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Comments by richardlj

Ye Olde Murenger House, Newport

Quality in a sea of theme pubs. Great Sam Smith beer too.

27 Apr 2006 14:20

The Clytha Arms, Clytha

I tried the Hook Norton recently and was sent to heaven.

27 Apr 2006 14:18

John Fielding, Cwmbran

Thats a bit unfair. You cant have one rule for one and not the other. Being as the John Fielding is a town pub and is on the site of the notorious Moonraker it is understandable that the management enforce their licence conditions. On the many occasions I have been there I have enjoyed friendly and efficient service typical of a Wetherspoons and will always go back as it is considerably less rough than the pubs in Pontnewydd. It is a welcome addition to Cwmbran and the only gripe I may have is with Weatherspoons on the whole, where their excellent selection of Real Ale always seems to be kept too cold.

27 Apr 2006 14:16

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