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The Bull Inn, Bulverhythe

Another pub I suggested and still as good as the day I suggested it so upping my rating to 8, still not keen on the squeaky glasses though and going off Shepherd Neame a bit these days to

30 Mar 2012 19:59

The Comet, St Leonards on Sea

Went back here since its 4 years since the pub dog barked at me and I hoped he had forgotten me by then, well he wasn't there and its run by someone else now anyway, the whole place has changed from a pub with atmosphere to a bland re painted modern pub with plain walls and a rowdy group playing pool but the beer was good, can't say I'll rush back there though to be honest, another 4 years maybe if its still open then

30 Mar 2012 19:55

The Rising Sun, St Leonards on Sea

This pub has been here for years but suddenly closed, its re opened though as an Irish theme pub and called Paddy Mcginty or something, yet to try it but no other reveiws here anyway

30 Mar 2012 19:48

The Dripping Spring, St Leonards on Sea

Wow didn't relise it was me who suggested this pub, had forgotten, still serving plenty of real ale and choice, great pub and great beer

30 Mar 2012 19:44

Smugglers, Hastings

guess what, its still closed

30 Mar 2012 19:40

Pommelers Rest, Tower Bridge

Beers were good, bacardi was expensive and pub a bit noisy. well it was a Saturday night and late, I must be getting a bit old I think

30 Mar 2012 19:30

The Plough Inn, Hastings

Well its Friday night and they don't have a band on but Soul x press are there tomorrow so may give it a try as not been to the pub for ages

30 Mar 2012 19:27

The Cartwheel, Hengrove

Pub still here next to ASDA was going to go in 8pm ish but looked inside and it was totally empty but outside it was busy with shouting locals all smoking and mucking about so I decided not to try this time although it did look OK inside from what I saw.

17 Sep 2010 12:31

The Wessex Flyer, Hengrove

Went here last week, similar feeling to the previous poster, the chain is Table table, although I'd never heard of them before, we stayed in The Premier Inn next door for a couple of days so had breakfast in here too.
3 real ales on different to the ones mention by Blackthorn, they were Banks and 2 others which I've totally forgotten what they were called, not like me.
I enjoyed the 2 evenings in the bar but it got a tad "rowdy" towards the end of Friday night between 11pm and 12 pm as it does stay open that late every night apparently which is good.
I think I'll give it a 8 for beer and a 6 or 7 for food, a 9 for helpfulness in the mornings and 5 at night so overall 7 maybe or perhaps 6.

17 Sep 2010 12:27

Bulverhythe, St Leonards on Sea

This pub is closed, going to be turned into a supermarket.

24 Aug 2010 15:39

The Queen Adelaide, Hastings

Yep been closed for a long time now.

24 Aug 2010 15:36

The Stag, Hastings

Popped in for a pint in the summer (Not sure if Stanley below has actually been to the pub as he made no comment about the pub itself) And the pint was OK but they had no Bacardi and didn't seem to know what it was, there must have been a shortage though as 2 other pubs didn't have it that day either! I didn't actually pay attention to the price of the beer but 3.30 in April was pretty steep, the pint was only mediocre so may be a while before I pop back, it is widely thought that this is the oldest "surviving" pub in Hastings but their are other contenders.

24 Aug 2010 15:02

The Duke of Wellington, Hastings

I can't beleive this pub is still open. which it is, as every time I walk past it has no one in it..weird!

24 Aug 2010 14:32

Smugglers, Hastings

Not surprised it was a dump.

24 Aug 2010 14:30

The Devonshire Arms, Bexhill-on-Sea

Yes it seems to be closed

24 Aug 2010 14:20

The Kings Arms, Ninfield

This is now a Crown Carveries pubs and the carvery is now £3.59, go there quite a lot for that but the Harveys is never on lately, they have now installed some new hand pulls and will soon be offering Green King (IPA I guess), it still wasn't on last time I went last week, will keep you posted, by the amount of customers that go I'm surprised to see so few reviews on here. Given a 6 as no Harveys or real ale on whenever I go, hopefully that will improve.

24 Aug 2010 14:17

The Kings Head, Hastings

This pub is now closed

12 Jan 2010 09:21

White Rock Hotel, Hastings

Agree with melita666 that this place has now lost the plot, gone are the 4 beers only 2 now on and they were rubbish quality, not kept properly, the staff were young and inexperienced and didn't have a clue about customer care or service or anything much, had to wait ages to be served and the bar guy walked off once...weird, I won't be going back to this place so often now they have destroyed the bar and ruined the atmosphere and failed to provide decent beer (the most important)

8 Jul 2009 20:16

The Smugglers, Pett Level

Went here on 14th June with a group of about 12 for Sunday carvery (again), the "rotund" chap was there and serving the food and clearing the tables and working very hard indeed and had time to chat to nearly everyone, the first beer I had was London pride which didn't quite taste right but that may have been because it was the first off or because I had rather a lot of "Harvey's" the night before!
The second pint I had was Harvey's and tasted much better.
The carvery and food was excellent, I could not fault it and much better than the last time I came and equal to the previous time (see my past comments)
I will go there again.

