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North Star, Staines

In fairness it should be said that the review below is written by my dad, I have logged on using his account. Fair play to him for giving good reviews to the pub and others but as I am the landlord of the North Star I should suggest people come in and make their own minds up. Cheers Dad!!

21 Jul 2010 20:40

The Old Red Lion, Staines

I like the old red lion its my second favourite pub in staines behind the noth star. my boy sometimes brings me down here for a pint and i always enjoy it but i do find it a bit pricey for beers. nice place though always has been.

21 Jul 2010 18:26

North Star, Staines

This is my best pub in staines. The beers is nice and I like a pint of best so its good. My wife comes in every now and then and we sometimes have a dinner. Had a curry once and was lovely but nearly me socks off the wife had fish and chips and she ate it all up. the guys that run the place nowdays are alright and always seem to have time for a chat and also they got joe there that used to work in the garibaldi and he is a decent man and a good man to hav behind the pub bar.

21 Jul 2010 18:24

The Three Tuns, Staines

No not for me. the lady in charge is really unpleasent and its like everything stopswhen you go in there. Used to be a really good pub but not anymore in my eyes anyway.

21 Jul 2010 18:21

The Garibaldi, Staines

The Gari is shut now. it was a bit rough but the old crowd that got in there was nice guys, well most of them anyway.

21 Jul 2010 18:20

The Hobgoblin, Staines

Not really my cup of tea but my grand children love it in there say its a good pub for them to use.

21 Jul 2010 18:19

The George, Staines

I dont like this boozer. Its dirty and the beer is awful. it may be cheap but thats not all its about is it. i prefer one of the better pub in staine to be honest and i only go in there to meet an old buddy.

21 Jul 2010 18:18

The Beehive, Staines

A bit moody for my liking in here. Its a decent enough pub not one of these new pubs that have no atmosphere but the staff are hard to break down and I often dont know what mood they will be in when i go in for a beer. Apart from that and the smelly toilets the pubs alright really, i like me best and they keep it well.

21 Jul 2010 18:17

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