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The Duke Of York, Chiswick

I sought this place out a few weeks ago, as I couldn't remember ever having been there before. In the middle of a Sunday afternoon, there didn't appear to be any staff behind either the front or back bar, & Pride seemed to be the only draught on. (I'm ESB or nothing, I'm afraid!) The locals were shouting & screaming at a TV, so I strolled out again in some disappointment...

2 Jun 2017 16:31

The Pennsylvanian, Rickmansworth

I agree with Ade about the staff: they are in the main- certainly the girls- sullen, uninterested & unable to gauge a queue. It's simply crass & unprofessional to say 'Who's next?' when it's not even busy or pressurised, as in the morning 10amish. They also seem to have problems understanding simple breakfast food orders which I make. I've had nothing but a bad vibe from the counter in my last four or five visits, & go there only because I have to meet someone who lives locally.

10 May 2017 18:47

The Plough and Harrow, Hammersmith

The P & H is still open, if anyone's interested! :-)))

11 Apr 2017 13:39

Sir Michael Balcon, Ealing

I am amazed that staff get positive comments in these reviews. My own experience has been that the Wetherspoon's regimenting of staff duties & the general uninterest or arrogance of the servers, especially the females, militates against the customer & the efficient running of a pub with good customer care. Countless times, I've waited to be served whilst a staff member fiddles with glasses or wipes up rather than serves, all because of the roster which must be kept to. If one says anything, one risks being refused service; no constructive criticism is accepted; & it's always been like this.

5 Nov 2016 10:37

The William Morris, Hammersmith

The service in here is never great; but last Sunday, it was awful...I waited 5 minutes, whilst the ignorant male barstaff continuously served the first person in front of them to rock up. No sense of a 'queue' was noticed by them, whatsoever. I made my moan & left for The Plough & Harrow, which is marginally better. Also, the toilets are still the disgrace that they've always been; not that I need them on this occasion, being drinkless!

11 Oct 2016 10:24

William Jolle, Northwood Hills

Anyone know what's the latest on The WJ staying or going?

8 Oct 2016 14:11

The Hammersmith Ram, Hammersmith

Yes, I agree, Baronloft! I popped in yesterday afternoon to see what a mess they might have created- & I wasn't 'disappointed'! Hideous, ghastly, rubbish etc don't begin to do justice to it? I just went into the loo before risking asking for a pint, having clocked all the appalling 'improvements'; went to the bar to register my disappointment; yet, by then, didn't have the 'courage' to ask how much the beer had gone up! I expect Special is about £4.50 now? The only upside was that the gents' loo door had been oiled, apparently, so didn't squeak & creak so much, & was a bit more easy to open! Sad, sad, sad...Bring back The Builders, in which I used to drink in the 80s! Also, it is shameless of Young's not to credit on the pumpclips that their beers are now being brewed by Wells? Neither Special nor Ordinary is a patch on what I was brought up on from the 70s 'til recently.

26 Sep 2016 18:52

The Hammersmith Ram, Hammersmith

The Ram is closed for refurbishment for 2/3 weeks more, I believe!

27 Aug 2016 10:59

The Dove Inn, Hammersmith

I did The Dove on Tuesday night with my two best mates, & it was OK! We managed to bag riverside seats, which made up partially for ESB at £4.35 a pint (I think!). Although there were some hoorays & too many foreign tourists for our liking, it was bearable, & the beer was in decent nick. Later on, we moved to The Salutation, which never disappoints me!

18 Aug 2016 15:28

The Dove Inn, Hammersmith

I'll give this place one last chance when next in the area with funds for their hiked-up prices. The problem is with Fuller's, sadly, I think: they seem not to care about ripping off the drinker or eater; but whether this is the tenant's or manager's doing, I don't know.

6 Aug 2016 16:38

Misty Moon, Northwood

I feel I want to qualify my previous negativity! The beer here is excellent & decently priced, & they have a good range of strongish ales rather than weak, session stuff! The GK IPA Reserve, I particularly recommend!

14 May 2016 13:26

The Queens Head, Hammersmith

I visited yesterday for the first time in 45 years of drinking, & was quite surprised that I'd not been before!
It's a nice pub, I suppose, but nothing to get too 'country pub' excited about. Those reviewers who use that phrase probably don't 'use' the real country that often?
£4.50 for a pint of ESB is steep to me; but the place was civilised, quiet & pleasant at 3.30pmish.
I can tell, though, that it must get crammed with wanky West London, yuppy bourgeoisie in the evenings! :-)
So, pros 'n' cons, as ever!