8 Jul 2009 20:04

The Jenny Lind, Hastings

Went here on 28th June after finding The Stag empty and unsuitable, the meal here was excellent and the beer was excellent and everyone in the pub seemed to be having a very good time.

8 Jul 2009 19:57

The Stag, Hastings

Went there for Sunday lunch on 28th June and looked in the bar at just after 1 pm to see all the tables empty and about 5 old men propping up the bar, I didn't stay, I went straight out and lunched in the Jenny Lind.

8 Jul 2009 19:49

Wheatsheaf, Bexhill on Sea

This has been a restaurant for about 4 years, not a pub.

8 Jul 2009 19:31

The Bridge Inn, Winchelsea

No sorry that number is wrong as well, the correct number now is (01797) 224302

20 Jan 2009 12:07

The Bridge Inn, Winchelsea

the phone number for this pub is wrong, should be 01797 226453

20 Jan 2009 09:27

The Green Man, Soho

That is strange The_Pub_Inspector as I went in here with my wife the day before your post (6th November 08) and I had London Pride (which the barmaid topped up when asked as not quite full) and my wife had a pint of Guiness and both drinks were fine. Due to its location it is a busy pub and food was being served and nobody had to wit long and all appeared very happy. No problems with the gents for me, I visited at lunchtime.
The atmosphere was good and the seats were comfortable and we had a nice rest from shopping.

8 Nov 2008 18:16

The Euston Flyer, Euston

Went in here for the first time this week and did not have my wallet stolen but did feel a little mugged by the price of a large glass of wine for my wife, never ever have I paid so much and hopefully never will again. Needless to say we only stayed for 1 drink but it was enjoyed in pleasant surroundings on a leather sofa and with other friendly customers close by it was nice to pop in for a while for a rest from walking around.

8 Nov 2008 18:08

The Moon Under Water, Leicester Square

Went here again this week and the beer festival is on and had a few pints all of which were very good. Sorry to hear of the wallet/purse incident and guess it really happened as this was/is the only post made by that person, lets hope it is a one off or maybe it was lost in some other way unnoticed beforehand.
While I was there although busy the atmosphere was very good.

8 Nov 2008 17:56

The Wilton Court, Bexhill-on-sea

this is no longer there

27 Oct 2008 21:20

The Opera House, Tunbridge Wells

Had Sunday roast with my wife yesterday £6.95 each including a pint of beer each, excellent value as found nothing wrong with the food or beer. The roast consisted of 4 slices of pork, 4 roast potatoes, yorkshire, stuffing, apple sauce, gravy, 2 or 3 types of veg. The plates and meal were red hot although the pub was busy as it was exactly 1pm we only had to wait for about 8 minutes for it to arrive. My beer was a pint of pedigree and the wife's beer was a pint of guinness. Facinateing place to have a pub in an old opera house, very unusual.

27 Oct 2008 20:46

The Kings Arms, Ninfield

This is now a Pub and Carvery pub where you get a carvery for £3.50 everyday except Sunday when it is £6.50. The food is excellent and you get loads and is cooked well but due to the cheap price it is packed and you may have to queue for a short while for the carvery but it is worth the wait. There is only 1 "cask" ale on and that is Harveys which at £2.25 a pint is excellent value as well and other drinks are reasonably priced too compared to many pubs these days. I will be going back very soon.

10 Oct 2008 08:25

The Bell Hotel, Bexhill Old Town

Went there recently to see the live music on a Friday evening, very nice beer and great band, it still looks like it is in the stages of being redecorated to me although the bar area is fine, I wonder if it will ever be finished reading the earlier comments.

2 Sep 2008 20:38

The Harp, Bexhill-on-sea

A very nice bar for great beer and music occasionnaly, friendly banter during the day with lots of customers.

2 Sep 2008 20:34

The Kings Arms, Ninfield

This is no longer a Brewers Fayre pub and it has recently shut and reopened again, I have not been there since it reopened but hope to do so soon and will post my review

2 Sep 2008 20:27

The Rose & Crown, Bexhill On Sea

I don't have a problem with this pub, always huge portions of food served usually cooked well, and always seem to have real ale on at reasonable prices.

