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Bread and Roses, Plymouth

Formely the Trafalgar, this premises has had new life breathed into it and it's a super addition to the Plymouth pub scene and - further - Ebrington Road, which otherwise now seems to have been taken over by the supermarkets.

Offers a great variety of choice, particularly in the way of cask ales and craft beers by keg and bottle. I've only been in a couple of times, but on both occasions there was a good selection to choose from, with at least two of the ales coming from local breweries.

25 Jan 2015 11:33

Hyde Park, Plymouth

Recently reopened and looks great from the outside. It’s a vast improvement inside, too, although the amount of signs and trinkets on the wall and along the bar borders on the tacky. They apparently do a house beer that’s brewed on site, although it was bizarrely off on our visit so we had to make do with Dartmoor Brewery beers, which was no hardship. Better but there's still room for further improvement.

5 Jan 2015 18:37

The Plymouth Inn, Okehampton

As others have suggested, this is the best pub in Okehampton (not that it takes much).

The ale is well kept and is staggeringly cheap at £2.20 a pint upwards; on my previous couple of visits they've had some excellent Black Tor Brewery beers to the extent that I didn't drink anywhere else in the area over the Christmas holidays.

The Wetherspoons, which is set to open shop on the site of the White Hart soon, will surely impact business at the remaining pubs in the town - my money is on the Plymouth to be one of those (let's hope it's plural) to remain open for many years to come.

5 Jan 2015 18:33

The Belle Vue, Clapham

I remember going in here years ago and coming out vowing never to return but having found myself stuck on Hell On Earth - or, known to some as Clapham High Street - recently I gave it another go and was pleasantly surprised - the place has been spruced up and the beer is decent. But it's still where it is, unfortunately.

12 Aug 2014 18:21

Earl of Beaconsfield, Cambridge

The final leg on a whistle-stop crawl ahead of seeing Plymouth play at the Abbey Stadium.

This was my least favourite pub but, that said, five casks were on besides a couple of half-decent bottled choices and the pub garden, with library / billiards room at its foot, was pleasant.

And a couple of cute pub dogs by the names of Smoky Bacon and Scampi Fry were trotting about, keeping everyone entertained.

Thinking about it, this wasn’t such a bad pub at all!

12 Aug 2014 18:17

The Kingston Arms, Cambridge

The second stop on a mini crawl on the way to see Plymouth play at the Abbey Stadium. The range of beer was greater than the Devonshire (indeed, there was a small beer festival on out back with about half a dozen ales on gravity) but the Kingston didn’t have as pleasant a feel to it.

Its food looked very nice, though, and it was another pub that left me thinking that those who claim Cambridge punches under its weight in pub terms haven’t been looking in the right places.

12 Aug 2014 12:27

The Devonshire Arms, Cambridge

Cracking pub which we started the day at on a trip to see Plymouth play at the Abbey Stadium. The cask ales are all from Milton Brewery and the couple that we tried were very well kept. That said, there were a few lager drinkers with us who weren’t so happy with the selection on offer, which starts and ends with some rather esoteric bottled beers.

One thing to note: the pub is vast. It was very busy on our visit so the atmosphere was great but it might be a little soulless on a quieter day.

11 Aug 2014 12:31

The Duke of Wellington, Brighton

Exceedingly average locals' pub. I get dragged along here from time-to-time when in the company of a mate whose Brighton-supporting group convene here before home games and it always disappoints. Harveys Best and a guest are usually on, but neither ever seems to be in great shape.

27 Jul 2014 19:32

The Eagle, Brighton

A rather sterile alternative to the Basketmakers, which is stationed directly opposite. Punters spill out of both on to the road during the summer months – to the chagrin of one local resident, who’s put up a robustly worded notice to steer well clear of his property – so there’s a boho vibe around these parts but there are far superior options to the Eagle, which is just a bit run-of-the-mill.

27 Jul 2014 19:28

The Basketmakers Arms, Brighton

One of the classic city centre boozers in Brighton, but now perhaps falling slightly behind the pace given the entrance of some excellent new alternatives in recent times. Fullers-tied, so the beer is quite unimaginative and I imagine that people come here more for the history of the place and its buzz rather than the quality of tipple on offer.

27 Jul 2014 19:23

The Great Eastern, Brighton

An earthier alternative to the nearby Prince George, Hobgoblin and North Laine, amongst others, with its laid back service and grungy clientele. Beer-wise, the ales seem to constantly change and the fridge offers a number of interesting options, not least in American IPAs.

All in all, a terrific city centre pub which ought to be on every travelling drinker’s itinerary in Brighton.

27 Jul 2014 19:20

The Pub With No Name, Brighton

Now the Southover and part of the Indigo Pub Company chain, which owns a number of boozers across Brighton.

Prices are marginally cheaper than in some of the other venues – not least the Hare and Hounds – and over the past month or so I’ve started to adopt this as my local in Hanover.

Why? The beer selection is excellent, with 5/6 cask ales vying for attention alongside a couple of Meantime barrelled beers, and a well-stocked fridge offering the likes of the Harbour Brewing Company’s IPA on bottle. The service is also pretty good, and the bar isn't dominated by the kind of crazy-eyed od bods that prop up some of its nearby competitors.

27 Jul 2014 19:03

Brewhouse and Kitchen, Dorchester

Now reopened as the Brewhouse, which is part of a small start out group (the other one's down in Portsmouth). It must have some wedge behind it, though, as the place has been seriously kitted out and plenty of thought has gone into designing the kind of venue that will attract people on their way to watch a film as well as late night revellers and hardened drinkers. The Brewhouse understandably leans towards catering for the former, but the choice of ales and craft lagers is interesting and extensive and I'd be in here frequently if I lived in the area.

