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Plough, Worcester

Donít worry jarofporter im sure if you ask nice the barman will waft a lovely little flower under your nose to

11 Feb 2011 13:06

Cricketers, Worcester

Went in yesterday still feels the same cosy pub it always has still serves the same high quality beers and still has the mix of characters that brings back memories of how a pub used to be. So overall still a great pub, the pub had to be sold on because I believe one of the owners unfortunately passed away.

28 Jan 2011 15:43

Plough, Worcester

what can i say if you want to visit a pub that is similar if not exactly the same as it was a hundred years ago this is the place. the locals are friedly and the beer is superb, another suprising addition is the extensive range of whisky's behind the bar. great pub great landlord and right in the city centre. one of the best places iv been in a long time.

4 Nov 2010 14:54

The Paul Pry, Worcester

This status of this pub needs changing is isnít closed. It reopened initially as a polish restaurant, very nice food I must admit. But the owner must have thought bringing the pub element back was a good idea. Its now definitely open and still serves food, but is accompanied by some interesting ales and lagers. The interior is great and very original. The 5 ways over the road has also reopened as the angel, which has a great selection of cask ales and a few ciders also.

25 Oct 2010 15:26

The Garibaldi, Worcester

Hi guys, the garibaldi being our local I have to agree, while the bar staff have remained pleasant and the beer kept well, the building has certainly seen better days. We actually stopped going, however we walked by yesterday to witness a dramatic transformation, the pub is under going a major refurbishment, all repainted new fixtures and fittings and thank goodness the toilets are being redone also. So we havenít got to make the trek further down the road anymore looks like the garibaldi is back to its old self. Looks very smart indeed. And no longer falls in to the category of a place to go when everywhere else is shut. Good luck to the new owners.

29 Sep 2010 13:56

The Marwood, Worcester

Superb pub with a real eclectic feel to it, the service is great the Irish lady who normally serves always has a good few lines to reel out, have eaten there and the food is great very enjoyable. Have some great guest ales on and also some unusual lagers definitely worth a try.

13 Jan 2010 09:43

Eagle Vaults, Worcester

New landlord as of January and runs it with his wife, never met the gentleman mentioned in the comment below. To be honest the refit is typical 1970s front room and doesnít fit well with the exterior of this wonderful pub, beers are well kept even if the range is somewhat limited, been in a few times lately once on new years and had a nice relaxed drink the regulars are friendly and the landlord on our second visit was very helpful and a nice bloke, good pub but let down by the dťcor.

13 Jan 2010 09:00

The Paul Pry, Worcester

Just to let you know Robcamera, walked past yesterday and the pub now has signs advertising that it is ready to be let and is tie free, only on a short term lease though. Not sure why this is maybe hoping for a pubco to buy it, hopefully not though.

12 Jan 2010 10:41

The Paul Pry, Worcester

used to love this pub before it shut down, the interior is fantastic, thankfully its soon to be reopened, i ahve to walk past it daily to get to work, and the standard of refubishment of this place looks great, should be worth a try when it reopens.

26 Aug 2009 14:46

The Dragon Inn, Worcester

Great pub with proper beer, the landlord is a true legend. One of very few real ale pubs in the country that actually know how to serve it.

4 Aug 2009 13:55

The Bush Inn, Worcester

this is a great pub, and has some really great local ales, the food is all sourced locally, from the award winning butcher over the road, the beers well kept the interior is great and the drinkers are friendly, plus it has an award winning restaurant upstairs, great pub and andy the barman is super friendly.

28 Apr 2009 13:09

Eagle Vaults, Worcester

went into this pub a few weeks ago, has now reopened after a refit, to be honest the refit could have been a little more imaginative, but the outside and original features of the pub are amazing, the beers banks and the bar man was really friendly and i think hailed from wolverhampton, he even gave us a quiz he had thought up himself, no prizes just for fun and we really enjoyed having a laugh with him about some of the answers, a good traditional pub with a really friendly bar man

28 Apr 2009 13:07

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