26 Mar 2016 10:18

The Plough and Harrow, Hammersmith

Rumour has it that this is being sold by W/Spoons...
It's not much of a pub, but it is cheap, so boo hoo!

8 Feb 2016 20:24

The Brook Green Hotel, Hammersmith

After we started at The Richmond up the road, we popped in here too before hitting the main drag of King Street. Like The Richmond, the mood, tone & ambience was excellent: comfy sofas, good beer & fine service! It also made a good change from (1) passing these two pubs by, & (2) just sticking to my routine of William Morris > Hammersmith Ram > Plough & Harrow > Salutation! We did all these too, & then hit Ealing for The Wheatsheaf > Clay Oven curry > Sir Michael Balcon: bliss, indeed! :-)

3 Feb 2016 19:14

The Richmond, Hammersmith

I popped in here with a lady friend yesterday lunchtime, & was very pleasantly surprised indeed! I normally walk past it if on my own, but my friend wanted to try it as a new place. As mentioned by a previous reviewer, there were two Pride clips on show, & no other choice of real ale; but for the first of the day in an all-day crawl, I could accept that! It was a nice, relaxed, quiet atmosphere, with comfy seating & a friendly landlord & efficient barstaff: excellent!

1 Feb 2016 20:28

The Hammersmith Ram, Hammersmith

£4.85 for rubbish Winter Warmer...

12 Jan 2016 11:50

The Coy Carp, Uxbridge

Anyone care to comment on the beer & food as they are in 2015?
I haven't the energy to walk down & then back up the hill to find out for myself!
By the way, the pub is alongside both the river AND the canal, isn't it?

12 Dec 2015 14:07

The Salutation, Hammersmith

The Sally won't be the same without the lovely Samira!!! ;-)))

11 Dec 2015 10:59

Misty Moon, Northwood

The only reason for me ever going back in this dive would be the rare free-trade ESB, flat as it is when they serve it. I pretty much hate all the things praised by the previous poster.

11 Dec 2015 10:54

Gate, Northwood

I used to really like this place, & the beer & food were more than OK.
However, we had our office Xmas meal there on Tuesday, & it was pretty unsatisfactory: a long wait for the starter, inattentive staff, cold turkey main (Yorkshire pudding-less), frozen cheesecake & profiterolles desserts...
OK, so it was cheap at 3 courses for £12.49, I think. But two days earlier, in The Tichenham, I ckenham, I had an equivalent type of turkey main (no starter or dessert) for £7.99- with a pint of Abbot, to boot!
It was also 'amusing' for me to be warned by the 19-year old barman that the cider was '7.4%'. Old Rosie is, in fact, 7.3%, & I have been drinking for 45 years...Oh, dear!

11 Dec 2015 10:42

Tichenham Inn, Ickenham

The Tich is an excellent, friendly, well-staffed pub, with great beer & the usual Wetherspoon's value nosh! My friend & I ate there on Sunday afternoon, & the Xmas meal & a wrap meal including drinks was £11.48: superb!

8 Dec 2015 11:28

St Andrews Brew House, Norwich

An excellent bar/pub/restaurant, with a good range of beers & great food!
I had a brilliant afternoon here last Saturday with a friend, & the atmosphere was just right!

30 Oct 2015 15:46

The Travellers Tavern, Victoria

This place is hideously-overpriced for both drinks & food, which I could accept on the few occasions I use the coach station. BUT... having paid £5.05 for Old Rosie cider, & then found that the men's cubicles are a STILL a disgrace, & have been for the past 40 years or so of my acquaitanceship, I thought something should be said! The same grafitti, the same broken loo-roll holders, piss all over the floor, etc, etc, etc- & this is central Victoria! When I pointed this out to the manageress, she said she'd been at the pub for 21 years, as if that was some sort of excuse/justification/reason for being tight-fisted about maintenance. I've nothing more to add.

30 Oct 2015 15:31

Red Lion, Ealing

I've been going into this place for 40 years now, & I can certainly say it has increased radically in size, probably X 3! In the mid-seventies, it was a tiny L-shaped thing, with no extension beyond the bar, nor garden access. Anyway, quite aside from quibbling about square footage, what's been said about staff, regulars, prices, beer quality & the gastro syndrome stands as far as I'm concerned.