23 Jun 2014 10:01

Tom Browns, Dorchester

Much better than the other pubs that I visited on a recent trip to Dorch. The locals seemed to be in agreement as Tom Browns was packed out for a cover band and skittles, with plenty of people necking down the excellent regional ales (I had a pint of the eponymous Tom Browns, which was liquid perfection).

23 Jun 2014 09:52

The Borough Arms, Dorchester

Decent, in a slightly rundown kind of way. Housed in a vast and beautiful building which stretches out far with some kind of former barn contraption out back. The (Marston's) beer was pretty clean.

23 Jun 2014 09:46

Sydney Arms, Dorchester

Has undergone a makeover in the last year or so by the look of it and now prides itself on serving up pies and puddings. Offers two Ringwood beers and I enjoyed my pint of Boon Doggle. But overall something just isn't quite right here - it's trying to be a bit gastro and upmarket on the one hand yet is full of ladz swilling cheap lager and, when we visited, was plastered with St George's crosses so retains a (slightly menancing) local feel. So not really worth venturing out of the main town for this, unless you're a spod.

23 Jun 2014 09:39

The Setting Sun, Brighton

I suspect that sales rocket in the summer as people come here for the sunny, viewtastic outside space rather than the beer - which is pretty average in truth - but there's usually one or two ales on with Arundel's Sussex Gold a staple.

8 Jun 2014 11:23

The Hare & Hounds, Brighton

Now back open as the Hare and Hounds after a complete – and presumably very expensive – refurbishment. It’s awfully hip and perhaps represents a good example of what the powers that be would like London Road to look like in a few years’ time.

The range is plentiful with various guest ales and craft lagers on tap (which includes a tank of Meantime lager on site), and La Choza offers a small Mexican street food menu, but the prices are exorbitant (I paid £8.80 for an ale and a standard bottle of Sierra Nevada) and the place is absolutely plastered with CCTV cameras, both inside and outside. That, combined with my girlfriend’s bag being searched by doormen early on a Saturday night and 'security' roaming the place, was just a bit too instrusive and meant that we couldn't get out of there quickly enough.

Maybe a fun place to go in a group, but remember to bring plenty of notes with you!

5 Jun 2014 11:17

The Allied Arms, Reading

Beautiful two-roomed town centre drinking hole, but that's where the positives end. The prices are steep to say the least, you can hardly ever get a seat and the beer defines average. A shame as it could be a really good pub in the right hands.

25 May 2014 16:45

The Lyndhurst, Reading

I've never really liked the Lyndhurst. It has its selling points, not least the excellent pub quiz on Sunday nights, but the beer choice tends to be pretty uninspired and the food has gone downhill over the years.

25 May 2014 16:42

The Retreat, Reading

Still one of my top 5 pubs in Reading, but needs a permanent landlord desperately.

25 May 2014 16:39

The Alehouse, Reading

Cracking town centre throwback. It's the size of a postage stamp so it gets busy, particularly on Reading FC and London Irish match days, but the service is pretty good, as is the beer, three of which come from West Berkshire Brewery, with the other handpumps reserved for guests.

25 May 2014 16:37

Nags Head, Reading

Best pub in Reading by some distance with 13 or so constantly revolving handpumps and a load of real ciders out back. Sunlight streams through the windows in the summer months, and it's one of those places that's always difficult to drag yourself away from. But however many you have here, you shouldn't feel so bad the next morning as the quality of the beer is outstanding.

25 May 2014 16:21

The Hop Leaf, Reading

The Hop has been my local, on and off, for the past decade during a couple of periods living in Reading. During that time, I don't think it's ever made the good pub guide. Who knows why, as the quality of the (mostly Hop Back) beer is ALWAYS terrific, particularly the Summer Lightining which is more or less the house beer.

Maybe someone who has a grudge? Perhaps, as the Hop is frequented by a cast of characters who some mightn't take a liking to. But both my girlfriend and I love this place and the locals and it's one of the few things about Reading that I'll miss.

25 May 2014 16:14

The Port Mahon, Oxford

BoehmBawerk has it spot on. Ale is generally good - on Saturday they were serving a couple of good choices including a well-kept Dark Star American IPA - but there's just something that's slightly uncomfortable about that lower bar area and you'll be lucky to get a seat in the nicer part as it's pretty small. Greene King's presence is another reason to think twice about a visit.

28 Apr 2014 13:06

Whitelocks, Leeds

A bit of a one-off hidden away along an alley besides the new Trinity Shopping Centre in town.

Apparently the oldest pub in Leeds, this reminded a bit of Ye Olde Mitre in Holborn with its narrow stairwell and unique character.

Similarly, the ale was cracking - I had a couple Kirkstall Pale Ales and a Blonde from Acorn Brewery - and each pint was as clean as a whistle.

Also had a bit of food, too, which was decent - loved the stained glass shutter window that separated the bar and the kitchen!

28 Apr 2014 13:02

Half Moon Inn, Sheepwash

One of the better pubs that I've been to in the area - recently spent an hour or so outside over lunch, enjoying an excellent pint of Otter bitter and two dishes from their very reasonable two courses for £10 menu. Different parties of cyclists and daytrippers passed through during lunch and there were a few locals perched at the bar so it's obviously well-trodden territory.

20 Apr 2014 16:35

The Shaston Arms, Soho

Dingy Hall & Woodhouse pub just off Carnaby Street serving below-par Badger ales to unsuspecting tourists. Never again.

16 Apr 2014 13:24

Tapped, Leeds

Brash and modern (but in a good way) ale and craft beer house - run by the same people that have brought us the Euston, York, Harrogate and Sheffield Taps - which has added another string to Leeds' wonderful range of city centre pubs. Definitely worth a look.

16 Apr 2014 13:20

The Honey Pot, Oxford

Has gone downhill over the last couple of years and seems to have been passed from owner to owner to the point that it's lost its character and is now just a room serving standard drinks near a train station.

The beers on last night were Old Hooky and Doom Bar. I went for the former, which was just fine but nothing special at all and we left after one.

4 Apr 2014 13:36

The Brewery Tap, Leeds

Very nice indeed and handily located for Leeds station. I was supposed to be detoxing on my visit to Leeds but couldn't resist a Yorkshire Gold in here. And then another etc...

4 Apr 2014 13:31

York Tap, York

Paid the Tap a quick visit for a work meeting in York last week.

My one pint wasn't great - it tasted like it'd be watered down - but I probably just got unlucky because the people running this place, along with the Leeds and Euston sites which I've also been to, know what they're doing.

I'll be back to reacquaint myself in the not too distant future.

4 Apr 2014 13:19

Firefly, Clapham Common

Now called the Rookery.

Has one hand pump but otherwise it's craft beers at £5 a pop.

On weekends it seems that you'll be lucky to get a seat unless you've booked for food.

All that aside, I actually quite enjoyed spending a few hours here a couple of Saturdays ago.

4 Apr 2014 13:14

The Crown Inn, Penzance

A smashing pub, which serves its own house-brewed beer (Cornish Crown Ales) and offers a tasty-looking menu.

I've always tended to associate Penzance with classic old boozers where you'd be lucky to find anything other than Tribute, etc but this place knocks that idea on its head.


12 Mar 2014 13:27

The Godolphin Arms, Marazion

Currently undergoing what looks like a major refurbishment.

I didn't like the old Godolphin - too many things were going on - but I suspect that the new version will be worth a look.

12 Mar 2014 13:24

Kings Arms, Marazion

I've returned a few times over the years and although still out in front as the best pub in Marazion, I wonder whether the King's might need to up its game when the Goldophin repopens in the summer.

The same old beers - Tribute and HSD - are on and the pub has definitely become an eating one rather than a drinking one.

That's all perfectly valid but I suspect that they may need to do something a little different in order to rival the refurbished Goldophin.

12 Mar 2014 13:22

Fire Engine Inn, Marazion

Returned for the first time since making my previous comment in 2009 and this place hasn't changed one iota - the views are still sumptuous but the same beers are on and probably have been for the last 5 years. I had a couple of Tributes and they were ok.

So, a little dull, perhaps, but worth a shot if you're in the area and are looking to do a bit of a crawl.

12 Mar 2014 13:19

The Malthouse, Reading

Newly refurbished and opened as the Greyfrairs. The choice is very good indeed with five, largely local, cask ales on offer as well as a number of craft lagers and a couple of decent ciders.

The landlord has perhaps skimped a little on the finish - it feels a little bare and slightly lacking in character - but that may just be me being snooty: I've been twice since it opened last month and it's been very busy on both occasions.

All in all a good alternative to the Oakford, the Nag's, Allied Arms, the Alehouse etc in that it's focusing on the beer and is perhaps more welcoming to a wider group than ale enthusiasts only. I hope it's a success.

3 Mar 2014 13:25

The Just Reproach, Deal

Enjoyed our visit on a cold December's night last year, but it was a bit quiet - the micro pub concept is an interesting one but it doesn't make for the most lively of experiences if the place is half empty, as it was when we were at The Just Reproach.

I'd imagine it really comes into its own in the summer, being so close to the sea.

23 Feb 2014 15:36

The Victory Inn, Brighton

Dark; bit grim; has the feel of a big brewery-run pub.

But you can't deny that it reeks of history - lots of characters have passed through these doors and its location means that there'll always be something going on here.

Beer was just fine and there was a decent selection to choose from.

23 Feb 2014 15:29

The Walmer Castle, Kemptown

Nice place serving Goldmark beers from up the road in Arundel. My two pints of Liquid Gold were immaculate and went down very well.

Done over in a slightly sterile way, perhaps, but certainly worth factoring in to your plans if you're on a Hanover crawl.

23 Feb 2014 15:26

The Constant Service, Brighton

Lovely pub.

Choice is a little limited, perhaps - only Harveys beers were on when we visited - but the place has a nice feel to it and it seemed to be a bit of a community hub.

It was a bit dark, though - perhaps more of a winter than a summer pub?

23 Feb 2014 15:21

The Gladstone, Brighton

I've always avoided the Gladstone; its garish facade giving it the look of a dingy Scream pub.

But, having spent the first half of Man City Vs Chelsea in the Bear last weekend we thought we'd give the Gladstone a go for the second.

We're glad we did - although clearly a student haunt, the place has a nice feel and money has clearly been invested in developing the place.

The quality and choice of beer was far superior than the Bear and the food looked decent.

An oasis in the desert.

23 Feb 2014 15:18

The Bear Inn, Brighton

Of its area (i.e. a bit rough from time to time; studenty). Three unimaginative cask beers - Harveys Best, Doom Bar and Hobgoblin - seem to be permanent fixtures.

The Gladstone down the road is a better option.

23 Feb 2014 15:12

The Ship, Deal

CJG's review is spot on. I was really surprised by how much I enjoyed it here; indeed, of the Berry, The Just Reproach and The Ship I thought this was the best all-rounder for quality of beer (even if the range on offer was a little less imaginative), cosiness, atmosphere and friendliness on my recent trip to the area.

Strolling away after a couple here a few days before Christmas, buffeted from the high winds coming over the town by the achingly gorgeous properties that line Middle Street, was a highlight of 2013 for me.

28 Dec 2013 14:07

Berry, Walmer

Really enjoyed a pre-dinner pint in the Berry just before Christmas. It was my first time drinking in Walmer / Deal, but I'd heard about how this place was helping to launch a new local brewery, Time & Tide, so gave it - and the said brewery's Spratwaffler - a go. All very nice, with a pretty impressive range of beers and ciders for such a small pub, and the Spratwaffler was splendid. Will be returning.

28 Dec 2013 13:58

The Kelham Island Tavern, Sheffield

Perhaps less lively than the Fat Cat around the corner, but the ale seclection was top notch. I don't think I've seen so much choice in such a small pub. A visit ought to be compulsory if you're in the area.

2 Dec 2013 22:15

The Fat Cat, Sheffield

A little bit special. I was lucky enough to visit on Bonfire Night when there was a full on party going on outside, with a band playing and barely an empty stool in the house. Everyone was having fun and it was a pleasure to share their company for an hour or so. A real community asset.

2 Dec 2013 22:14

The Three Judges, Partick Cross

Pretty decent despite a rather bland interior. Lots of choice, with plenty of beers hailing from the north of the border, as they should.

2 Dec 2013 22:10

The Old School House, Aberdeen

Nice balconies but exceedingly average. I suppose it didn't help that I was on a Stag, bloated from a meal, and had to opt for rum and cokes and apple sourz.

2 Dec 2013 22:08

The Illicit Still, Aberdeen

Good fun being downstairs and everything, but there was no ale on by the time I got to the bar so I had to make do with John Smith's. Which, in this day and age, no one should have to do against their will, really.

2 Dec 2013 22:07

The Prince of Wales, Aberdeen

Long and Yate's-esque; I didn't like it here. Quality of ale perfectly acceptable but I wouldn't go out of my way to return.

2 Dec 2013 22:05

Marquis Wellington, Leicester

Very nice and all that but a bit....boring and feels as though it's been planned out within an inch of its life by suits.

A good Everards range is on offer and my three beers was top notch, and it was pleasing to see other breweries' beers on, such as White Horses's Village Idiot.

But I couldn't help feeling that this place lacked a bit of soul.

2 Dec 2013 22:02

Swan and Rushes, Leicester

Granted it was a Monday night but it was a bit dead on my visit. Nice selection of Oakham beers and other local / not so-local ones. Friendly bar service; cheap food; pool table. A tad tired but worth a visit.

2 Dec 2013 21:58

The Grill, Aberdeen

Atmospheric town centre pub that I'd have probably avoided due to the unprepossessing frontage if it wasn't for the reviews on this site. I'm glad that I did my homework though as this is a great high street pub, serving excellent ale (my Bitter n Twisted was pitch perfect). Legend has it that in the past there was no women's toilet and the male of the species still dominate the numbers here, which is perhaps something to bear in mind if you've got a less enthusiastic beer drinking other half in tow.

2 Nov 2013 09:51

The Bird In Hand, Henley-On-Thames

Everyone should have a local like this. It’s fairly central; busy, yet spacious; has a great range of cask beers (with White Hart’s Blowing Stone going down particularly well on my visit); has a pub dog; and shows the football. Very much a pleasant surprise.

25 Oct 2013 13:55

The Bottleneck Inn, Sourton Down

Now the Prewley Moor Arms and under new management as of the last few months.

The signs are promising - Betty Stoggs has been brought in on gravity and the layout's been changed for the better, with a nice snug created by the woodburner to the left of the entrance.

But the space remains awkwardly oversized compared to the amount of drinkers / diners and given its location, up a side street and off the A386 / A30 junction, one suspects that business will continue to be slow outside of the summer season when the campsite next door fills up.

8 Oct 2013 14:04

The Taw River Inn, Sticklepath

Pubs in this region tend to attract few comments on this site, but not so as regards the Taw River which - as others drinkers have already pointed out - is a bit of a gem.

I don't know how they do it, but the pricing - of both food and drinks - is exceptionally reasonable, so much so that the place tends to be packed out, even on the soggiest of days. But they don't just come because it's cheap; the owners know and care about what they're serving and the food is consistently good.

If there's any negative, it's the lack of decent outside space but that's a minor grump. Sticklepath is darn lucky to be blessed with such a great boozer (not to mention the Devonshire Arms across the road, which is also worth a look).

8 Oct 2013 13:51

White Hart Inn, Bridestowe

A nice enough pub, situated in the middle of lovely Bridestowe, but in truth the White Hart was looking a little forlorn on my last visit. With the tv blaring, next to no one about to bounce conversation off, and a bored-looking, though polite enough, youngster behind the bar, it all felt just a little underwhelming.

Nice to see a guest beer (an Orchard Ale from Otter) on offer alongside the usual suspects, though, and the cider selection looked better than average, with three draught tipples available from Crediton's Sandford Orchards.

8 Oct 2013 13:06

Fountain Hotel, Okehampton

Has changed hands at least twice in the past couple of years, but the latest landlord seems to be in it for the long haul and has made some nice changes, tidying up the outdoors space and putting in new toilets amongst other things. He also seems to be partial to sizzling meats, with every dish seemingly coming spitting and crackling out of the kitchen.

