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Comments by playfair

The Hogshead, