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The Birds Nest, Deptford

How I love this pub. Food great, even when busy during the local festival Nestival, staff amazing, music too. JUST GO TO THIS PUB
(though can you fix the locks in one of the ladies loos please)

2 Sep 2016 00:27

The Pride of Spitalfields, Shoreditch

This is one of my favourite pubs in the whole world. I don't go in as much as I'd like as my boyfriend isn't much of a drinker, but still try and drag my friends there.
Toilets are always cold though!

3 Feb 2014 11:51

The Betsey Trotwood, Clerkenwell

I had a party here about a month ago - the bar and staff were fantastic. They can sort food out for you but I didn't go with that as I didn't know how many people would turn up. Some friends bought food and loved it.
They can supply record decks, cd player or you can just plug in your ipod. They couldn't do enough to be honest. The party ended up really busy (as far as I remember....) and staff were unflappable. Only gripe upstairs lady's loo wasn't working so I had to stumble down 2 flights down the stairs in high heels!
Even with this it's a definite 10 out of 10

9 Mar 2012 12:45

The Colonies, Westminster

Went to The Colonies tonight for the second time (first trip was fine)

When I went to the bar the barman wandered off and took a few minutes to come back.

Then they decided to close at 9.50. brilliant.

He did ask how we felt about that, i said well it doesn't really matter we don't have a choice do we. He said well no not really.

won't be going back.......

22 Nov 2010 22:54

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