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Comments by sarahfc

The Swan, Walton on Thames

Went for food and rinks this evening..will I never learn.. Entranced back by the well planned garden, cosy corners and view over the river it is easy to think the food and service will match the surroundings..
However, disappointment yet again.. The vegetarian choice is outstanding in its limitations!! Only one vegetarian main - pea and mint risotto and no vegetarian dish on the daily specials..
My partner and I opted for a side salad and side of fries due to the lack of choice..
The third member of our party was disappointed to be told that there were no mussels left . Shame they didn't let people know what was not available before selection was made..
We also had a selection of artisan breads and dipping oil, this consisted of two types of bread and a pot of balsamic vinegar mixed with oil - not proper dipping oil and not the correct consistency or mix.
The food was pricey as well as the drinks - over 6.00 for a glass of house red..
As the food really was nothing special it does not warrant the high prices. Paying for the view is one thing but if this pub just made an effort it could be a fantastic place.. shame really

11 Jul 2011 22:31

The Golden Grove, Chertsey

Interesting pub... The inside is certainly not what you expect from first impressions on the outside.. Went on a Friday evening with children as had heard it had a good garden for children. Play area is fantastic. Surroundings lovely - woods and lots of grassy areas.
Food - was good..but limited. The menu was described as temporary but most of the few items listed were not actually available.
The inside of the pub does not do the outside justice at all - souless and lacking in warmth. However the barstaff were friendly, service was fast ( but there were only a handful of customers) and the kids enjoyed it...
I would return as it ticked all the boxes for a night out with kids to grab a bite to eat...
This place could be a goldmine with a little bit of effort...

19 Apr 2011 00:19

The Magpie, Sunbury on Thames

Had a nice drink here last weekend, as ever enjoyed the surroundings, friendly service and dog was made welcome. Good deal on buying a bottle of wine rather than two glasses
I am always surprised by how quiet it is as it is a good pub.

9 Aug 2009 23:18

The Swan, Walton on Thames

Hey Teejay..

You maybe caught them on a good day or I on a bad day. You are right however on one point..never any problem finding a table....
Dirty glasses are never acceptable and the food was very poor value when we visited. Location however is good and I would give it another chance for drinks but not for food.

9 Aug 2009 23:11

The Thames Court, Shepperton

Nice pub for a drink after a walk or bike ride by the river. Bar service can be frustratingly slow.
Have eaten here a few times but never my first choice for a meal as food is pretty boring and basic microwave pub grub dressed up as restaurant food.
Did notice they now have a kids menu but main menu still had same lack of choices and only 1 vegetarian option...lasagna..

9 Aug 2009 23:07

Bar Estilo, Teddington

very good. We don't go here just for a drink although there is a bar area. Food is usually excellent, service is very friendly but a little slow...not the place for a rushed meal but then the atmosphere is nice , surroundings good so no problem there!
Price is good for the menu and quality also.

7 Jul 2009 23:29

The Swan, Walton on Thames

Not impressed at all by the food or service. We often stop in Walton to eat, and tonight decided a pub meal would be better than the normal pizza express etc as all are very crowded.
We sat outside and I was excited at the menu, offering a varied veggie choice.

Of interest was the 'ample' and generous' options in prices. So....I selected a risotto, spring pea with salad and rocket...yum. I went for the ample at 7.50 as opposed to the generous at 9.50.
My partner went for the root veg pie.However this was not available, and son went for chicken club sandwich and chips (9.50 )
My risotto was a sad tasteless affair... a blob of rice in the middle of a large dish with a sprig of herbs on salad and certainly not a 7.50 'ample' portion. It was tasteless. Very disappointing...

Partner had a replacement for the dish he had selected, a quiche type affair with a small side salad..ok but not value for money in a pub at over 7.50!!!!!! ( the original dish was veggie pie, mash and season veg!!!!)

Son has club chicken sandwich and chips - he loved it..but for 9.00, so he should... nothing special here when you look at the cost....

Also, i'm sorry to add service was not good.
Partner had very dirty glass and bar staff were dismissive of issues.

Conclusion....good pub for drinks by the river ( as long as glasses are clean..another issue) not bother with the food unless snacking or lunch, and watch the cost of a lunch option...

23 May 2009 00:17

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