6 Oct 2015 14:48

The Spotted Dog, Harefield

It appears that the pub is now closed, but will retain its bed & breakfast function... :-(

2 Oct 2015 16:05

Greyhound, Maidenhead

I thought I may as well have my say on ArsenalFan36...but now I find I'm speechless the more I see of he/she/its 'reviews'! :-)

26 Sep 2015 10:47

The King's Arms, Blakeney

I like this pub, but it doesn't quite do itself justice beer-wise. The Speckled Hen & Adnams tend to be flat & a little cloudy, & I'm not a convert to Wherry in particular or Woodforde's in general. My brother takes me there as he likes the food, but that too is nothing special, plus expensive in my book.

3 Sep 2015 17:44

The Fox and Hounds, Rickmansworth

I am thinking of visiting Ricky tomorrow night, but will certainly avoid The F & G after Zigzag29's response to the lady's vino query! ;-(

28 Aug 2015 17:16

The Wheatsheaf, Ealing

I'm falling out of love with this pub...£4 for HSB, no ESB on, pub dead at 10pm on a Sunday night, no rapport from the bar staff, Aggy & Savvy not on the scene. I shall miss this out in future after more than 40 years of patronage. RIP.

18 Aug 2015 10:04

George IV, Chiswick

I really like this pub, but...
Why on earth does the management think that badly-played piano is an attraction on a Sunday afternoon?
The girl is marginally better than the bloke; yet, both are just practising their mistakes/trying to vamp/doing anything but playing simple, good tunes well.
I love music: this is why I moan when I hear it parodied in this fashion.
Sadly, I visit this place only when this noise pollution & ruination of peace & quiet occurs; & I keep forgetting that this seems to be a weekend fixture...
When I complained, the staff were reasonable about it; but also said that a lot of people appreciated the music!
I can only say that there must be a lot of tone/pitch deafness & naff taste in Chiswick, then.

9 Jun 2015 10:44

The Tom Cribb, Piccadilly

The Tom Cribb is possibly the best pub in the whole of London!
I have had nothing but pleasure, magical times & fun there, & the beer is always fine & not too over-priced.
One should go to a boozer to drink & socialise, not display 'colours'/be sectarian/go on marches & all that crap.
Many thanks to the management for their sound attitude.

30 May 2015 11:52

Red Lion, Ealing

I totally agree with Snarling Mallard's post of 3 Jan. I somewhat reluctantly popped in on Sunday evening, & all the staff negatives he lists- & more- were in place. The place was dingy, dirty & untidy away from the bar, & ESB was both well-expensive yet of unexceptional quality. I think the rot set in when the pub was refurbed & trebled in size, changed hands, & was gastroed up by Fuller's. Shame, but true...

19 May 2015 16:19

Lobster, Sheringham

Actually, sorry, I think I may be confusing The Lobster with The Robin Hood by way of 'outrageous prices'! :-)

21 Mar 2015 14:55

Lobster, Sheringham

I had few beers in here whilst in Sheringham over the last 10 days or so, & the Abbot was pretty good. The real log fire was excellent, & actually did radiate heat outwards; unlike most, when the heat goes straight up the chimney!
However, looking at the menu, there were some truly outrageous prices- eg £19.95 for mixed grill; cf Wetherspoons!- for what should be basic pub grub? I haven't eaten there recently, but did have a very good crab thermidor some years ago; paid for by my brother, so I can't say how much that cost!
The place was virtually dead in terms of customers mid-afternoon, which pleased me, & was a nice change from the heaving London pubs to which I am most used!

21 Mar 2015 14:45

The Castle, Harrow On The Hill

Mmmmm...the last few reviews are disturbing to me, with regard to prices & the whole gastro-pub rubbish! I'm going there tonight, so will report back! If ESB is £4.50 a pint, screw Fullers! :-)

10 Jan 2015 10:42

The Woodman, Ruislip

Myself & friends went to The Woody for Halloween on Friday, & it was kickin'!
Thanks very much, Chris & Theresa!

5 Nov 2014 19:07

The Duke of Kent, Ealing

The Duke should be a really good pub for Fuller's beer drinkers. Instead, it's over-priced- especially the food-, & on Sunday afternoon is no more than a family free-for-all rather than a boozer. This is a shame, as it was indeed a proper alehouse in the 70s, albeit with top-pressure not real beer...

