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Comments by pocketshepherd

The Brunswick, Hove

As far as the pub goes, there's nothing outstanding about the place, bar the large beer garden in the summer, with its large olive tree. The smell coming from the toilets has tended to overpower a bit too much.

Its prime justification for existing must however be the music venue attached, which puts on a wide range of acts, but I'd rarely go in for just a drink.

2 Jan 2010 05:12

The Prince Albert, Brighton

always lively and busy in there, with a smart alternative crowd on the whole, benefits from a good central location on the way down to north laine from the station.
Always has a good couple of ales on offer, and the separate rooms and corners of the pub lend a lot to the general ambiance.

2 Jan 2010 05:08

The White Rabbit, Brighton

not an outstanding pub, often a bit quiet and lacking atmosphere on certain evenings. There are better pubs out there, but not a pub I wouldn't consider going to now and then.

2 Jan 2010 05:02

The Dorset Street Bar, Brighton

the place has a fairly continental feel, the best way to describe it would be that it's a cafe/restaurant/pub/bar rolled into one, like many places on the continent often are. It's one of these places that functions primarily as a restaurant/cafe in the daytime but becomes primarily a drinking spot for a fairly bohemian crowd in the evening.

The atmosphere is great, helped by its central position in north laine, but drinking there is fairly expensive as there is no beer on tap apart from kronenbourg so the bulk of the beer/cider selection is large premium bottles. However if price isn't an issue the selection is great, the Bavarian wheat beer being particularly good.

2 Jan 2010 04:59

The Greys, Brighton

This is one of my favourite pubs in Brighton, and my favourite in Hanover. It has a really good atmosphere, and the big draw has to be the brilliant selection of (mostly) obscure belgian beers. The staff (especially the manager/landlord) have a good knowledge of what they are serving too which really helps. Only once I was bit miffed as I wasn't served kwak in the correct 'serving apparatus' (google kwak if confused!)

The one disadvantage of the pubs excellence and deserved popularity is that often the pub is crowded to the point that it's not worth considering entering, the key is probably to get in there early!

2 Jan 2010 04:46

Sir Charles Napier, Brighton

the first thing that struck me about this pub is how authentically traditional it is, and how close it appeared to fit the definition of the word pub.

The Sir Charles is a tiny locals pub with most of the seating is the stools around the bar, but having visited a few times since recently moving to the area those factors that might be a problem in a less reputable pub are not a problem here at all.

The clientele is for the most part older than in neighbouring pubs, but altogether quite mixed so not cliquey despite definitely being a locals pub. Most people clearly comes here to enjoy the very decent fullers and gales (acquired by fullers) beers.

Very good if you fancy a quiet drink in cosy surroundings

2 Jan 2010 04:33

The Constant Service, Brighton

the beer is excellent, as would be expected from a Harveys tied house, I've always found the service to be excellent, and staff to be genuinely friendly, and the eclectic vinyl selection is a great addition to this Hanover pub. The beer garden is great, especially on summer afternoons.

However some nights at the constant service are more enjoyable than others, there can be loud crowds (probably regulars) so not the pub of choice for a quiet drink.

2 Jan 2010 04:04

The Hanover, Brighton

All in all a decent pub with a selection of drinks that can't be faulted, (especially good are the 3+ rotating guest ales, often courtesy of the ever more popular dark star brewery, and the choice of single malts).

service is for the most part excellent, however the pub loses a few marks for a slight lack of atmospere

2 Jan 2010 03:50

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