The beer (Jail / Legend / Doom Bar) remains good, although the lack of variation - as with practically every pub in the area - can be a little frustrating.

8 Oct 2013 13:01

Fox And Hounds Hotel, Bridestowe

Located between Tavistock and Okehampton the Fox and Hounds is one of my favourite pubs in the area, and always serves a good Dartmoor / Jail. The food, though far from a la carte, is pretty scrummy and there's usually at least a few tables of diners in attendance.

And as Saxon_Scooper mentioned, there's a great snug / games room around the corner from the bar.

8 Oct 2013 12:56

The Railway Hotel, Southend on Sea

Very nice indeed. A quirky but old style pub with lovely parquet flooring and a long wood pannelled bar. 4/5 well kept ales, mainly from Adnams. It had a nice wine list as well, with some tables ordering bottles with their food (which looked pretty good). Seems like a bit of an artsy hub and all in all came as a very welcome surprise on a trip to Roots Hall.

4 Aug 2013 15:51

The Last Post, Southend on Sea

Just fine; one shorter bar at the main entrance opposite Southend Central and another longer bar towards the back. All the usual beers on with a couple of decent guests; sunlight was streaming down through the glass around the middle of the pub on our visit yesterday which gave it a more pleasant feel (even if it meant it was a little sticky).

4 Aug 2013 15:46

The Three Legged Mare, York

Popped in during a work trip to York last week. The Mare is on a strip alongside some pretty decent alternatives, but I enjoyed my pint of Guzzler and I liked the glass frontage of the place which - similar to the same brewery's Last Drop Inn - creates a light and spacious feel. Recommended.

24 Apr 2013 18:43

The Swan Inn, Midhurst

I'd agree with simontheeditor; the inside is a bit of a mess compared with what it could/should look like, but a couple of Harveys Bests went down pretty well on my visit and we were kept amused by the chattering locals, who seemed to come from another planet to the rosy-cheeked, padded jackets that seem to characterize this particular town.

25 Feb 2013 13:12

Ox Row, Salisbury

Sympathetically renovated by Fullers after a short period of closure.

We were happy enough here. Six draught ales - mainly Fullers but also Stonehenge's Spire Ale - were on. My pint, a Spire, was immaculate.

But the atmosphere was a little strange. By trying to appeal to all and sundry - couples who are after a bottle of red with a meal for two; teens who want a pint of cold fizz and a bit of a shout; old gits who want a quiet beer and a read of the paper - it feels like a slightly anonymous space and it will take a while to find its niche.

But certainly worth a stop-off in the meantime.

25 Feb 2013 13:04

The Wyndham Arms, Salisbury

The Wyndham marked something of a pilgrimage for me, it being the home of Hop Back, the same brewery that runs my local in Reading, The Hop Leaf.

I, as well as my girlfriend and parents, who joined me on the short walk out of Salisbury city centre, were not disappointed in the slightest.

All the usual suspects were on, as well as a couple of less readily available draught beers, such as Taiphoon. I went for the Summer Lightning, based on Simon_Whey's comments below, and I have to agree; this came gushing out of the pump at a notch above the usual, dancing on my tongue and going down easier than an orange squash on a midsummer's day, etc, etc..

If it wasn't for the table that we'd booked in town, I'd have happily settled in for more than the two we had. A gem.

25 Feb 2013 12:58

The Temple, Manchester

"There's a hole in my neighbourhood down which of late I cannot help but fall".

As referenced in Grounds for Divorce (Elbow), this is a really interesting hideaway, slap bang in the middle of town.

No cask ale, but plenty of bottled alternatives.

Frequented by some interesting types; nice mix of people. Not exactly spacious, though, so you'll do well to get a seat at peak times.

12 Dec 2012 13:28

Joshua Brooks, Manchester

Really good little find, this. Specialises in craft beer, mainly bottled, but also do some interesting cask ales.

On top of a club, which changes the atmosphere slightly post 10pm.

12 Dec 2012 13:21

The Kendal Arms, Kendal

Tarted up and reopened as 'Romneys'.

Pleasant enough, and the beer is fine (and local), but any life or character that the place had has been airbrushed in the name of a new 'contemporary atmosphere' (their words). For that reason, probably better for food rather than a few pints, which is the market they seem to be going for.

10 Dec 2012 13:25

The Shakespeare Inn, Kendal

Plenty of choice on offer, but it was disappointing to see that virtually none of the beers were local. Worse, while not quite off, the ales that were served up to us were very flat.

6/10, by virtue of a decent pool table.

10 Dec 2012 13:22

Ring O' Bells, Kendal

Not terrible, but nothing special either.

Split into two, with the bar in the middle.

We had the misfortune to sit in the front parlour on our visit; the beer was fine, and it seemed as if the locals were ok. But then they started mouthing off about golliwogs and worse. We necked our pints and moved on.

10 Dec 2012 13:19

Burgundys Wine Bar, Kendal

Always enjoy a trip here. Keeps reasonably good ale; it's an interesting space; and the service is friendly.

On my last visit, it also looked as though the place has fixed up some kind of link to a local brewery.


10 Dec 2012 13:16

The Noble, Crouch Hill

Went to a birthday do here recently, and I liked the place. Service was good enough and 3.30 for a pint of well-kept Deuchars isn't too bad.

Bit odd rubbing shoulders alongside couples out for lobster linguine and wine, but the Noble just about manages to pull it off.