8 Mar 2014 13:44

The Old Orchard, Harefield

Thanks for taking up the cudgels over my review!
Fair play, mate, as most of what you say, I agree with.
But, I'll go to my grave insisting that the superb view of the gravel pits etc (ie man-dug, not naturally-occurring lakes) should not be paid for by gastro prices?
I'm glad you get slightly more out of The Old Orchard than I do, though! :-)

1 Feb 2014 14:07

The Swan, South Acton

This used to be my local back in the early 80s when I lived very nearby off Acton Lane. It was a Bass Charrington house then, serving good IPA. Can anyone tell me what's going on there these days, ie beers, service, crack etc? I'm thinking of paying a sentimental visit soon, but don't want to waste my time away from Chiswick high road if it's not worth it! Thanks! :-)

11 Jan 2014 11:18

The North Star, Ealing

I popped in here on Sunday afternoon at random: £4.15p for a pint of very-average Brakspear Oxford Gold ( ABV only 4%)...Absolute rip-off! I will not return for some time, possibly not at all.

19 Nov 2013 10:48

The Wheatsheaf, Ealing

Thank you for my ESB tankard, Aggy!!! :-0

6 Jul 2013 12:19

The Hammersmith Ram, Hammersmith

I was sent a free pint voucher for my birthday (Weds 3 July), so took advantage, & went down from Ruislip to the pub in mid-afternoon. The staff were excellent, as was my Hake fish pie (£5 lunch special). I've been drinking there for about 35 years- it used to be The Builders!-, but have not eaten before. This has to have been the happiest couple of hours, 2.45-4.45ish, that I can remember for a long time! :-)

6 Jul 2013 10:30

Misty Moon, Northwood

I pretty much agree will all the negative comments on this place, & very much wish Wetherspoons would buy it back so it can be user-friendly again.
It is indeed deplorable that 'The Misty Moon' is mimicking 'The Sylvan Moon', & this is perhaps even legally-actionable?
I've just tried to get in, 11am, as I have to meet someone, but it was closed. I will try again at 11.30; otherwise, it's The Gate or elsewhere.

21 Mar 2013 11:27

Sir Michael Balcon, Ealing

It's a shame when Fullers are being challenged on home territory, let alone bested, by Spoons! What strange times we live in...

9 Feb 2013 10:12

The Swan, Harefield

I'm sorry not to have posted on this before now, but The Swan is demolished & flats are being built, & it hadn't been open for going on two years or so.
It's a shame to lose a pub, I suppose, but I can't say I ever frequented it, largely because of a negative impression about its beer & 'types'...
The King's Arms is a hard act to follow, anyhow, ditto The Harefield, so why bother going elsewhere in Harefield?!?

29 Dec 2012 15:15

The Strutton Arms, Westminster

My mate & I spent 4-9pmish in here yesterday.
I used to work around the corner in Marsham Street back in 1975, & drank in The Barley Mow, Buckingham Arms & other places; but I don't think I ever tried The Strutton!
I found the barstaff quick, very efficient & friendly enough, & there was no bother from any 'types' despite the football being on on a large screen.
It was not crowded, but had just about the right amount of people to make it sociable. We settled at a table not far from the bar, & had plenty of room around us to relax in.
The beer was fine: good condition & cheap, £3.10 a pint for a dark-ruby ale whose name & brewer's name escape me now!
There was an overall nice atmosphere & vibe, & we had a pretty-enjoyable time of it. Half a dozen pints & some whiskies, plus witty chat & banter, helped this somewhat, of course!

17 Dec 2012 20:16

The Speaker, Westminster

My mate & I eventually found this back-street pub 4pmish Sunday afternoon, only to discover it was closed...
I thought I'd mention this, but don't know if it's a seasonal thing, ie this is standard for the winter, or for any other reasons, eg lack of Sunday trade or renovation etc.
This was a bit of a shame, as the place sounded excellent in reviews & looked quite nice inside on peering through the windows!
We eventually rocked up at The Strutton Arms; q.v!

17 Dec 2012 19:57

George IV, Chiswick

I really like The G1V, & it probably is the best pub in Chiswick!

11 Dec 2012 13:13

The Bridge Hotel, Greenford

I used to work in The Bridge back in the mid-70s when it WAS a Youngs real pub!
It had 3 bars: public, saloon & lounge.
The beer was excellent & cheap: 22-25pish for bitters- & they even sold mild in those days! (Not that anyone drank it...18p was too expensive for brown water?)
I haven't been there for a few years now, but I'm sure that it must have deteriorated into a gastro/restro 'bar'. Just look at The Duke of Kent...What a joke! :-(((

8 Dec 2012 10:38

The Old Pack Horse, Chiswick

This pub was closed on Sunday 18th Nov when my mate & I tried to visit! It's being re-furbished, but I can't recall when the workmen said it would be open again.
The Old PackHorse is a good pub all round, in my opinion.

20 Nov 2012 13:45

Mawson Arms/ Fox and Hounds, Chiswick

My mate & I visited yesterday, & had a really-good couple of pints in an excellent, convivial atmosphere!
Apparently, the pub is normally closed at the weekends, but we were lucky as there was a brewery tour group meeting beforehand.
The lovely Debbie was on hand to serve us with ESB, too, & she is a definite plus! :-)
Thanks very much for an enjoyable time- & I hope to find it open next time I'm in Chiswick!

19 Nov 2012 19:05

The Kings Arms, Harefield

The KA is probably the best pub in the village, depending on your tastes!
It certainly serves the best beer, & used to make The Good Beer Guide regularly until the local CAMRA branch transfered its affections to The Harefield.
This is understandable & OK, as The Harefield needed that kind of boost in its early days' struggle to attract customers.
However, their beer is not quite as well-kept as The KA, although entirely acceptable.
The vibe at both pubs is brilliant: friendly, efficient, happy staff & (mostly) ditto customers!
I speak from 15 years' attendance at these places, by the way! :-)

26 Oct 2012 15:07

The Blue Anchor, Hammersmith

I think Elegiac Stanzas lamenteth too much! It's not that bad or hoorayish, is it? There is always a varied mix of customers, it seems.
It is expensive for merely average strength & quality beer, though, ditto the food & snacks; but then, it is the last pub 'above' the bridge in W6.
I too can remember it from the 70s onwards, & the re-furb is OK.
What does bug me, especially in summer, is the cyclists speeding up & down outside, & also that cr*p 'Mariachi' band coming round annoying everyone with their begging. But I expect some people actually enjoy that kind of thing...?

26 Oct 2012 14:38

The Andover Arms, Hammersmith

I thought I knew & had been to all the Fuller's pubs in Hammersmith, Chiswick & environs, but this one was new to me on Sunday, & is a real find!
Whereas The Thatched House was largely deserted at 12.30pm, The Andover was getting on full by 1pm when my mate & I arrived.
And again, whereas we were actually benignly accosted as we entered The Thatched on the assumption we wanted Sunday lunch, no such attitude prevailed at The Andover, despite most people in fact eating at tables.
We had two decent pints of Bengal Lancer, a good natter, & the atmosphere was really pretty good!

24 Oct 2012 15:07

The Plough and Harrow, Hammersmith

Oh dear, I forgot to report back...but not much to say really except that the breakfast & beer were fine, & the atmosphere OK- for a hangar! I'm visiting Hammersmith again tomorrow, so will it give it another go for brekkers before lunchtime.

20 Oct 2012 14:04

The General Eliott, Uxbridge

I've been to The GE twice, Sept 2011 & Aril 2012, & haven't noticed any like cat's pee/dog shit/foul language etc.
In fact, both visits have been brilliant, although my excellent friends have been at least half responsible for that!
As far as I remember, the beers included Pride, Timothy Taylor & 6X, & whatever I had was entirely drinkable, reasonably priced & therefore acceptable.
I also had a really-enoyable Karaoke session on the April visit; but I accept that that's not everyone's idea of fun- nor's my voice! :-)
The food is likewise great value & the chalkboard menu is extensive. I had a HUGE & lovely plate of liver, bacon, mash & veg with gravy for just 4.95 last Sept: how good is that?!?
This is a down-to-earth pub offering great entertainment, no frills attached. Nuff said?

6 Oct 2012 14:11

The Old Orchard, Harefield

Mmm...I think people slightly over-rate this place, which is not really a pub so much as a restaurant.
True, it does have a good selection of well-kept beers, the view of the pit (not lake) is nice, & the garden is excellent in summer.
But with such an emphasis on food & dining, it's bound to be pricey & be emphasising restaurant values rather than traditional pub ones?
Having said that, I went there yesterday 5.15pm & it was heaving at the bar with noisy, middle-aged blokes treating it like a spit n sawdust place!
This was as unpleasing as the other side of the coin, perhaps, especially when one wants to chat quietly with friends...We scurried to the quieter, main back part of the place to get away from the obnoxious barflies!
It was also pretty damn warm as a result of a blazing fire overheating things.
But I did have a good pint of Old Rosie 7.3% cider, although it must have cost my mate over 4 (?!?).

