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The Fox Inn, Lower Bourne

A great pub which is always friendly. One of the few proper pubs remaining in the Farnham area. Guest beers normally available. Food is very good - fish and chips recommended. Lovely landlady and good staff. Pub has regular live music and an excellent open mic normally last Monday in the month. Well worth a visit.

16 Oct 2014 15:45

The Royal Oak, Whatlington

Lovely friendly pub with great food, excellent service and friendly locals. Well with a visit. Nice to sit in front of the fire in winter.

3 Mar 2013 17:21

The George, Robertsbridge

Nice pub. Friendly staff. Good beer and food. Interior is a bit stark with too many dining tables lined up in rows.

3 Mar 2013 17:15

The Atlas, West Brompton

What a great boozer. A real pub selling great food and good beer in the heart of London. I had the Lamb Shank which was great and reasonably priced. Beers on included Pride, Otter and Black Sheep. Great to see people playing cards, chatting and bringing their dogs in the place.
Highly recommended - looking forward to getting back there soon.

11 Jan 2012 14:58

The Horns, Crondall

New landlord making a go of what is a fairly uninspiring building. Good food and ale. Love the Thursday music nights. Worth a visit.

28 Dec 2011 23:39

The Red Lion, Freshwater

Really great pub set in a pretty village. Good food and beer. Excellent garden but kids not encouraged (probably why it is so nice). Popular with walkers and cyclists. Well worth a visit.

28 Dec 2011 23:29

The Gate Inn, Chislet

Really pleased to say that this pub is still fantastic. New landlord has opened a new bar. Very tastefully done. All the character has Been retained. The beer and food are a real treat.enjoy this classic country pub.

28 Dec 2011 23:15

The White Horse, Parsons Green

Great choice of beer. Fast service. BBQ outside when the footie is on. Pretty good town pub.

28 Dec 2011 23:09

The Propeller Inn, Bembridge Airport

Much improved by the current landlord. Not a great building but they have made the best of the interior, particularly if you are a plane buff. Quiz night on Thursday's. Worth a visit.

28 Dec 2011 23:02

Culver Haven Inn, Sandown

Bit of a disappointment. Great location but lacks atmosphere and that warm pub feeling. Service unimpressive when I visited. Missed opportunity.

28 Dec 2011 22:59

The Old Village Inn, Bembridge

A pub for locals rather than visitors. Beer choice pretty poor with Greene King the order of the day. Ok if you want a quick pint and don't mind some pretty choice banter from the locals. A least it has avoided a foodie makeover.

28 Dec 2011 22:56

The Pilot Boat Inn, Bembridge

This used to be a great pub but is now disappointing. Has become a pretentious foodie hostelry devoid of atmosphere. Used to have live music, quiz nights and great value food. Now bland and unexceptional restaurant. No wonder the locals now avoid it. Suggest you do too.

28 Dec 2011 22:52

The Pointer Inn, Newchurch

Great country pub. Landlord has really got the place going. Good food but a little expensive. Good pint of Fullers pride. Great service. Nice place to visit after a walk along the old railway line . Enjoy your visit.

28 Dec 2011 22:46

The Bonchurch Inn, Bonchurch

Disagree with Hoggman. This is a real gem offering excellent food, great beer in a lovely traditional setting. Service is first rate. This is a very small pub so no surprises it is difficult to book in August.
We had the best Lasagne I have ever eaten. Courage Best was excellent but do agree with the comments that the beer range could be better.
Visit the pub, enjoy the atmosphere and surroundings, sit on the patio if the weather is nice. The best pub on the Island. A 10 in my book.

28 Dec 2011 22:37

The Royal Oak, Wood Street

If only there were more pubs like this. The landlord is passionate about his beer - ask him for his recommendation as there are seveal guest beers always available. The food is great - simple , wholesome and very tasty. The old English sausages are a must with great freshly cooked veg.
A nice garden in the summer - always busy with people who clearly value a great community pub.
Visit it and enjoy,

9 May 2011 12:11

The Flowerpots Inn, Cheriton

This is still one of my favourite pubs in Hampshire. Good honest food great beer and a lovely unspoilt interior. It is very individual, even a bit quirky. Wish it was my local even if I did have to wait until 6 for a pint.
To balance the big fat zero below, it gets a 10 from me.

18 Apr 2011 16:11

The Dysart Arms, Bunbury

Really liked the interior and exterior of this pub. The beer was excellent and the food very good. I would recommend it to anyone - enjoy your visit.

18 Apr 2011 15:52

The Fox, Ellisfield

Disagree with the previous post. If he wants perfect country fare, suggest he goes to the Purefroy Arms at Preston candover or the Fur and Feathers at Herriard where he can enjoy over priced fare in a soleless atmosphere that could be anywhere.
This is a great country pub with a warm atmosphere. Shame there are not more around like it.
My Doonbar was good and the food wholesome and good value. Great service as well. Highly recommended.