2 Sep 2008 20:08

The Blacksmiths Arms, Halland

Had real ale, bar staff not the most cheerful when I called but served quickly and efficiantly, food prices a bit steep but beer seemed to be the usual price at this time. A good stopping off point after a long journey home.

2 Sep 2008 20:02

The Bear, Esher

Had a nice drink in this pub in very comfortable surroundings, several real ales available, friendly bar staff, very busy but service was excellent, found the prices no more expensive than any other pub at the moment (apart from spoons obviously)

2 Sep 2008 19:58

The Royal Albion, Hastings

Sorry this pub is still open, its Queen Adelaide just down the road thats closed..sorry!

27 Aug 2008 15:40

The Queen Adelaide, Hastings

This pub is now been closed for about 3 months

27 Aug 2008 15:38

The Royal Albion, Hastings

This pub has been closed now for about 3 months

27 Aug 2008 15:33

White Rock Hotel, Hastings

Still excellent beer everytime I call here but its always a different beer which sometimes when you just want a pint that you know (and love) you could do with just one regular house beer, at the moment its four different beers each time I call and at my age I can never remember what they are all like.

27 Aug 2008 15:15

The Comet, St Leonards on Sea

Went here recently to be barked at and snarled at by the pub dog, have not been back since.

27 Aug 2008 15:07

The Royal Sovereign, Bexhill-on-sea

Enjoyed a very nice pint of real ale here, they have Sky Sports for the football fans. Very nice pub for a drink opposite the train Station.

27 Aug 2008 15:06

Coast, Bexhill-on-sea

Well they did change the name of this Hotel bar to "Mistral" but it is now called The Mermaid again and it is much better, they now have real ale again and the beer was good so I may be going back more often than I did before. Very nice sitting outside when you do get nice weather!

14 Aug 2008 09:08

New Inn, New Romney

Enjoyed a nice lunchtime pint in here on a very windy and wet day, the landlady was very friendly and the pub was busy, I did not eat here as I had already had lunch in the cafe down the road and i would have been the only person eating here as no-one else was eating at the time on that day. Ok pub, good beer, would call again

14 Aug 2008 09:01

The Five Bells, Eynsford

Recently visited this pub for a nice pint of Landlord and a pub lunch which was excellent along with the atmosphere and friendly bar staff and patrons, much better than the "modern" atmosphere free The Plough and Harrow round the corner. Highly recommended.

14 Aug 2008 08:51

The Old Shades, Whitehall

Very quiet in here last night after a show and the beer (Rev James) was excellent, the bar man was unable to supply information about the "Dick Whittington trail" but was polite and friendly, beer was offered to taste "sip before supping" which I took advantage of before buying, I had no problem with the size of the head and all the real ales where availiable if needed. Had a nice quiet drink in here.

5 Aug 2008 14:17

The Lord Moon Of The Mall, Whitehall

Managed to get a burger and beer in here as Leicester Square had run out but the burger came without chips as they don't do them here apparently, a bit odd but very nice anyway, the beer (Abbotts) was good and the burgers was cooked ok although the staff did seem a bit...."bored" and not to attentive.

5 Aug 2008 14:11

The Moon Under Water, Leicester Square

Served quickly here with polite staff but no burgers availiable as they had run out also the abbotts ale had run out so had pedigree. A staff meeting was in progress on the table next to us in the bar which I found strange, have they not got an office or staff area to hold this sort of thing and not in the bar using up valuble table space? all the other tables were full and we were lucky to get a table. Overhearing what they were saying about performance and getting punters in was interesting though and they do seem to have a good performance record and get customers in but its not that difficult being in Leicster square I would have thought so a bit odd to run out of things like beer and burgers.

5 Aug 2008 14:05

The Smugglers, Pett Level

Went back here last week almost a year since my last comment but have been inbetween, the pub was not so busy as last year, maybe because it is January and not February, but I was not so pleased with the carvery meal this time, the pork looked red which it should not the beef was also red which is ok. There was lamb in gravy which didn't look too good and I did not see any customer have it while I was there and there was steak and guiness pudding which would probably be fine and chicken. The vegetables were a very small choice of cabbage and carrotts and peas but nothing else, the roast spuds were fine.
Don't get me wrong I enjoyed the meal (I had beef) but did not think it was quite as good as before but it was the same price!
The beer was excellent as usual.

21 Jan 2008 20:45

The Two Sawyers, Pett

This pub is definitely still closed, apparently they went bankrupt but have now opened another pub somewhere else I'm told!