29 Sep 2012 15:45

The Express Tavern, Kew Bridge

Mmm...the Bass was OK, but exactly as insipid as I thought it'd be! :-(

24 Sep 2012 13:44

The Bell and Crown, Chiswick

I thought I might as well report back about the place! My friend & I were served by a gorgeous, funny barmaid, & there were several of these, in fact! :-) The ESB was acceptable if not brilliant, but my mate wasn't over impressed with his pint of (keg) Honeydew...I'd tried to tell him the differences between real & rubbish, but he didn't 'get them', obviously! No management or dog was on show, so I can't say anything on those topics. I can't quite remember the price of my ESB, but I expect it was about 3.70? The B&C is a good pub, overall, I feel!

24 Sep 2012 13:42

The Coach and Horses, Kew

I hope The C & Hs is still as good as I remember it to have been over the past 35 years or so! I shall be trying it out again on Sunday, but am a bit fearful of the price of a pint of Special: c.3.90, I should guess?!? Now that Wells brew it too, it's not so 'special', either; but Ordinary is just that, I'm afraid, no oomph or strong taste whatsoever!

13 Sep 2012 14:16

The Dove Inn, Hammersmith

The Dove seems to be dividing people into food/service & beer camps nowadays! I used to love it when I was young & naive...but my last few trips have convinced me it's over-priced, the beer is less than average (especially so near the brewery, for goodness sake), & overall The Dove is nothing special (bar location).

11 Sep 2012 14:58

The Express Tavern, Kew Bridge

I really like The Express, & all the stuff about tradition etc is relevant & true to the vibe of the place.
However, Bass is just not Bass anymore, is it? In fact, in my drinking lifetime so far (70s- present), I can't say it's ever lived up to its reputation.
This pub is one of the very few places to stock it- can anyone tell me another in London, even?-, & yet it's an insipid, weak-imitation 'best bitter' to my mind. Charrington's IPA was a better beer by comparison, standard strength though it was at 1039 to Bass's 1044- but whatever happened to that? I shall be checking things out again this Sunday, anyhow!

11 Sep 2012 14:42

The Bell and Crown, Chiswick

I shall be visiting The Bell & Crown on Sunday 16th, so shall be interested to find out about the landlord, landlady, dog & service! I've been going to this one on & off for 35 years or so, & the only thing I dislike is the priceyness. But that's bog standard for Thames riverside boozers, & The Dove etc lower down in Hammersmith are worse, of course.

7 Sep 2012 14:43

The Townhouse, Ealing

I remember this place from The 70s when it was The Feathers: it was a dump then too, but at least it was open! Get a grip, Fullers: flog it off & get it back up & running!

1 Sep 2012 09:56

The Plough and Harrow, Hammersmith

I'm going to have breakfast at The P & H tomorrow before hitting the riverside boozers, Dove, Rutland & Blue Anchor, plus King St's Ram & Salutation, I expect!
I'll report back about atmosphere/lack of it soon, but my previous visits lead to me to think it's like an aircraft hangar & without soul, etc. The beer is pretty OK, though!

18 Aug 2012 14:35

Red Lion, Ealing

Time was, 19702-1990s, when I used to crawl around Ealing & never miss The Red Lion, Castle & Rose & Crown. All three now are pricey & pretentious, so I got to the cheapo Sir Michael Balcon, & finish off in The Wheatsheaf with an ESB or two. I wouldn't bother with a session in any one of them in St Mary's Road any more.

17 Aug 2012 16:46

The Grange, Ealing Common

I suppose it's a bit late to give my opinion now- see my post of 18/7/10!-, but here goes.
Yeah, I think I agree with most the negative stuff in the reviews- it's a poncey place, over-priced, pretentious & badly run, uninterested barstaff etc-, but I was able to stick a pint or two with my mate before we moved on to REAL pubs like The Wheatsheaf!
It's just a shame that a pub with such a lovely position on The Common should wish to exploit & prey upon punters so obviously, & attract bad reviews...

