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Ye Olde Murenger House, Newport

Built in the 16th century, said to be Newport's oldest pub. Excellent quality Sam Smith's beers and German-style beers (lagers).

3 Aug 2010 19:47

Tom Toya Lewis, Newport

Full of kids and people eating during the day,so little atmoshere. Imaginative selection of real ales and some real cider - Much Marcle cider brewed for Wetherspoons by Weston Cider.

3 Aug 2010 19:40

The Cross Hands, Newport

Good for watching football on the large-screen TV. OK during the day, lots of dubious people in the area in the evening.

3 Aug 2010 19:34

Hen and Chickens, Abergevenny

Excellent Bass, and lovely pub.

23 Jun 2010 16:15

The Grosvenor Arms, Southville

Another interesting traditional boozer in the Southville/Bedminster area. Taunton traditional cider and draught Bass . Rough and ready, full of colourful locals.

23 Jun 2010 16:05

The Barley Mow, Bedminster

Excellent Taunton real cider, full of local characters. Very old fashioned and worth a visit. Handily placed, about 100 yards from the Apple Tree, if you fancy a real cider sesh.

23 Jun 2010 15:45

The Apple Tree, Bedminster

Unique one bar traditional pub selling mainly rough cider. Lots of characters. Customers oftem go from here to the Barley Mow, another unique pub, on the corner. Recommended.

23 Jun 2010 15:37

The Angel, Angel, Islington

Functional, basic boozer, opens early and sells Weston's Vintage cider at 2.59 a pint. Why pay 3.50 + for Strongbow elsewhere? Characters around the bar - mostly Irish and Scottish. As I'm Welsh I liked it!

11 Aug 2009 10:11

The Well House, Exeter

Otter, O'Hanlons, Exe Valley, Scattor Rock, Branscombe, and Skinners alesregularly on sale as well as real cider straight from the barrel. Great place, looks like an old fashioned sweet shop from outside, with great view of the cathedral.

2 Feb 2009 19:25

The Vulcan Hotel, Cardiff

Meetings are being held with authorities to save the pub. Sign the petition in the bar, write to the Heritage Minister AlunFFred.Jones at

11 Jan 2009 11:27

The Doric Arch, Euston

Good thing it was honey and not KY jelly!

8 May 2008 21:41

The Long Bar, Bristol

Great Thatcher's and Cheddar Valley cider and unique atmosphere. Friendly and unusual locals. Fewer shoplifters now - though I was once offered a sofa bed, which was carried into the bar! Worth a visit.

7 May 2008 19:40

The Plough, Whitchurch

Cavernous pub with several bars. Good Brains ales, and a former hang out of Bernie Plain, the famous Cardiff runner, and Luther and Big Alf, his running mates.

29 Mar 2008 18:20

The Pantmawr Inn, Pantmawr

Rare outlet for Felin Foel Double Dragon, and excellent it was too. Locals fighting to save their community pub. Best of luck.Quiet location near Rhiwbina golf club. Recommended.

29 Mar 2008 18:17

Yard Bar and Kitchen, Cardiff

Like the Old Arcade, Cottage and City Arms, a pale shadow of its former self - when it was the Albert. Good beer, reasonable staff and punters, but, like most of Plastic City, I mean Cardiff, no soul. Oh for the the Quebec, Custom House, Salutation, York, etc etc.

29 Mar 2008 18:13

Prince Of Wales, Cardiff

The Prince of Wales was infamous in Cardiff, as it was a sex cinema for years. Infamous for prostitutes with their clients, gay shenanigans and police raids! Still an interesting mix of punters mornings/afternoons.

Cheap beers and good value food.

29 Mar 2008 18:08

The Golden Cross, Cardiff

Possibly the only pub in the UK without a door on the shithouse ...

29 Mar 2008 17:57

Ernest Willows, Cardiff

Yes, good selection of sports pages to read as you're having a pee.Good selection of real ales too, and cheap breakfasts.

29 Mar 2008 17:56

The Bute Dock, Cardiff

Old fashioned boozer, just off Bute Street. Pleasant change from all the plastic pubs in town.

29 Mar 2008 17:49

The Doric Arch, Euston

Excellent ESB, found the staff a litle off-hand, but the beer and unusual layout of the pub more than made up for that. Often stop here when in London.

29 Mar 2008 17:44

Ye Olde Murenger House, Newport

AKA Ayingerbrau!! Oopps, I's a lil' tispy!!

29 Mar 2008 16:51

Ye Olde Murenger House, Newport

Excellent lagers too, brewed in the style of German beer. Ayingerbaru.

29 Mar 2008 16:46

The Blue Anchor, Helston

Spent a happy few hours here in 1984, the day before the Duchy Marathon. Unfortunately was too hungover to run! Never mind. The beer was worth it. Visited again in February (2008) - unchanged - amazing. Lovely beer, friendly staff and customers. Just don't drink the Extra Special if you're planNing to run a marathon the next day!

26 Mar 2008 08:20

The Old Green Tree, Bath

Smashing small pub, with minute lounge and bar, and slightly larger eating area. Excellent real ales - including Station Porter (Supreme Champion Winter Beer of Britain 2008) and Mr Pecket's Stout. Good range of bottled beers, including Erdinger Weissbier and Carsberg Special.

Friendly barmaid with glorious Italian accent and friendly and entertaining landlord. This is what a pub should be like.

2 Mar 2008 16:04

The Bowling Green, Exeter

Formerly the Ropemakers,until it changed names in the early 90s. I used to visit regularly in the mid 70s, along with many of the residents of the old Shilhay nightshelter community! Had many a good time here. The ghosts of Scouser, Hughie and the boys live on.

4 Sep 2007 19:42

The Ship, Soho

Great beer (especially the ESB). Friendly customers and staff. A must for any real ALE (!) drinkers visiting Soho. A pub with character and tradition

2 Sep 2007 19:30

The Ship, Soho

Great beer (especially the ESB) friendly customers and staff. A must for any real drinkers visiting Soho. A pub with character and tradition.

2 Sep 2007 19:29

Splottlands, Adamsdown

A Brains pub without draught beer. Not possible? Afraid so. Stick to the lager.

2 Sep 2007 19:25

The Red House, Cardiff

It seems the planners in Cardiff want to demolish any buildings with character, and make Cardiff a plastic replica of just about every other city in Britain.

2 Sep 2007 19:23

The Old Arcade, Cardiff

Legendary boozer which has lost much of its atmosphere since the refurb. The beer is still very good, unlike in many Brains pubs in the centre. Good SA Gold and SA.

2 Sep 2007 19:19

The Double Locks, Exeter

I was there last summer (2006) and was very impressed. I cycled from Steps Bridge youth hostel, and was glad to see lots of bike racks outside the pub. There was a great selection of real ales, some served from the pump, some direct from the barrel. Two or three superb pints later, I started the ride back in a great mood.

2 Sep 2007 19:15

The Colpitts Hotel, Durham

I know it's a little late to make a review 33 years after I was a regular visitor, but I'm going to. As a student in Durham I went to the poetry group which met at the Colpitts, and met some of the leading writers in the nort-east. The pub was a basic locals pub, selling excellent Sam Smith's OBB. Talking to an old guy from Durham at Clun youth hostel last summer, I was told it hasn't changed. Still a basic boozer, selling great OBB. Thank god some things don't change!

2 Sep 2007 19:05

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