21 Jan 2008 20:25

The Anchor, Hastings

Very old old town pub a bit rough and ready, nice pint of bishops finger on pump, full of locals noisy atmosphere, would go again but not really my scene.

21 Jan 2008 13:05

The Bridge Inn, Winchelsea

Excellent Sunday Roast yesterday but I personally could have done with more vegetables and I thought it was a little pricey but the dessert was miles too expensive at £4.75 for meringue and ice cream how ever nice it was! Great beer though!

21 Jan 2008 13:01

The Hamilton Hall, Liverpool Street

This pub was packed when i went in on Saturday Morning and I just had a pint as I was off to the football on the train. The pint was very good and the staff very pleasant and most of the customers seemed happy and cheerful.

6 Jan 2008 20:46

The Crosse Keys, Bank

Very nice Wetherspoon’s, almost empty on Saturday afternoon after the FA cup football at about 5.30 which was a surprise as the one at Liverpool street station was closed on police advice. Pleasent staff and very smart bar and decor unlike some I have been in.

6 Jan 2008 20:36

The Winning Post, Plumpton Green

Went in after a day at the races and the welcome was great with a massive roaring log fire which helped us get nice and warm. Real ales on that I noticed were London Pride and Harveys Sussex, there may have been others. Very nice to have a couple of beers before the train journey back home.

26 Nov 2007 17:26

White Rock Hotel, Hastings

At last the name of this Hotel has been changed on here after about a year or more, the bar is still excellent and the real ale is great and I like the place very much. Shame the other "thread" where it is called The Yelton couldn't just be renamed and the many other pubs here and in St Leonards haven't been added when I have sent in their details and written a review.

26 Nov 2007 17:18

York, Bexhill On Sea

Tatty pub but beer good and very cheap, I don't think I'd try the food here as more of a "drinking" pub than eating pub.

17 Sep 2007 10:16

Robert de Mortain, Hastings

Went here today for Sunday carvery as I had heard the food was good and it was a nice place. Well the carvery veg was fine but the choice of Gammon, Turkey or Beef from the carvery made me opt for part turkey and part gammon today. The Gammon was almost raw and served in a lump, not carved, and I had 2 lumps of turkey to go with it from the "boy" that had hacked it with a blunt knife. The gammon was virtually inedible as it was almost raw but the turkey lumps were sort of ok. I would not recommend this pub from todays experience.

12 Aug 2007 19:10

The Welcome Stranger, St Leonards on Sea

I had my wedding reception here 25 years ago and really enjoyed it. I have been there again since for an 18th birthday party which was also good and the place seemed bigger. Apart from these 2 visits I cannot comment further as although I've often thought of going there I never do. I have tried to add many of the numerous other pubs in St Leonards to this site but for some reason the bods running this site never add them so I'm left to comment on this one.

8 Aug 2007 21:11

The John Logie Baird, Hastings

Forgot to mention I really enjoyed my first "smoke free" pint in "spoons" even if it was only Directors.

1 Jul 2007 21:26

The John Logie Baird, Hastings

Went there today and they had run out of Guinness, Abbott, Hookey, Summer ale, Butcombe and Bombardier! the only beer they had on worth drinking was Directors and it was only 4.30pm!!

1 Jul 2007 21:24

The Plough and Harrow, Eynsford

I went to this pub yesterday as I have known it from the past and had heard it had been done up and I wanted to take a look. On arrival I had to wait a while to be served as there was only one guy on the bar. Eventually I asked for a pint of Landlord (real ale) only to be told it was "off" So no real ale available. While waiting I looked at the food price list and decided it was far too expensive for me, excessive would be a better word. The decor had no character/atmosphere in fact I didn't like it, too fake. I won't be going back there for a while I'll try one of the other pubs when passing next time.

5 Apr 2007 08:30

The Two Sawyers, Pett

Although 3 real ales were advertised only one was available on my visit yesterday but saying that it was very nice. A very young staff were in charge of the bar and were obviously very new but were very polite and served everyone well. The weather was foul and it was great to sit in front of the real log fire. The food was hot and above average to good but not as good as excellent. I will visit again.

5 Mar 2007 08:44

Traffers Bar, Bexhill-on-sea

The beer was good and others said they do great food, not a very big pub and a bit of a strange shape so don't bring a coach party. Football is shown here when its on.

28 Feb 2007 16:14

Coast, Bexhill-on-sea

Positioned right on the seafront so excellent for stting outside in the summer, unfortunately it is winter at the moment and it is not so nice to sit inside and its not cheap either. Beer poor.

