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The Angel Inn, Witney

This pub has character. It always has an interestng range of beer on - although this does not necessarily mean it is good beer!

This pub does get busy, but you can stand outside with a pint looking across Church Green.

Opens at 10am each day of the week except Sundays.

20 Jun 2007 17:04

The Butchers Arms, Witney

This pub is expensive, but you can get local ales here.

The pub has space and you can segregate yourself for a quiet drinkif you wish.

It can suffer from being smokey, but this will change on the 1st July 2007.

Be prepared to be stared at as you walk in through the front door - happens every time!

20 Jun 2007 17:02

The Carpenters Arms, Witney

This pub is full of locals, but I have always been made to feel welcome.

The beer can be a bit hit and miss, but the pub has a pleasant atmosphere and is ideal for a quiet drink.

20 Jun 2007 16:59

Cross Keys, Witney

This pub used to be the "in place" about 5 years ago. However, punters are drinking somewhere else and the pub appears to be in decline.

There is no clear image for this pub. The real ale is non existent, so be prepared for mainstream drinks.

One advantage is this pub has space and is ideal if a group of you are out in town.

20 Jun 2007 16:57

The Court Inn, Witney

This hotel has gone upmarket recently and it has benefited from an injection of cash. The new management have attempted to mix bistro and wine bar with some success.

Cotswold brewery ale was on tap when I was in last and I was genuinely surprised by this. I was thinking extra cold lager would be the norm.

The atmosphere was pleasant and I enjoyed my beer.

I'm not sure what view would be taken if you just wanted a drink at a busy evening meal time.

20 Jun 2007 16:54

The Elm Tree, Witney

I have found this pub to be very welcoming to all. The beer can vary on pub, but it is generally well maintained.

The pub has space and you can segregate yourself for a quiet drink if you wish.

The Elm Tree, along with the Windsor are the best pubs in the North of the Town.

20 Jun 2007 16:50

The Eagle Tavern, Witney

I keep coming back to this pub, It has become a home from home. The Hook Norton beer is great and they are always willing to serve it in a handle.

Since the Hollybush has gone upmarket in clientele the Eagle Tavern has taken on its former trade. The pub seems to be blossoming because of this.

Lovely pub and can get smoky, but this will change on 1st July and the smoking ban coming into force.

20 Jun 2007 16:47

The Fleece, Witney

The hotel is food orientated, but I have found it to be welcoming to drinkers. The food is excellent and the menu provides a wide choice.

The beer is Greene King, so it is not the best beer pub in Witney, but for atmoshpere and a sense of "classy" establishment the Fleece is the best venue in town.

The Fleece can suffer for lack of space at busy times.

20 Jun 2007 16:44

The Hollybush Inn, Witney

This pub has become a "mini-Fleece" type pub. The pub is now food orientated and I felt obliged to go outside just to have a drink and avoid ordering food.

Having said this the atmospshere is good.

Space will be at a premium at busy times.

20 Jun 2007 16:40

The Royal Oak, Witney

This pub sadly suffers from being too popular and finding a space to drink on a Thurs/ Fri and Sat night can be difficult. This is a shame because the local Wychwood ale is well kept and the food is excellent.

The staff are extremely friendly and polite.

This is a great pub!

20 Jun 2007 16:36

The Plough, Witney

An excellent real ale pub. Good to see oxfordshire Ale on tap.

Shame the beer garden is now overlooked by the development across the river.

Well worht a visit.

20 Jun 2007 16:33

The Griffin, Witney

This pub has character and an interesting selection of Wadworth beers. The pub can be slightly intimidating initially, although I have never been made to feel unwelcome.

It is worth a look and ideal for a quiet drink.

1 Nov 2006 21:43

The Chequers Inn, Witney

This pub lacks atmoshpere and decent beer.

The "Cowboy Western" style saloon doors leading into the toilets are worth a look though!

1 Nov 2006 21:34

The New Inn, Witney

The real ale at this pub is excellently kept and varied regularly. The staff and the locals are always welcoming. This pub is ideal for a quiet drink.

The pub has benefited significantly from a change of landlord.

1 Nov 2006 21:32

Eagle Vaults, Witney

This is a very popular with young drinkers. Unfortunately it suffers because of this and there is never any space to drink at the weekend.

The beer is not CAMRA material, but if you are looking for cheap booze and deals on spirits then this pub is for you.

The quiz on a Tuesday is supposed to be very good.

1 Nov 2006 21:25

The Three Horseshoes, Witney

Good real ale is always on sale here. However, the pub holds itself out as a restaurant more than a pub. My friends and I have been made to feel unwelcome when only wanting to have a drink.

On the upside, the food here is excellent and can not be faulted. Definitely the best pub food in Witney.

1 Nov 2006 21:20

The House Of Windsor, Witney

This is an excellent real ale pub. There are normally at least three or four ales on, with Timothy Taylor being a regular favourite.

The beer garden is one of the best in Witney.

1 Nov 2006 21:13

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