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Comments by ruardean

Carew Inn, Tenby

Really pleasant pub in a beautiful location.
Wye Valley beers too!!!

8 Jun 2010 09:30

Bull Ring Inn, Kingstone

They now have a hairdresser in the pub.

You can have a pint, a steak dinner & all the trimmings in one place.

28 May 2010 13:26

The Grandstand, Hereford

Had a meal there yesterday.
Might just as well have thrown my money in the air.

All those "Aim for excellence" posters for the staff to aspire to?

Maybe some decent food would be a start.

28 May 2010 13:21

The Stagecoach Inn, Hereford

Well run, comfortable pub.
Very friendly staff & a good exchange of views available at the bar.

12 May 2010 13:00

The Vega Tavern, Hereford

It's spelt Vaga.

Pleasant pub, well run.

12 May 2010 12:59

The Queens Arms, Hereford

Is now shut.
Not before time

12 May 2010 12:58

The Lichfield Vaults, Hereford

Brilliiantly run pub.
The landlord should give lessons in his profession.

A joy to go there

12 May 2010 12:52

The Chase, Upper Colwall

Beautiful setting & Donnington SBA...wunderful

26 Jan 2009 16:57

The Talbot, Knightwick

This is one one of the best pub/restuarants in the Hfd/Worcs area.

8 May 2008 15:31

The Pandy Inn, Dorstone

I have never felt as ripped off as I did after my visit to this pub.
Great location under Dorstone hill, but the food was priced by Gordon b....y Ramsey!!

8 May 2008 15:29

Game Cock, Hereford

now shut ...thank goodness

8 May 2008 15:25

The Queens Arms, Hereford

This pub has the most miserable barmaid I have ever met.
To call her hatchet faced would not be severer enough.
The pub is an absolute dump & epitomises why they are shutting down in droves across Hereford at least.
I know this is harsh, but I'm afraid that it is the truth

8 May 2008 15:18

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