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The Walsall Arms, Walsall

I wish to echo ' mikastrauk ', the turnround has been fantastic for this well known watering hole , six handpulls with local and distant ales to tempt the palate, during my recent four visits my friends and I have been well pleased with the selection. The noted ' Skittle alley ' has been refurbished as a wellcome facility for the locallity. Food is also making a long missed feature, I will try it , and those that have already, say I have a treat coming. Well done to those that have pulled this pub back up to where it belongs.

11 Feb 2015 16:01

The Walsall Arms, Walsall

Thank goodness this pub is up for sale, it has been going down the pan for about two years to my knowledge. It has suffered from low footfall, hence limited beer choice, subsequently poor quality. Bring on a new owner, but please encourage customers with your plans.

22 Apr 2014 11:41

The Black Country Arms, Walsall

Camra says that this is the number one pub in the Walsall area, and I agree. It is noted for a massive choice of beers, and all served in top condition. Excellent food, entertainment, support for charities, a brilliant landlady, plus only nice people seem to go there.

22 Apr 2014 11:31

The New Inn, Walsall

Well worth visiting this establishment, it has now got the accolade of the second best pub in the whole of the Walsall area ( Camra ) only beaten by its sister pub the Black country arms. This cosy, friendly, supplier of good food, banter and brilliant beers is not to be missed. No juke box or gaming machines, only real people for entertainment.

22 Apr 2014 11:22

The Crown, Yoxall

Licensee has been there about a year, I did not rate this place before, however it has good beer, good food and a very pleasant person behind the bar. The customers are a happy bunch and enjoy banter, even with strangers. I will be back.

19 Dec 2013 15:40

The Falcon Inn, Willenhall

Great to see that this pub is still up to standard, brilliant beers, keen pricing and a top place for banter by customers or staff.

3 Aug 2013 15:16

Old Court House, Walsall

The name is ' St Matthews Hall ' now, this is one of the nicer to be in ' spoons ' that the beer , the food and the staff are all very acceptable makes this venue worth seeking out.

3 Aug 2013 15:10

Arbor Lights, Walsall

Visually ok, but dont waste your time here, five minutes walk away you can be in one of four, class act pubs.

3 Aug 2013 15:03

The Victoria, Walsall

I agree with ' ianatwalsall ' it is not very inviting externally, but once in the beers are excellant, keenly priced, friendly staff and good food at lunchtime. Always seems to have a Backyard bitter on at a very low price.

3 Aug 2013 14:58

The Black Country Arms, Walsall

Pubs like this are few and far between, the beer choice is vast, and they are all good quality, probably assisted by the popularity of this venue and exellant cellar management. Great food, friendly staff and chatty customers, plus plenty of room to spread out .

3 Aug 2013 14:33

Fountain, Walsall

This pub has great beers from the increasingly popular Backyard Brewery, plus some well chosen guest ales, Proper Job, when I last visited. Very friendly staff, quality banter, and great pork pies. Well worth seeking out this gem.

3 Aug 2013 14:23

The New Inn, Walsall

Its just had a brilliant beer festival, the place was absolutely rammed all the time. Thanks to everyone behind the bar, kitchen and cellar, you were great. What a shame the Thornbridge ales were in small casks, I suppose it gave the other very fine ales a chance.

6 Feb 2012 17:14

The New Inn, Walsall

This is a cracking little pub, it has reverted back to its original name the 'New Inns' aka 'The Pretty Bricks'. 8 handpulls are all charged with good beer and a pleasant place to be in, both customers, bar staff and landlady. I already have made this a regular haunt, you can only thank them for not letting this one die.

16 Nov 2011 13:49

The Queslett, Streetly

Good beer and food served, not helped by bar staff that never know who is next to be served, or the selfish customers blocking the bar in front of the beer pulls. I will give it a second chance to improve though.

29 Jun 2011 14:46

The Duke of Wellington, Lichfield

Same format indeed it is Karen and David. Myself and three friends all agree, good beer, served well, nice snack and friendly banter from behind and in front of the bar. We will be visiting again soon.

29 Jun 2011 14:33

The Bulls Head Inn, Lichfield

We have been to this pub many times and I have to say if you want a reliably good meal , well kept ale, reasonable list of wine, pleasant building and most importantly staff are that are very attentive, this is for you. Most importantly it is not up its own **** like the Trooper.

13 Feb 2011 08:59

The Horse and Jockey, Lichfield

Friendly staff, good choice of real ale thats well kept and presented. Some proper customers to have banter with ( worldly wise types ). I am very impressed after two visits so far , one lunchtime the an evening. Next time I must try the food as that may be up to the same standard.

13 Feb 2011 08:42

The Fox and Hounds, Shenstone

This pub seems somewhat difficult to rate, it seems to have plenty of support in the reviews, however every time we go customers are grumbling about something to do with the pub or its staff. The beer that we had could have been better poured but was acceptable, but once again we heard about a disgruntled diners experience.

8 Jan 2011 10:19

The Duke of Wellington, Lichfield

Just another social club raped by Enterprise Inns. It surely is time for a victim support network against this irresponsible destruction.

8 Jan 2011 09:56

The Railway Inn, Shenstone

Every time I visit the Railway they serve consistently good beer and always have a cheery smile to greet you. Locals have rediscovered this pub now under the able guidance of enthusiastic Mark. Good banter is now the order of the day, as is the not overpriced food, bring it on.

13 Oct 2010 10:01

The Falcon Inn, Willenhall

If you want to know what a particular beer should taste and look like, this has to be the place. The staff and customers great to be with, the black country folk are truly superb. Realistic pricing and a real gents, not to be sniffed at.

3 Jul 2010 17:10

The Trooper Inn, Wall

I mostly agree with stymaster except on the beer front. Greene King IPA and two from Shenstone Brew co ( brewed by Highgate ) was very unremarkable and at � 3.25 a pint not worth going out of the way for. However it is good to see a pub open.

3 Jul 2010 16:05

The Railway Inn, Shenstone

It is nice to see this pub open again, this time with a licensee that knows how to keep a good pint and serves it well.( only Marstons and Banks but the Pedigree was well received ). I am noticing that it does serve sensible priced bar meals ( not yet tried, but when brought out, look good ) . Looking forward to the next visit already.

3 Jul 2010 15:46

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