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Ye Olde Red Lion, Cheam

This building is your quintessential English pub. Whenever I go in it always has a fair few regulars. The beer garden is spacious for the warmer weather and the food served is decent pub food. The Staff are friendly which adds to a good relaxed pub atmosphere. The ale selection was limited so I opted for the Amber Leaf from the Wimbledon brewery which was well kept and very palatable. Recommend if you are ever in Cheam village

17 Mar 2022 17:46

The Flying Scotsman, Caledonian Road

Have drunk here twice since it’s new incarnation the Scottish stores. Impressed both times - good range of ales. London prices but definitely worth a visit if you are an ale drinker. Good ambience, near kings cross station. Was busy on a Thursday night

13 Mar 2022 21:01

The Greyhound, Carshalton

The last 3 Sunday lunches I have had here have been excellent and much better than when I first tried this pub around 2017. The Proper Job was very nice and well kept. A comfortable bar area to sit and eat. It’s a Young’s pub with their ales. They also had neck oil on tap and a range of lagers and Guinness.
It’s located in a picturesque setting so you can have a lovely walk in the park afterwards if you if you are full.

16 Feb 2020 17:05

The Goose on the Market, Croydon

Now called the Market Tavern. The Drinks are still cheap and the pub has benefitted from a refurbishment. Staff and clientele are friendly, music, sport and pool table set the ambience. A pub in London where your wallet is not fleeced after a round does not deserve criticism

25 Oct 2019 17:41

The Dolphin, Plymouth

A great little pub, atmospheric, great selection of beers. The staff and the locals are very friendly. Spent a very enjoyable Saturday afternoon here and left slightly worse for wear.

11 Jan 2019 19:04

The Cock and Bull, Sutton

Excellent range of Fullers beers all well kept. A Spacious wine barish feel to it this pub. I love Fuller beers so always gravitate here on my way home from work. Good election of lager here too. Near to the station.


20 Jul 2018 19:26

The Rose and Crown, Belgravia

A traditional pub with a good atmosphere in the middle of the hoo ray Henry land of Belgravia. A good layout, a pool table and down to earth friendly regulars. The beer selection is a bit unadventerous but they have London Pride on draught and it's well kept so for the tradtional English ale drinker you can probably drink that all day long.

Well worth a vist. Long may pubs like this continue as genterification continues.

10 Feb 2018 17:46

The Plough, West Sutton

New to the area and called by the plough with my old man last friday. The pub is full of regulars and has a proper community feel. As is previously stated the locals are friendly and we were made to feel welcome. There wasn't much in the way of real ales which was only disappointment so made do with the lager. At one point 1 lass she must have been in her twenties entered the bar in a dressing gown which was surreal for given it was 10.30pm but she was given short shrifit by one of the regulars who told her to go home and get changed or not bother coming in. Regarding the decor I am sure Orwell would have approved of the no frills look, the characters and atmospheric feel. Will defo call by again.

11 Aug 2017 18:52

The Derby Arms, Epsom Downs

Had a good Sunday roast here, busy pub, nicely decorated with wooden beams giving it some character. London pride was well kept. Staff were friendly and kept busy, clean well run dining pub, will definitely come back

1 May 2017 14:58

The Gander, West Sutton

A spacious pub split into 2 parts, bar and food lounge. 2 dart boards a pool table and sky sports. Locals were friendly enough and pub is comfortable. No real ales which is a shame so opted for the Guinness, would call here more often if they served ale.

14 Apr 2017 17:33

The Grapes, Sutton

Popped in on my way home from work, ravenous, a quiet Wednesday night, a smattering of old timers, two of which had no volume control but had an encyclopedic knowledge of motor racing, molley houses and riddled with prejudice. That said the fortyniner ale (Ringwood brewery)was well kept and very enjoyable and there was good range of beers.