28 Feb 2007 16:07

The Sportsman, Bexhill-on-sea

A bit of an old dirty, smelly, smokey pub full of old men, but the beer was nice.

28 Feb 2007 16:05

The Smugglers, Pett Level

Had a great family Sunday carvery lunch here today and the place was really busy with many satisfied customers, I drank London Pride today and it was top quality. The meals were great and we all came away fully stuffed. Just one thought and that was the price of the carvery although 4 thick slices of pork in my case and my wife others had 2 slices of gammon and another had a large portion of home made pie, I know I can get cheaper. But agree that there were many cuts to chose from including, beef and chicken as well and all served with as many trimmings as you could take! A great fire gave the final cosy atmosphere a friendly glow.

18 Feb 2007 18:51

The Bull Inn, Bulverhythe

The Bull Inn offers a range of Shepherd Neame real ales, the present landlords have been on site about 3 years and have recently won the PUB OF THE YEAR for the area. The glass I received for my pint was squeaky clean, a bit overdone on washing up chemicals and either that or "the first pint" off after pipe cleaning made my beer taste a bit chemically. I enjoyed it there but for that reason I can only give a 7. Great open fire on a cold day though.

15 Feb 2007 09:54

The Queens Head, Icklesham

Called in today on my way home from Sunday roast elsewhere so only had a pint of Ringwood Fortyniner, the place was packed with diners of all ages and the portions looked huge and most seemed to leave some as they could not manage it all. The beer was perfect but picking up on the comments of some the food could have been better especially looking at some of the prices although portions seemed big. I'll go for 7 for the beer and surroundings and 5 to 6 for the food so about 6 overall... in my opinion.

11 Feb 2007 21:48

The New Inn, Winchelsea

Went here today for Sunday Roast, had a pint of old speckled hen and roast beef, The beer was great the veg was great, the gravy was great, roast potatoes were great, the beef was a little tough though which always happens when I cook it to so don't know the answer for that. Everyone seemed happy and cheerful and others all enjoyed their meals but I reckon they could do better but seem to be working on it. Reasonable price for main course but I thought the puddings are expensive. Medium plus rating given.

11 Feb 2007 21:37

The Horse and Groom, St Leonards on Sea

This is the oldest pub is St Leonards on sea built 1829 and is listed in CAMRA, you can enjoy real ales such as Harvey's Best, Adnam's Broadside, Greene King IPA as well as guest ales. The pub has a horseshoe shaped bar, and is open all day.

10 Feb 2007 17:39

J J Moons, Wembley

Went here in December when George Michael was playing at the arena and had a very good meal with great beer and it was cheap as expected, the roast was cheaper than the spoons near me about £2.00 less including the beer, BUT we ordered a pudding which was a mistake as we had to wait about 3 quarters of an hour for it, nice place though enjoyed it a lot.

10 Feb 2007 17:10

The Dripping Spring, St Leonards on Sea

A very interesting pub in the side streets of Bohemia, a must for real ale fans serving up to seven different ales at any time including Adnams broadside, Harvey Sussex, youngs and other guest beers. Has its own website too.

9 Feb 2007 23:33

The Rooms Cafe Bar, St Leonards on Sea

Went to this cafe/bar on Saturday to see a local band I've been following and they had no real ale and no bitter at all just cans and bottles so I had to have Guinness. The place was full of college/school youngsters and they weren't there for the band which totally spoilt the evening, it was not really the right venue for the band, definitely not a pub and it'll be a while, if ever, I go there again.

9 Feb 2007 23:12

Ye Olde Pump House, Hastings

Enjoyed the pub but getting to the bar was a bit of a nightmare as it seems to be so short with pillars in the way and the locals sprawled over a table which seemed to block half of the bar. Two ladies serving behind the bar when I went who seemed as miserable as the old building. Lots of tables and seems laid out more like a restaurant than a pub, didn't sample the food but it looked ok.

9 Feb 2007 22:56

The Filo (First In Last Out), Hastings

Been to the FILO for a couple of weekends running and enjoyed the different beers brewed by them both times. Nice roaring fire in middle of pub was great on the cold days but the young guy behind the bar was not the most friendly the second time and the first time the lady of the bar didn't speak apart from asking for the money but then I went for the beer not the chat.

9 Feb 2007 22:50

The John Logie Baird, Hastings

Young staff who are not that customer aware, not always got guest beers as they say but when they have they are usually very good and cheap, seems to be getting refurbished at the moment but very slowly, Sunday roast was bigger than I expected with beer included but I could not have the real beer which rather annoyed me. have been to better Wetherspoons but you get what you pay for here.

9 Feb 2007 22:45

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