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The Porters Lodge, Monument

8 darts boards are here but the pub is looking quite tatty. Staff ok , wanted to watch the Manchester Derby on Monday but guess what? no sky. Bit rubbish for a sports bar not to have Sky. Still darts was ok, I won a leg.

3 May 2012 02:50

The New Billesley, Kings Heath

Lovely cosy little pub, very clean toilets,real coal and log fire., piano playing in the corner , happy family venue, Wondeful staff and great food are all missing it appears.

3 May 2012 02:46

The Princess, Glasgow

oh yes.

3 May 2012 02:41

Ferry Boat, Runcorn

fantastic for the down and outs and wino's...thank god for JDW pubs...euwww

3 May 2012 02:39

The Clarendon, Runcorn

Great mangement, lovely back street pub that keeps it real.

3 May 2012 02:37

The Norton Arms, Runcorn

sick to death of the management advertising LFC all over facebook...makes any other supporter wanna drink elsewhere.

3 May 2012 02:35

Beehive, Bedfont

Is the Royal Oak still in Bedfont or has it been knocked down?

3 May 2012 02:32

Rileys IQ, Belgravia

not bad, has some darts boards.pool tables and snooker.. Staff understaffed and overworked can come across quite rude. Management may need to tell head office that the big corporate pool snooker and darts venue needs to stop being so corporate. Shame that it could be so good if it wasnt so boring, and empty all the time.These kind of places should be in the inner city or near crappy estates so all the chavs can come in and skin up behind the snooker tables..oh hang on, they do anyway .
Maybe it should close down and change to a bingo hall.

3 May 2012 02:25

The Two Brewers, Barbican

Nice place. dart board, wooden floor clean toilets and wonderful staff.

3 May 2012 02:20

The Snakecatcher, Brockenhurst

Lovely pub, fantastic staff and great accommodation. The food is very good and the location is wondeful. Outside seating was fine also. Will go back for a weekend when in the area next year. Fantastic place.

3 May 2012 02:17

The Britannia, Monument

Bought a sour Timothy Taylor...manager refused to look at me or even talk to me even tho he stood right infront of me..he decided on telling his staff that it was a fresh barrel...shrugged his shoulders and didnt I dont care...shit bar, cheap shit beer...shit attitude...shit hole.

3 May 2012 02:08

The Zeppelin Shelter, Whitechapel

nice if not strange bar.
Darts is good, but somehow feel im in a time warp when drinking there...on the whole one of my fav pubs.

16 Sep 2010 15:44

The Fine Line, Monument

Top end Suits bar.
Fullers flagship so it seems.
The beers nice, if pricey, staff all foreign and either pretty ,or very pretty.
Nice bar, expensive tho.

16 Sep 2010 15:41

Dizzys, Monument

This is a nice bar, nice management and lovely staff.
Bit strange looking at , but its a really warm place .

16 Sep 2010 15:39

The Blue Eyed Maid, Borough

nice selection of beers,,nice looking bar/pub.rude staff.I wont be going back,plenty of places out their to spend my money thank you very much.
toilets pretty bad,dont understand why they let them get that way.always seems more staff than customers,and they are far too aggressive.

17 Aug 2009 11:27

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