12 Feb 2011 14:44

The Blagrave Arms, Reading

Really pleased to see this place being run so well. Everything's been stripped back, and the beer is excellent (Landlord, Doom Bar and Ferryman's Gold are regulars as well as guests from the likes of Brodie's and Ascot Ales). A wonderful fireplace, papers and good bar snacks complete the Blagrave's renaissance, which is very much a credible option alongside the Nag's, Hobgoblin and Retreat.

18 Jan 2011 14:00

Sir Isaac Newton, Cambridge

Pretty dire, and the big screens aren't very big.

11 Jul 2010 12:18

The Doblers Inn, Cambridge

Surprised that this place went a few years without a review on here. As Rhode_Runner comments, the Dobblers is very football oriented, but it had about 4 ales on and the staff were friendly. I think the pub runs a football team, pool team, etc. so plenty of community spirit in evidence.

11 Jul 2010 12:13

Sheephaven Bay, Camden

Pretty good, actually. Had Landlord and London Pride on when I visted in order to watch the Championship Play-Off final on the box. We enjoyed ourselves so much that we stayed for the Champions League Final later on in the evening.

11 Jul 2010 11:57

The Hollingbury, Brighton

Average local; friendly enough staff, though, who got the whole pub laughing at the group I was in when we came in soaking wet after watching Albion in the rain. Sky Sports and all that.

11 Jul 2010 11:54

The Rose Hill Tavern, Brighton

Nice enough. Sat outside for a few pints of Harveys recently, which were served well. Food looked pretty good.

11 Jul 2010 11:51

Brewery Tap, Abingdon

There's something about this pub. It does serve a lot of lager, it can be quite pricey and, yes, the weekends are rowdy, but it gets away with it by virtue of its interesting guest ales and its good service. There's also a range of areas in which to sit and stand, so you can easily find a quieter spot if you're worried about pint spillage.

11 Jul 2010 11:48

The Broad Face, Abingdon

I'd agree with the comments from George_The_Dragon, betterpubsforswansea and BoehmBawerk.

I've never felt entirely comfortable as a drinker in here; maybe it's something to do with the airiness of the place and the floorboards. The Brewery Tap is the one for me in Abingdon.

11 Jul 2010 11:43

The Bear Inn, North Moreton

A pretty good pub, but there's better options in the wider south Oxfordshire area. North Moreton is a tiny village, so the place is usually full of people that have travelled from Didcot / Wallingford to eat the slightly-above-average grub. There's still room for everyone, but you can't help but think that drinkers come a distant second to diners here.

11 Jul 2010 11:39

Lake Road Inn, Keswick

Good point about below about being overshadowed by the Dog & Gun, but I actually had my best pint in Keswick here. The pros outweigh the cons here.

11 Jul 2010 11:31

Dog and Gun, Keswick

If I were heading to Keswick, then this would be my first port of call. It was the only Free House that I spotted during my stay, which was reflected in its eclectic range of ales. A really nice pub.

11 Jul 2010 11:24

Bank Tavern, Keswick

Second best to the Dog & Gun for me, but worth a stop if you're up for trying a few different Keswick pubs.

As other have said, there's a good range of ales on including 3 or 4 Jennings regulars. The beer is kept very well indeed, and if you can overlook the hoards of octogenarians chomping down on boiled vegetables at meal times, then definitely pay a visit.

11 Jul 2010 11:18

Maritime Inn, Plymouth

Probably the best pub after the Dolphin on the Barbican. Gets a bit tasty in the evenings on weekends, but does good Summerskills beers and has Thatcher's Gold on tap. Stop off here if you're down during the day.

21 Mar 2010 13:52

The Vines, Liverpool

What Snarling_Mallard said.

21 Mar 2010 13:48

The Grenadier, Belgravia

Worth a visit, but I'd agree that the service was average. When I peeked my head around the rear half of the pub for a seat, I was eyed menacingly and told that this was the restaurant area and that drinkers would have to make do with the space out front. That aside, I had an enjoyable Batemans. Shocking cider selection, though.

21 Mar 2010 13:46

The Nags Head, Belgravia

A cosy mews pub tucked away around the back of Knightsbridge. Limited selection of ales, but the Adnams bitter and Broadside were kept well. Open woodburners add a nice feel to the place.

21 Mar 2010 13:42

The Dispensary, Liverpool

Visited this place on a recent stag do in the City. Probably the best pub we went to. Great service from a lovely barmaid, who didn't bat an eyelid as I mumbled an order for 12 pints of various beers, ciders and stouts. Plentiful selection with various guests, plus it had the football on.

21 Mar 2010 13:38

The Philharmonic, Liverpool

It's frustrating but not entirely surprising to see a few comments re service and average food here. Surely that's not the point when you're talking about a pub like this? Forget these minor grumbles, this place should be at the top of your list if you're heading to Liverpool. It's beautiful, has a real wow factor and does some good ale. Need I say more?

21 Mar 2010 13:34

The Retreat, Reading

Cosy little den which smells of good beer. Pool table out back and all. A world away from the busy King's Road that it's located off.

16 Feb 2010 19:01

The Hop Leaf, Reading

An old student haunt of mine; best pub in the area by far (and there's a lot of them). Very popular on Friday / Saturday evenings when there's usually a pretty good atmosphere.

16 Feb 2010 18:58

The White Hart, Headington

Cracking pub that is hidden away in the quaint outskirts of Headington. Went for a Sunday roast last week, which was the best I've ever had in a pub. A bit pricey at 8.95, but the beef was beautifully cooked and along with a few Tigers went down very nicely indeed.

