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Comments by rogersmith

The Kings Head, Acton

Now this is my kind of pub, pitty its in a terrible town were many people here would not appreciate this kind of pub, real ales, while minimum were well kept and the food was top notch, would love to come back but, acton, i dont know, i just dont like the place

26 Jun 2011 12:59

The Clare Inn, Acton

jesus i taught i'd seen it all in the last pub...............

26 Jun 2011 12:57

The Sheepwalk Tavern, Acton

what a dump, begining to ask myself why i came to try the pubs in acton

26 Jun 2011 12:57

The Red Lion and Pineapple, Acton

No were near Sir Michael's in Ealing, service here is poor and the ales are badly kept........not good at all

26 Jun 2011 12:55

The New Inn, Ealing

okish......pint was not the best but made up with the food which was good

21 Jun 2011 15:18

Red Lion, Ealing

What can I this is a pub that knows how to keep proper cask ale. 10/10

21 Jun 2011 15:16

Sir Michael Balcon, Ealing

I know its a Withy but love the selection of real ales carried in this pub (as with all withys) heaven!

21 Jun 2011 15:14

The Drayton Court, West Ealing

great beers, love this pub plus had some fantastic food there as well, really looking forward to trying their sunday roast this week

21 Jun 2011 15:12

The Castlebar, West Ealing

it's a nice pub, small but large smoking area, great selection of beers which I always like

21 Jun 2011 15:11

Flanagans, West Ealing

Just moved to the area, like the pub but no real ales?? Why??

21 Jun 2011 15:09

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