16 Aug 2012 15:23

The Wheatsheaf, Ealing

Not sure about the re-furb necessity! I've been going to it since I was 17 (1974), & it was a small, red-leatherette place, half the size, before it was opened up c.1988 & became what it is now. I love this pub, pricey though it is, especially for food.
Aggy & Savvy are brilliant barmaids, too!

16 Aug 2012 14:20

Sir Michael Balcon, Ealing

Some of the staff think it's more their role & scene to chat to the punters than serve a queue, albeit of one. After complaint, I walked out on my half-pulled pint, the barman & the whole dump. It's still badly run, if cheap- like most Wethers!?!

8 Aug 2012 20:54

The Grange, Ealing Common

I used to go to The Grange back in the mid 70s, in the days when it was a real pub, & even had table football inside! I've been back a couple of times in the last 10 years or so, & am going again today. However, I have a feeling of dread that all the bad stuff written here is true, & that there'll be little for me to enjoy. ('Why go, then?', I hear you say. A mate wants to visit, that's all!)
Watch this space for my opinion.

18 Jul 2010 11:01

The Freemasons Arms, Hampstead

I have not been to this pub since summer 1996, when I don't remember it being a disaster/joke/catatstrophe/nightmare/whatever in terms of service, food, rules, seating & pricing etc. However, having read (with some glee) all the many negative & few positive reviews here, I feel I must visit it soon just to test things for myself!
Universal truth: it's an ill wind that blows nobody any good publicity...

29 Jun 2010 16:09

Red Lion, Ealing

I have to agree with the dissenters about The Red Lion. It is not a patch on what it was before the refurb/extension, chiefly because of the unwelcoming staff, high food prices & general lack of atmosphere.
When it was just the front bar area, it had character; the beer was excellent; & I don't remember being particularly daunted by the barmaids or management. Now, like EJ2704, I find it impossible to 'warm to the place'.
Mind you, the same is probably true of The Castle & Rose & Crown down the road: I don't go to those either these days, not when The Wheatsheaf is so good, & The Sir Michael Balcon (Wetherspoon's) so cheap!

5 Jun 2010 14:41

Sir Michael Balcon, Ealing

This just has to be the worst-run pub in Ealing, or London, even! For instance & randomly:
The draught cider is on about 50% of the time only. The handpump is defective, & nothing is done to fix it. The young staff don't know how to serve it, nor that a cloudy pint is no good to anyone. Most of them don't know how to charge for it properly, either, treating it as a cheap guest ale. All this has to be pointed out to them by me, even down to how to access the right price code. (It's in 'bottled ciders' bizarrely, by the way...)
The pub regularly runs out of Sunday roasts. The kitchen staff frequently duff orders. Yesterday, I sat near a disabled lady who had received the wrong roast twice, I believe. Third time lucky? Afraid not, this arrived cold, & went back for re-heating. It was never seen again after 1/2 hour's wait, & she got a refund. Love her, she insisted on paying for the drink, which they managed not to cock up.
Whilst this was going on, I went to the bar. Not one barperson, as the solitary one was sorting the lady & her meal/refund. A dozen or so punters gathered before another staff member sauntered casually in & started trying to avoid serving by moving glasses around.
The men's cubicles' locks were broken for about 3 weeks recently, despite my complaining. Graffiti was everywhere, & the check sheet was left unsigned for 4 hours before bogusly being brought up to date.
Not long after the place opened in late 2008, I was denied access by a bouncer on a Friday night as I had a Tesco carrier bag containing beans etc- but also a bottle of vino. I had been in the pub several hours, popped out for the shopping, & came back at 9.30pmish. I asked him if thought I was going to open & drink from a corked bottle in the pub; he said n' but some people do. No offer of putting the bag behind the counter for the duration was made.
A few weeks after, I was denied access on a Sunday night, because I arrived at 11.01pm Wetherspoon's time instead of 10.59. I normally go by GMT/BST, which showed 10.58ish.
I also pointed out to the barmaids & management that it was probably violating health & safety legislation to allow single members of staff to move the cast-iron tables in from outside unassisted. The barmaids were completely thick about it, insisting they were strong enough. The manager didn't understand my point about injury/bogus injury & compensation claims.
Staff allowed 4 Polish thugs & their sluts to openly & loudly discuss the upcoming shooting of their homemade porno movie, right in the middle of a not-entirely empty, Sunday night. Even I was appalled, & moved away.
I could go on- but you probably get the picture!

29 Mar 2010 21:07

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