15 Feb 2017 20:40

Beer Rebellion, Gipsy Hill

If you like real ales this place is a must. The first time i drank in here there was a a good selection of ales, I sampled a traditional English Bitter, a Milk Stout and a Porter. The second time I visited I opted for the same but different brewers and all the beer was well kept. There was the usual multitude of Pale Ales, Hoppys as every real ale pubs seem to have these days so it's refreshing to drink in a place where you have a good choice. No tv's, no slot machines. A thoroughly ejoyable experience but pricey.

15 Jan 2017 19:27

The Spread Eagle, Croydon

I really enjoy Fullers beer so this pub ticks all the boxes. A good place to meet up for a post work beer. Friendly staff and well kept beer.

15 Jan 2017 19:08

The Bree Louise, Euston

If you love real ales and want a good selection this is a great pub. The lived in no frills look works for me too,good beer and company should be sufficient entertainment. The client's consist of worker's, passing trade from London Euston and real ale buffs all of which add to the hustle and bustle atmosphere of this busy pub. Recommended

16 Mar 2016 18:15

Hagen and Hyde, Balham

I visited the pub to watch football with a friend on a Sunday afternoon and it ticked all the boxes, the Pub Owners are clever in that the football screen and room are separated from the main bar which means customers who aren't interested in football can socialise and dine in peace without being bothered by football punters, the upshot of which is that it doesn't feel like a football pub at all.

A good selection of local and international beers, I opted for the Brixton Brewery Pale Ale which was very well kept but very pricey at £5.50 a pint, a couple of quid more and I can buy myself a decent bottle of wine. I really don't know why local breweries price themselves out of the market. Anyway once this ran out I opted for the Jack Brand Mosaic Pale, it had an unusual taste and wasn't hoppy of full enough for me so I moved onto the Blue Moon, the bar staff have a habit of putting an orange slice in this beer a similar size to the slices you see Sunday football league players sucking on at half time, which makes the drink too sweet. When I was drinking it reminded me of drinking 'Snake bite' in my misspent use.

Overrall this is a good pub with decent food and a large patio out the back for those who enjoy sitting outside.

31 Aug 2015 12:27

The Mayfair Tavern, Tooting

No frills Irish pub, literally everyone I spoke to had a broad Irish accent and seemed to hail from the old country. Drinks were reasonabley priced, I would have opted for the Dublin Porter but it was off so went with the guinesşş mdue to there being no Ales. It was a bank holiday so he locals were abit merry but friendly enough. Played pool with the regulars and listened to the Duke box. A refreshingly down to earth pub more like a northern pub than southern. Will go back.

30 Aug 2015 23:39

The Skylark, Croydon

a very good selection of IPA's, APA's, Bitters and lagers, all between £2.65 and £2.85, the same drinks would be £3.80 in other real ale pubs, the beer was well kept. I am not sure about the pricing of the lagers because I rarely drink the stuff. The pub itself is frequented by a mix of workers, oldies, seasoned drinkers, young people, groups, couples, and it works well by ensuring that the place isn't the domain of hard core drinkers.

Curry night on the Thursday night is worth a visit, definitely one of the better Weatherspoons and living in London its refreshing to leave a place knowing you have been well fed, had a good drink and your bank account hasn't been crucified.

29 Aug 2015 10:23

Ye Olde Bell Inn, Rye

Beautiful veranda, a suntrap and pleasant place to relax and drink on a sunny afternoon. The Harvey's on tap was well kept and is always a favourite of mine so I was happy. They could have done with a greater selection of real ales given the pubs oldey worldey, they should take a leaf out of the Georges book just up the street. There wasn't a lot of choice with their lagers, just bog standard uninspiring brands you see in every town centre pub.

The pub serves a lovely cold meat, cheese and seafood platter. A great place to sit and people watch in an idyllic part of the town, I had a really enjoyable afternoon here and the staff were friendly.

12 Apr 2015 19:27

The Constant Service, Brighton

As central Brighton becomes increasingly sanitised it's heartening that the town has areas like Hanover with good pubs such as The Constant Service. The pub is frequented by a fair few Brighton eccentrics which adds to its charm. A good selection of Harveys Ales which is always a delight for an out of towner. A few tequilas thrown in for good measure meant we left this pub a bit worse for wear at closing time. The only downside was the overpowering smell of food when we arrived, the food maybe good but we were here to socialise and drink so I might be nit picking.

