for the area. Noisy.

17 Dec 2004 05:41

The Slug and Lettuce, Bournemouth

Very bad pub: Crap beer, awful furniture, dreary nordic decor. Gives the word "pub" a bad name!

17 Dec 2004 05:38

The Neptune, Boscombe

A chain-pub with chain-food and lots of provision for kiddies.

The view over the sea is lovely, the position of the pub is really great.

Pub employment policy interesting: a barman who cannot add-up and too drugged to understand menus? I assume the job conditions are terrible.

In the right hands this could be a fantastic pub.

17 Dec 2004 05:35

The Grove Tavern, Southbourne

The food is inexpensive and quite tasty, served by Eastern Europeans.

There is a horrible large TV Screen with irritating football shown on it.

Overall, the pub is OK.

17 Dec 2004 05:29

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