6 Feb 2010 17:57

Fleur de Lys, East Hagbourne

Pretty traditional Oxfordshire pub serving standard pub food. 3 or 4 cask beers on, and the choice was decent enough recently: from memory they had Olde Trip, a Hook Norton beer and Morland. Well worth leaving nearby Didcot for this place, and it's walkable from the town in the summer.

6 Feb 2010 17:51

The Queens Arms, Didcot

This pub is for local people, but probably preferable to the tiresome Prince of Wales. Split down the middle, with a pool table on one side. Bog standard GK beer.

5 Dec 2009 13:18

The White House, Oxford

Now open. Separated into 2 parts: one is a general drinking / eating area, and the other has a flatscreen showing sport, and a pool table. Three hand pumps in the former part, with Oxford Gold the best of the bunch. Not too bad, but a bit glitzy.

5 Dec 2009 13:16

The White Horse, Oxford

A great place. Yes it does get busy, but that's part of the charm. Tribute is one of the house beers, which suits me just fine. When I think of which pub best represents a characteristically Oxford pub, this one comes to mind.

5 Dec 2009 13:12

The Wheatsheaf, Oxford

A bit tired, but worth a stop if you're doing the High Street crawl. Comes third after the Bear and the Chequers, though.

5 Dec 2009 13:08

Three Goats Heads, Oxford

Had a nice evening in here last night. Splendid decor, and good cheap grub. The IPA from the bottle is passable.

5 Dec 2009 13:06

Oxford Retreat, Oxford

Shows the football, but I felt uncomfortable on the two occasions I was unfortunate enough to end up here. Try the Honeypot around the corner if you need to stay in the area.

5 Dec 2009 13:00

The Old Tom, Oxford

Not bad. Serves Thai food, which smells fantastic and looks great. Will have to try it some day soon...

5 Dec 2009 12:58

The Honey Pot, Oxford

Not the most comfortable pub around, but it has a charm about it. Definitely worth stopping off if you're passing through Oxford Station. The food is a bit pricey but I've heard good things. Conservative selection of beers.

5 Dec 2009 12:52

The Head of the River, Oxford

So, so expensive. Nice to have a Discovery by the water, but it comes at a cost.

5 Dec 2009 12:47

The Gardener's Arms, Oxford

A superb spot if you can make it out this way. Excellent cask ales (including Jennings bitter), one real cider, exceptional basket food and a pub dog to top it all off. If I could afford to move to Jericho, I'd live as close to here as possible.

5 Dec 2009 12:44

Eurobar, Oxford

I can't really think of a positive. Only 'beer' is a Bass Smooth. It's Kronenbourg all the way here.

5 Dec 2009 12:39

The Eagle and Child, Oxford

Lovely cavernous front-end, but usually too busy to get a seat, so you'll probably have to make do with the extention out back. Good beer, however.

5 Dec 2009 12:38

The Duke, Oxford

One of the few pubs that I can think of which show the football in Oxford. Also do a few decent beers. Unspectacularly decent.

5 Dec 2009 12:34

The Copa, Oxford

Plastic. Closer to 4 than 3 for a pint.

5 Dec 2009 12:32

The City Arms, Oxford


5 Dec 2009 12:31

The Chequers, Oxford

Better than the current rating here suggests. Worth a look.

5 Dec 2009 12:30

The Cape of Good Hope, Oxford

Good location between town and Cowley / Headington, but don't go out of your way. The Star around the corner is better.

5 Dec 2009 12:28

The Wig and Pen, Truro

Decided on this place as a safe meeting ground for my parents and the inlaws. Perfect Sunday lunch with decent beer and potent Rattler. Left slightly piddled and happy.

7 Oct 2009 12:44

The Wellington, Birmingham

Cracking place to stop off between Snow Hill and New Street. As well as the beers, there seemed to be about three quality ciders on too. Good, friendly match day atmosphere on Saturdays.

7 Oct 2009 12:41

The Queens Arms, Goring

Damn awful GK fodder. Packed out with idlers drinking Snakebite midweek who can't go 30 seconds without spunking some silver on some artifical tinny noise over the duke box. Crap beer.

26 Aug 2009 13:20

The John Barleycorn, Goring

Enjoyed a couple of beers in here last night. Maybe a shame to see only 2 ales, both Brakspear tipples, on tap, but they were served well. Slightly quirky seating arrangements inside with a variety of uncomfortable stalls and thrones, but there's a nice beer garden.

Good to see a Wycombe Wanderers shirt beside the bar billiards table.

26 Aug 2009 13:14

The Catherine Wheel, Goring

We stayed for a couple of Oxford Golds and a meal on a week night. Nice place; decent enough range of beers and friendly service from the Kiwi barmaid. Free garlic bread was handed to us while we were thinking on whether to order food, which was a nice touch.

Perfectly pleasant, and I'd go again. Keep an eye out for the door to the men's!

26 Aug 2009 13:08

Royal Blenheim, Oxford

A great pub, which I plan to frequent far more often in the future. I had three pints of Venerable Bede, a Jarrow beer, and they were stunning. Nice to know you are handing money over to independent, and often local, brewers.

Sh*te policy on the football, though.

14 Aug 2009 22:01

The Bear, Oxford

I bloody love this pub. Two fireplaces in the winter, and nice and crampt. It's real, which is more than you can say for most drinking holes these days. Does good bar snacks.

14 Aug 2009 21:56

The Duke Of Cambridge, Oxford

Absolute sh*te. Watery cocktails and raaaaas everywhere you look. Angels across the road is better, if you're into this kind of thing.