8 Mar 2015 17:32

The Birkbeck Tavern, Leyton

I thoroughly recommend this pub, a good old fashioned East End Boozer with a good selection of ales, friendly locals and a good atmosphere. I was here last year and loved the pool room with the boxing pics and memorabilia. Worth a detour if you are in the area.

12 Aug 2014 21:18

George Inn, Alfriston

A beautiful pub located in an idyllic Sussex Town.The pub has a real oldly worldly feel to it and captures Sussex past. I opted for the Dark Star Hophead although I was tempted to try the Cask Ale. The pub also has a lovely beer garden and the food was excellent. The Sunday Roasts, the beef and lamb are the best we have had for some time. The meat was of high standard and cooked to perfection, as was the veg. We will definitely go back.

21 Jul 2013 22:18

The Gardeners Arms, Lewes

A gem of pub, small, atmospheric, great selection of ales, the locals are very friendly and welcoming. We will definitely go back when we next visit this beautiful town.

21 Jul 2013 22:02

The Railway Bell, Brighton

One of the better pubs around Brighton Station. They serve good ales, Timothy Taylor, Harvey’s Best and Doom Bar should be enough to satisfy Ale drinkers. Good pub for sport, the decor is modern and makes it feel like an upmarket sports bar, however, it has more personalised friendly feel to it. Have to mention The Manager, he has a dry sense of humour and makes you feel welcome, the guy is a professional. If I had owned a bar and want this guy running it.

16 Jun 2013 00:05

The Royal Oak, Clapham North

I called by here a couple of Saturdays ago, 9pm and there was no Tribute, I settled for the Bombardier and they were out of that by 10pm! I left, what a poor show and the staff appeared disinterested at best. A word of advice to the management, don’t take your customers for granted.

15 Jun 2013 23:56

The Royal Oak, Clapham North

Out of all the pubs that surround Clapham North Tube Station this is my favourite. Has a pub feel about it unlike the wine bar across the road, not as busy with City types as the Railway Tavern and has a bit more character.

The clientele can range from Rockabilly, Goths and Rocker types. I have always enjoyed the music, plenty of students frequent this place as do locals, music buffs, Northerners, Aussies, Irish and so on.
Standard range of Lagers, the only Ale on tap here is Tribute, this is a good Cornish Ale and more than acceptable. I was here once when the Ale option was off and was really left scratching my head, and nearly left because of it. The Owners should consider selling Ale, assuming there is a market for it with the current clientele. Mind you this bar is so diverse I am not sure what the clientele is?

Anyway, if you are frequenting this part of town and want a pub with a bit of character, different from your wine bar type, then I suggest your try this here.

27 May 2013 13:04

Swan and Railway, Wigan

Had a great pint of Marston’s Porter here, thoroughly recommend this, best pint I had all day by far. The locals here really are spoiled, great ales sold at low prices. The Pub itself was what I imagine a traditional Northern Pub to be, no frills but friendly staff and good ale. Unfortunately, I left if too late to try this pub and had to catch a train so only had time for 1 pint. However, I was happy to find that my train had a half hour delay, time for me to nip back over the road and have another pint of Porter. Happy days.

20 Jan 2013 19:29

The Orwell, Wigan

This was the first pub I passed on the way back from the DW Stadium on the way back from the town centre. Friendly staff and locals, decent pub to watch football in and couple of local ales on tap, which I wish I had sampled; I am ashamed to say I opted for San Miguel but I was in football fan mode. Meat and potato pies were value for money at £1. If you want get away from the retail park try a traditional pub then this one is worth a visit.

20 Jan 2013 19:08

Dun Cow, Durham

Good location, this cosy little pub is tucked away in a pleasent side street, a stones throw away from the old victorian Prison. The bar is tiny and has an oldey worldey feel. This is a locals pub and the ones drinking there yesterday afternoon were friendly. The range of beers was a bit disappointing but the pint of Black Sheep I drank was decent enough. I would have tried the Castle Eden but could only stay for one. A good tradtional pub with character, a world away from the mono culture shop and pubs that are destroying our towns and Cities, definately worth a try if you are visiting this beautiful City.

