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Comments by robben08

Yates's, Leicester Square

Was here on a Sunday night from 10 til close. It was very loud everywhere in the pub and seemed to mainly cater for the African/Caribbean customers with the music selection. Although me and my friends had a decent drinka dn good time on our table, it was quite a dive overall with a range of drunk weirdos and old slappers on the pull.

If you are in London and want a more wild drink with a dance come here - however it is sticky, tacky and quite the standard Yates experience.

If you want to have a nice drink in London, then avoid at all costs unless it is the day time.

29 Jul 2013 23:43

The Duke of Argyll, Soho

Very old fashioned pub with a strange but tasty beer selection. It's not huge and is pretty much one room with very high ceilings with some kind of classical design. For me, it was borderline too old looking that it looked a bit unclean but it was a pleasant place to drink just on the edge of rampant and somewhat sleazy Soho. It is cosy and I can imagine it being a nice place to be during a cold winter's day in London.

Only real down side was the barman served us a glass of white wine when we asked for Rose. But it was still a nice glass of wine either way, and we were too polite to complain!

29 Jul 2013 23:37

The Brewmaster, Leicester Square

This pub has young and polite staff, a clean interior and is in the heart of London. The beer and wine selection is fairly standard for a Greene King pub and my pint was pulled of Stella Artois was pulled well. Although our table was wobbly, the interior was clean (possibly too clean with the spray and wiping tables a bit too close to us!) and we sat in the corner looking out onto the main street.

It's a standard pub that's a step up due to it being in Leicester Square. Would visit again for a drink but was too quiet to spend a long time there.

29 Jul 2013 23:31

The Eight Bells, Ewell

The Eight Bells is a typical locals pub, but its large garden area sets it past being dingy. Inside it has classic pub interior with a pool table, darts board and fruit machines. The staff are friendly and chatty to regulars and especially newcomers. The garden area needs a spruce up but it is a good area for kids and to chill out with a pint after a long day.

It is the cheapest pub in the affluent Ewell Village which generally means the tradesmen and more working class people in Ewell venture here. This also does bring the more rough local people and there has been a few fights and alterations this summer.

In general, this is a no frills standard pub with mainly a 40-50 year old male builder crowd and sometimes their families. Decent pub food, standard selection of beers that you'd expect from Greene King that you would visit for a laugh and a good drink. Weekends are busy and week day nights bring a nice little crowd of old men who all have a nice story. Definitely worth a visit for a genuine pub experience.

29 Jul 2013 23:20

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