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The Highdown Inn, Totland

Beware reviewers that have only ever made one review - see below. Bound to be two sides to this argument...

The owners of this pub were more than kind to us in our visit - see even further below.

I love this pub and hope to be back this year when we visit the island.

26 Apr 2011 19:24

The Cobb Arms, Lyme Regis

Review below perhaps a thinly-veiled reply from the landlady who has the a**e?

In fact the Cobb Arms is not at all bad and pretty much as described below.

8-9/10 for me.

15 Feb 2011 15:19

Greyfriars Bobby's Bar, Edinburgh

Terrible tourist trap pub with little to recommend it.

When we made our visit here we were told there was no real ale as "all the lines are being cleaned at the moment".

Note to Landlord...that's what you're supposed to do when the pub's shut.

4 Jan 2011 16:15

Hope and Anchor Inn, Hope Cove

Can't understand the poor reviews of this excellent pub....

Spent 3 days in Hope Cove last week and escaped from our rather stuffy hotel to the the sanctuary of the Hope & Anchor, where we were always served quickly and courteously. Good St Austell and Dartmoor bitter.

Beware the Landlord's dog, who will befriend you and take you to the beach where it knows it isn't allowed!

All in all excellent. 10/10.

22 Sep 2010 08:58

Radway Inn, Sidmouth

Was fortunate to visit here on Saturday on a weekend away with the wife.

An excellent sports pub, rugby on one telly, football on the other.

Excellent Doom Bar and a Cointreau for the of the best pubs in Sidmouth, without a doubt.

15 Feb 2010 09:43

The Highdown Inn, Totland

Simply an excellent pub...

Our visit began difficultly though as our car got stuck in the mud in their overflow car park. Fortunately the landlady was extremely helpful and another lady behind the bar kindly towed us out in her 4x4 (won't have a word said against them now!).

Excellent real ale and brilliant fish and chips in a proper pub environment - no fake Victoriana or sewing machines nailed to the ceiling etc. beloved of pub "improvement" schemes.

All in all one of only a few 10 out of 10 pubs.

4 Jan 2010 16:34

Mooz, Christchurch

Now mysteriously closed with "new cafe/bar" opening in a couple of weeks, presumably without sport on the tv's.

Where to go in Christchurch now to watch the football?

4 Nov 2009 17:00

The Ship, Christchurch

Now completely refitted as a trendy jazz piano bar.

Menu (and the food itself, more importantly) looks good and whole place much more salubrious than it was before.

Hope fully the new owner will make a success of this - the town deserves it!

8 Jun 2009 16:47

The Fairmile, Christchurch

Finally ventured back in after my last review to give the new managers the benefit of the doubt.

Whole place much improved and cleaner. Landlady (Sheena?) extremely welcoming.

Will definitely be popping in again.

30 Mar 2009 14:10

The Athelstan Arms, Tuckton

Does anyone know if the Athelstan is under new management?

Went in last night (the first time admittedly for a while) and it wasn't quite the same. No menus on tables, no football on and not quite as spotless as it used to be.

Still a good "proper" pub though.

20 Jan 2009 17:04

The Fairmile, Christchurch

For "surprised" in para 2 read "described".

18 Nov 2007 22:03

The Fairmile, Christchurch


There's been an awful lot written about this pub in recent weeks, much of which has been deleted, and rightly so. This is my local (in the sense that it's the pub nearest to my house, certainly not the most frequented), so as there's new owners my wife and I decided to give the place another chance.

We've just left the pub after what can only be surprised as an invidious half hour. Whilst I was at the bar a cretin on crutches insulted my wife so openly and obviously in front of his moronic friends that we drank up and left.

I know the owners of this pub read these reviews. Beleive me, we are the sort of people you should be encouraging to vist what could be an excellent local, not the imbeciles who only know one adjective.

As things stand I will not visit your pub again until it is cleaned up.

I am not posting this anonymously, like many of the pseudonyms used on this thread. Any comments on the veracity the goings on tonight are welcome, from the owners, the people who were there and the moderators of this forum, who will doubtless delete this post anyway.


18 Nov 2007 21:44

Seabourne, Pokesdown

Just left here and I thought it was fine. Clean, good beer and the football on.

Can't say what it's like on a Friday night though!

9 Apr 2006 14:08

The Grange Hotel, Southbourne

Fantastic middle age pickup joint on Fridays and Saturdays.

I really love the authentic 70's feeling to this place.

Excellent for a drink off the beach.

18 Sep 2005 17:44

The Royalty, Christchurch

Yeah I really like this place. Traditional style pub. My mrs doesn't like it because everyone smokes but, hey, it is a pub.

18 Sep 2005 17:36

The Fairmile, Christchurch

I really want to like this pub because it's nearest to my home but, sorry, it's poor. Tables rarely cleared or cleaned and bizarre resaurant section at front which used to be a pleasant no smoking area.

18 Sep 2005 17:34

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