22 Mar 2011 14:44

The Crown, Axford

Very sadly the Crown is up for sale and not currently open.
What a great shame as it was one of the best pubs in the area

22 Mar 2011 14:37

The Cedars, Binsted

Good traditional pub. Excellent sunday roast which is very good value compared to the many gastro pubs in the area. Enjoyed a good guest beer (XK120). Great place for a drink after a long walk. Worth a visit

22 Mar 2011 14:29

The Leather Bottle, Hook

A major disappointment. This is everything a country pub shouldnt be. A lovely building which has been totally ruined - whoever did the interior decoration has about as much taste as a weak warm lager. Food is overpriced, service was poor when we were there and atmosphere was dire - the moon has more. If your idea of a nice country pub is teenagers in uniforms selling indifferent food and and drink in 17th century building that has been made into a bland characterless functional diner, then this is for you. I recommend you avoid it.

23 Feb 2011 16:31

The Bell, Odiham

A true locals pub in the Bury opposite the church. Unspoilt (apart from the TV in the public bar). Good ale and a lovely open fire in winter. Nice to sit on the benches outside and watch the world go by. Accoustic music singaround in the function room the first friday of the month. Enjoy it.

23 Feb 2011 16:12

The Fur and Feathers, Herriard

Really great pub. Friendly with good value food and a great pint. You will not be disappointed.

23 Feb 2011 16:04

Five Bells, Buriton

An excellent village pub in a lovely village. Stayed at the pub last weekend. The guest room was clean and comfortable - no breakfast so you have to bring your own eggs and cook them. Public bar has a great atmosphere with lively chat and lots of dogs (all on leads). The TV is a bit out of character but thankfully it is not on very often. Food is good and service fine. Wll definately return again - highly recommended.

23 Feb 2011 16:00

The Halfway House, Brenchley

Stayed the night at this lovely isolated country pub. Nice clean and simple accomodation, very friendly staff, great wholesome food and very well kept beer. A publican that really knows how to run a pub. Busy with lots of locals and a great atmosphere. Would not fault it (other than shame the eggs were not free range).
Go there and enjoy a great evening.
I gave it a 9.

19 Sep 2010 16:26

The Waverley Arms, Farnham

Much improved pub with good beer and a warm welcome. Food pretty good, interior a bit stark but good for a chat and a game of pool.

8 Sep 2010 14:26

The Hop Blossom, Farnham

Classic town pub. Good beer , unspoilt interior and friendly staff. If only more pubs were like this and not full of wide screen TVs, fruitmachines and young bar staff all wearing the same black shirts.

8 Sep 2010 14:20

The Highdown Inn, Totland

Great food, great beer, great location. Good traditional friendly pub well worth a visit.

8 Sep 2010 14:11

The Three Horseshoes, Bighton

What a gem. great ale and a very traditional decor that is all too rare these days. Very good pint, nice garden and traditional atmosphere.
It should have a preservation order slapped on it to stop it being changed or worse still closed like so many others. Vist it and tou will not be disappointed,
Peter, Odiham

4 Aug 2010 17:38

The Fox and Goose, Greywell

Good friendly local which has stayed refresingly inchanged over the years. Do not mind pets and muddy boots. Food is wholesome without being exceptional. Ale always good. Lovely spot - well worth a visit especially after a walk.

2 Nov 2009 17:54

The Star Inn, Bentworth

Great unpretentious pub. Good bar - sunday night jamming session which normally attracts 20+ very talented R&B musiciansis a fantastic nights entertainment. Very friendly and well worth a visit

2 Nov 2009 17:48

The Gate Inn, Chislet

Fantastic pub - what a country pub should be. Great beer, fantastic local food - a cheesy Gateburger is my idea of heaven - loads of character and a simple interior that has avoided bland brewery makeovers . Make a point of visiting - you will not be disappointed

2 Nov 2009 17:40

Ye Old Yew Tree Inn, Westbere

Many years ago, this one of the classic pubs of Kent. A one room local with a large table in the centre of the pub and beer fdrawn straight from the barrel. Now it is yet annother bland foodie pub with little character and no identity. Disappointing.

2 Nov 2009 17:36

The Red Lion, Stodmarsh

A real gem. Fantastic pub with quirky interesting interior, great beer and fab local food. Robert the landlord is a real character and a breath of fresh air. Visit it and enjoy.

2 Nov 2009 17:14

The Compasses Inn, Crundale

First visit for over 20 years. Major disappointment. Beautiful building but bland uninspiring interior with no character and naff piped music. When will breweries learn that ripping the historic interiors out of old traditional pubs is not what people want. There was one other person there when we went - the Red Lion in Stodmarsh had 74 bookings for lunch that same day. My suggestion - go there and shed a tear for yet annother once lovely country pub that is now looks like a Harvester.

2 Nov 2009 17:09

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