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The Cerdic, Chard

Visited Thursday 17th Sept 2015..............we love Wetherspoon pubs, especially walking to the bar and seeing what real ales are on offer, usually something different than the norm, however the beers on offer here were VERY disappointing !!
There were NO guest beers and the only ales on offer were the rather boring Doombar, Abbot and Ruddles Best.
We'll certainly not be coming back here in a hurry.

20 Sep 2015 10:09

The Old Inn, Kilmington

Visited Monday Sept 14th 2015 and was surprised how busy it was but its a great looking and friendly pub so there's the answer.
We didn't eat but the food looked good, the beer range was decent with Branscombe Vale Branoc, Branscombe Vale Summa That, and Otter Bitter, only tried the first two but they were very nice.
This pub is well worth a visit.

20 Sep 2015 10:03

The Tuckers Arms, Axminster

Shame this site seems to be dying......however, visited this pub on Sept 15th 2015 after reading the reviews on 'what pub'.
Beer range was a little disappointing with only 2 on, Branscombe Vale Branoc (very nice to) and Otter Bitter, but its a really nice pub and I must recommend the food which was really excellent, some of the best pub food we've ever had which is saying something.

20 Sep 2015 09:54

Swan Inn, Weymouth

Usual kind of Wetherspoons pub which is no bad thing really, good choice of guest ales and the food was hot and a good standard.
Bit surprised how expensive the beer here is compared to other 'spoon' pubs, ale is £2.59, still cheaper than pubs but certainly catching up.........

27 Sep 2013 16:59

The Red Lion, Weymouth

We didn't go here on the first night of our three night stay in Weymouth because of the poor reviews here............BIG mistake.
Visited on Tuesday 24th Sept and just loved the place, a proper pub with a great range of 5 different beers, even selling one Hopback one, Redsell's EKG for £2-50.
The food was also lovely and the bar-staff VERY friendly, just goes to show that you should really take the comments on this site with a pinch of salt and try the pubs for yourself (trust me though, this is a good pub).

27 Sep 2013 16:55

The Nothe Tavern, Weymouth

Visited on Monday 23rd Sept after reading the rather old but decent reviews and although it was 9pm we were the only people in the whole pub. Shame as it looked a nice place and had a friendly but rather bored barmaid, however the beers were very limited, only three Ringwood ales with the Boon Doggle costing £3-60 !!
More choice please.............

27 Sep 2013 16:46

Humble Plum, Bitterne

UPDATE : Although the prices seemed high we still use this pub quite often but when we went there last night I was REALLY shocked by how much the drinks have gone up almost overnight.
Being a Wadworth owned pub it has a great range of their own beers and also guest beers but the price increase baffles me, most beers have gone up by about 30p a pint in one fell swoop and the most expensive pint is now £3-75.
They use to do 3 third of a pint 'tasters' for £3-00 and that's gone up to £3-45 and this is before anyone can blame the upcoming budget !!
We wondered why it seemed fairly quiet when we turned up but paying for the drinks I can guess why, we'll not be returning..........

3 Mar 2013 10:06

The Brandy Cask, Pershore

From the front this gem doesn't look anything special and upon entering its like steping back in time to a really old fashioned bar but when you see the beer range, remembering that 3 of the 5 on tap are actually brewed here you know you're in for a treat.
I had 2 of the range, Brandy Snapper and Whistling Joe, both spot on and about 2-80 a pint, and the locals were a friendly bunch, however the real bonus about this pub was not the inside but the rear garden, its huge and leads down to the river where boats can moor and you can sit and watch the (water) world go by, just about the perfect place to enjoy a pint in the sun, go there and enjoy ;)

24 Sep 2012 12:57

The Anchor Inn, Wyre Piddle

Visited on Wed 19th Sept 2012..........nice pub, very attentive and jolly bar staff, and although the beer range could have been better, 3 nationals and one local (Wye Valley, very nice too), the food was excellent, all in all well worth the visit and recommended.

24 Sep 2012 12:46

Humble Plum, Bitterne

I like this pub, always have, and its always had a great range of beers, Wadworth straight from the cask and always a good range of guest ales.
However, what is really putting me off and I fear will be the death of this pub is the prices its starting to charge.
I went there last week and the price for 6x was now 3-25 and their guests ranged from 3-30 upwards with Ringwood 49er, hardly an unusual pint and a local one at that costing 3-50 and Green King Abbot Ale a whopping 3-60 !!!
These prices are London prices surely, not a back street pub in Bitterne :(
With these prices they have lost a fairly regular customer and I fear I won't be the last........

22 Apr 2012 16:42

The Pump House, Brighton

Visited Sat 23rd Oct : Pleasantly surprised by this busy 'Lanes' pub offering a good range of well kept beers in a good atmosphere. There are so many pubs to choose from and this was the only one we ventured into but we feel we made a good choice by coming here.......

26 Oct 2010 10:03

The Kings Arms, Arundel

Visited Sun 24th Oct : Yep, this is the sort of pub I like, nibbles on the bar, friendly locals, cheerful barman, good selection of beer, nice little sunny garden, easily worth 8/10, give it a go, you'll not be disappointed.........

26 Oct 2010 09:46

The Selden Arms, Worthing

Visited on Sat 23rd Oct : Decent and friendly pub with a good beer range, however, as commented on earlier, there is certainly a strange smell here, very odd and very strong, a cross between manure and wet dog, not pleasent and meant we only stayed for one pint as the smell was really offputting..........

26 Oct 2010 09:37

The Five Bells Inn, Whitchurch Canonicorum

Mmmmmm, maybe its me but visited this pub last Tuesday evening and although we received a warm welcome the beer range was quite poor (two) and those weren't the best quality either...............
Also, unless you're a real dog lover it might be best to stear clear as there are dogs running and lying everywhere, and I mean everywhere, ok if you love the things but rather annoying if you want a drink and chat with the other half.........
Afraid we wouldn't return again.

20 Sep 2010 14:02

The Bay Horse Inn, Totnes

Certainly worth an 8, went last Friday evening and it was as good as I hoped.
This is a 'proper' pub that just sells a good range of quality beer in great condition.
Nice inside and has the added attraction of a large garden as well.
4 hand pumps and also a barrel of Otter, just what Real Ale lovers want so long may it continue and flourish, we'll certainly return ASAP.

20 Sep 2010 10:34

The George, Charmouth

Visited last week and was pleased to see it was a Freehouse so was very disappointed to find that this freehouse only had ONE hand pump on !!
Was offered John Smith smooth though...............YUK.
Had a bite to eat, lovely Steak and Kidney pie but only average chips and the only 'decent' beer, Otter, was okay but served far too cold.
Not really impressed.

20 Sep 2010 10:27

The Royal Oak, Charmouth

Decent enough pub with friendly bar staff.
The food was OK but nothing above the ordinary really.
Beers were well kept and tasty. One warning though, a pint of the Palmers 200 will set you back 3-50, absolute disgrace really although I know its not the pubs fault, come on Palmers, how can you justify such a high price, not even had to transport it very far !!!!

20 Sep 2010 10:20

The Victoria and Albert, Netherhampton

Been to this pub many times on the way to the racecourse, always a good range of beer, went on Tuesday 10th June and had a big shock.........2 pints of beer cost 6-40p, normal strength beer from fff brewery at Alton so not even many 'beer miles' to explain the cost, will look elsewhere next time !!

13 Jun 2008 12:02

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