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The Lord Kitchener, Welling

I have to say, this isn't a bad pub at all. It's not really worth going out of your way for, but locals like myself enjoy having a pub like this on our doorstep, especially at well under £3 a pint for very kept lager. You don't get that often round London now. Food is OK, nothing gourmet, but nice enough. They show a lot of sport and have excellent parking if you're driving. One complaint I have is that I think there is too much parking and a section of the main car park could easily be sectioned off and a nice beer garden made of it. The car park is often full of cars where the owner is not even in the pub! If they did this and made a really nice beer garden, the pub would be absolutely great.

25 Jul 2016 00:48

The Guy Earl of Warwick, Welling

Place will be refurbished soon and will lose the pool table.

25 Apr 2007 16:39

The Foresters Arms, Welling

Pub is closed due to an arson attack which burnt it out completely.

1 Apr 2007 19:19

The Pilot Inn, North Greenwich

The former owners of this pub were family friends and they were SERIOUSLY good publicans.

Fullers however, have destroyed it somewhat. Service is not as good and the food has definitely taken a turn for the worse.

However, I cannot blame the former people for leaving. The money Fullers paid them for the privilege of ruining this pub is unbelievable.

24 Mar 2007 22:25

The Lord Kitchener, Welling

This pub is literally 30 seconds walk away from my door, so I was well chuffed when it was taken over. Even more chuffed when I heard it was going to be a carvery.

It is very good. Beers are superbly priced. Draught lagers start from as little 2.10. Food also is wonderful. Great roasts, and during the week, you can get a full dinner for under 4 pounds. They also do a Tikka Masala as well for any curry heads!

Beer is well kept and service is quick and very friendly. Most of the pub is also non smoking if this appeals to you. They also have Sky for the footie.

24 Mar 2007 22:17

Old Mill, Bexley

Nice place. Decent range of beers and decent atmosphere. However, I went there a couple of years ago for xmas dinner and was not impressed at all.

24 Mar 2007 22:12

The Lord Moon Of The Mall, Whitehall

It's a chain pub and acts like one. All tables set out in 3 rows very formally. Busy, but sometimes uncomfortably so.

It's a big place, but I feel that a pub can be too big and that takes away from the British 'pub' feel.

Not for me i'm afraid.

24 Mar 2007 18:55

The Clarence, Whitehall

I like this place. It has a nice friendly atmosphere and is one of the more traditional pubs in the area. Good selection of ales with guest ones regularly. Good food as well. Lots of tourists in summer, but they tend to drift away as the evening goes on. Cash machine has proved useful as well on more than one occasion.

24 Mar 2007 18:52

The Woodman, Charlton

Good locals pub, but the locals are normally very friendly towards strangers. Okay range of beers, but nothing great if your a real ale fan.

Big TV for the footie, pool table and a new funky MP3 jukebox. The main attraction to this pub is a huge beer garden which houses a large barbecue in the centre. Makes for some great summer weekends.

24 Mar 2007 18:49

The Duchess Of Edinburgh, Welling

Not a great place. Has a bit of a bad atmosphere and is best just for swift one if your in a rush.

24 Mar 2007 18:46

The Rose And Crown, Welling

Had a lunchtime visit here a few weeks ago. Very nice. Pub was busy for the time of day, everyone knew each other and they made me and my friends feel very welcome.

In response to earlier comment, the landlord is actually an ex Millwall player. Both him and his wife are very nice people.

Beer is very good as well, although don't expect a huge range.

24 Mar 2007 18:45

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