26 Nov 2012 16:45

The Evening Star, Brighton

Great choice of beers & ales here, very reasonably priced considering the location. A varied clientele drink here with a fair few eccentrics propping up the bar drinks, not full of your pretentious types. My only criticism is the interior is a little sterile I can’t understand for the life of me why its not more oldie worldly. They even have some cracking guest lagers on tap, at a reasonable price. If you are into your beer this pub is a must.

10 Nov 2012 00:55

The Sydney Arms, Chelsea

I do like this pub, friendly staff, stylishly decorated interior, good layout, it has a cosy feel and tasty bar food. The Pub has a good range of ales to choose from and I particularly enjoyed the Timothy Taylor, which seems popular with pubs in this part of London. This pub is also good for Sport and I always end up watching a game of Rugby here with my rugby fanatical South African friends. In sum this pub is defiantly worth visiting for anyone living or visiting this part of London

24 Jun 2012 11:39

The Prince Albert, Brighton

busy pub, decent selection of beers, although I just stuck to the Guinness, watched the England V Sweden game, good atmosphere, like the layout inside as it gives the pub a cosy feel to it, plenty of space for smokers to congregate too, , nicely located near Brighton station , so not to far to walk to get that last train to London

16 Jun 2012 13:53

The Lansdown Arms, Lewes

Wandered in here late last Friday and was surprised to find a young student crowd, was crowded and quite lively, staff were friendly, good atmosphere even if I did feel abit old. And of course an excellent pint of Harveys best, the good people of Lewes really are spoilt when it comes to having a fine local brew on tap.

16 Mar 2012 23:31

The John Harvey Tavern, Lewes

Harveys straight out of the keg, beautiful pint, nice little sun trap, bliss.

16 Mar 2012 23:17

The Flying Scotsman, Caledonian Road

Agree this place is an institution and jewel in Londons Crown. A last chance saloon for the weary traveller, long may it continue. Had couple of beers in here after a long train journey south, pleasantly surprised

12 Feb 2012 13:15

The Windsor Castle, Clapham Junction

really enjoy watching football in this pub, staff are friendly as are the regulars, provides welcome sanctuary from the 'uber' clapham crowd. long may it continue although I do worry that because of its location it will be swallowed up by a pub chain or turned into some swish wine bar.

31 Jan 2012 22:07

Founders Arms, Bankside

great location and view of the city, beer a bit pricey, busy, we ordered the veg and meet platters which were ok, but again 'very pricey' and therefore not good value for money, on the plus side we didn't have to wait too long for the food. Good pub to meet up with friends, spent 9 hours in this pub, the last couple of hours were a blur.

29 Jan 2012 11:51

The Stanley Arms, Portslade

great pub, cosy, very friendly regulars, good selection of beers for the connoisseurs of ale drinking - worth a visit if you are in the area.

6 Nov 2011 15:37

The Lion And Lobster, Brighton

excellent back street pub, open very late on the weekend and therefore is good for a late night drink. I enjoy drinking the Dark Star, cosy pub, friendly locals, in my opinion one of the better pubs in Brighton.

6 Nov 2011 15:32

The Cavendish Arms, Stockwell

very good gig venue, had lots of fun evenings here at comedy and music nights, limited range of beers so end up drinking bottles of Newcastle Brown Ale. The area would be a lot worse off if this pub ever closed down.

6 Nov 2011 15:13

The Priory Arms, Stockwell

good pub for food and beer, they often have range of guests beers so its worth visiting if you are a connoissuer, I drink here quite alot because I like the beers and my girlfriend likes a ciggerette, and can sit outside, we both like the food.

6 Nov 2011 15:06

The Surprise, Stockwell

cosy pub, regulars are friendly enough, beers not cheap mind you. I live locally and its one I freqeuent the most. I have strated to get a taste for the Youngs Special

6 Nov 2011 14:59

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