14 Aug 2009 21:54

The Godolphin Arms, Marazion

Cannnot fault the views, but this place is a bit of a monstrosity. Sky-Sports, all-you-can-eat curry nights and kitted out with a 'themed' maritime bar, the Godolphin is a mish-mash of a 'pub/hotel'. It doesn't know what it is, and it's clearly making too much money by way of its location.

14 Aug 2009 21:49

Kings Arms, Marazion

Despite the lack of any panoramic view across the water to SMM, this was my favourite of Marazion's pubs on a recent holiday. Compact and cosy, this is a proper hostillery, with none of the artificial garishness of its neighbour, the Godolphin.

14 Aug 2009 21:46

Fire Engine Inn, Marazion

Stupendously good views from the beer garden, which is a short walk towards the sea from the overlooking pub. Standard St Austell beers on. Great service.

14 Aug 2009 21:42

The Dolphin, Plymouth

A proper pub. Full of personality, and personalities. An exceptional biscuity Tribute is my drink of choice, but most go for the Bass. Only disappointment is the cider: Strongbow or Blackthorn only.

2 May 2009 11:32

Prince Of Wales, Didcot

Classic GK. I have nothing to compare it to as I didn't see the place pre-refurb, but it remains pretty charmless with an astonishingly generous range of tasteless lagers on tap, alongside Abbot and GK IPA and a 'guest' beer (usually GK affiliated beer and around for weeks due to the Foster's swilling tendencies of the local population). All this aside, it's ok as Station pubs go.

1 May 2009 18:42

The Bookbinders Ale House, Oxford

Only after several visits did I realise that the BBs is affiliated with GK, which is certainly a testament to its character and quality. There's low ceilings, tables and chairs of all shapes and sizes, and nik-naks aplenty. A decent and affordable menu is another selling point, particularly if you're a Pieminister fan.

1 May 2009 18:28

The Providence, Plymouth

The jewell in the Greenbank Crown, which has attracted a loyal band of locals over the years. Served Summerskills beers in the past, but a fallout with the brewers has resulted in the selection being limited to South Hams beers (Devon Porter and XSB) and Courage Best. A friendly pub in an accessible part of town.

1 May 2009 18:17

The Clifton, Greenbank

Has passed hands a fair few times, but hasn't really changed through the years. Notwithstanding a few mouthy local ne'r-do-wells, they're usually a good bunch in there, and I like the mix of Plymoids, bikers, and students. Has unfortunately substituted Thatcher's for Gaymers noncy 'Originial' cider, which is, quite frankly, unforgivable.

29 Dec 2008 17:48

The Three Crowns, Plymouth

Shocking. Had to dodge a fight when I last walked past this place. Enough said.

29 Dec 2008 17:41

Smokey Joes, Plymouth

Decent enough, but wouldn't come here unless I was on a night out. Very pricey, but, given its location, that's no surprise.

29 Dec 2008 17:39

Sippers, Plymouth

I like the layout of the pub, and went as far as adopting it as a local as it was around the corner from a previous workplace. Decent enough food and beers, and, though a little pricey, this is worth a quick visit.

29 Dec 2008 17:38

The Seymour Arms, Plymouth

Pales in comparison to other Greenbank pubs, but the service isn't bad and it serves pub grub, which other locals don't. But not the best.

29 Dec 2008 17:34

Kitty O'Hanlans, Plymouth

Not what it used to be, which is a shame because of its good location between the town centre and the Barbican. Naff beers on tap, and, to my dismay, my last visit coincided with the appearance of a sectarian witless tone-deaf comic/singer/songwriter.

29 Dec 2008 17:26

The Junction, Plymouth

A passable alternative to the usual Mutley fare. Offers the standard dismal selection of beers, but for decent prices.

29 Dec 2008 17:20

The Nowhere Inn, Plymouth

A pretty good Greenbank-cum-North Hill boozer. Great location for students and locals, but worth stopping if you're around the area (if only for the bogs).

29 Dec 2008 17:14

The Kite Inn, Oxford

As others have pointed out, the location of The Kite lends itself to localdom, but don't let this put you off as it's handily-placed for a quick drink pre/post train journey. The dogs lend a certain charm, and the cheap and filling Sunday roasts (with a quick turnaround to boot) are a highlight. A couple of decent ales, but no cider other than Strongbow, which doesn't really count. Especially in Oxford. A good place for non-Premiership football fans whose teams are on the box; the landlord was more than happy to put Plymouth on a few weeks back, and even kept the game on until the final whistle when England had kicked off in the rugby minutes earlier.

19 Dec 2008 13:10

The Lamb and Flag, Oxford

A fine City pub. Being the only place in Oxford (that I've found at least) that serves Thatcher's, I'm bound to say this, but the atmosphere is good in the most part, and, if it weren't for the dodgy wood panelling around the front room and bar, I'd be smitten. There's been a couple of sniffy barmen when I've been in, but I'm being picky: This Is One Of The Best Pubs In Oxford.

19 Dec 2008 13:00

The Turf Tavern, Oxford

While quite possibly having the quirkiest layout of any pub I've ever frequented, this popular haunt fails on several fronts. It's not a surprise to see that so many people rave about it, but add one dragon of a barmaid and a remarkably weak selection of non-ale beverages and you get one overrated 'institution'. While Greene King, Oxford's ever-presents, have tried to mask their ownership, alarm bells start ringing when you see Strongbow making an unwelcome appearance alongside their own IPA. Nice try, but you're not fooling anybody.

18 Dec 2008 17:33

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