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Ye Old Axe, Shoreditch

I'm afraid it's true.

Spoke to one of my girls tonight and got the story. It isn't the guvnor enforcing this but the rozzers. All was well until last Saturday (5th) and then they were told to enfore the 2ft rule.

Tonight there were more girls than punters and the best looking of them all told me she'd only made �10 (after house fee etc) in nearly 5hrs. Poor sod.

It's the end of the Axe. It's heartbreaking

Where can anyone get a proper lapdance now

10 Jan 2008 22:37

Flanagan's, Hammersmith

Hard to express how absolutely devastated I am to read the last review.

This was without doubt my favourite pub in all of London. Even worth a �30 taxi fare home when I moved to N.London! The place had a lovely atmosphere and you always felt welcome and cosy. The staff were a team and you could tell that they all got on well. The landlady was phenomenal and really cared about her team and her customers.

This really is a sad sad loss

I'll rate it on what I would have rated it before because I've not experienced it's new state

27 Nov 2005 13:27

The Ruby Grand, Hammersmith

used to spend a lot of time in here. lovely staff but odd paedo kind of dj (used to spend a lot of time in the far east...)

great for a pint or two in summer but sad to hear its being made into yet another allalike bar one

27 Nov 2005 13:16

Autumn House, Hammersmith

horrid place with poor everything...but i met my wife here once when we just started going out so sad to hear its closed now

27 Nov 2005 13:13

The Wonder, Enfield

The Wonder is as good a reason to live in Gordon Hill as any. Warm, cosy and a great way to lose a rainy winter evening. Friendly locals and great, well kept beer. It's my local and I'm proud to say so.

Nevermind BigusRickus, you can have your pints of Stella down the road at the Weatherspoons.

27 Nov 2005 13:09

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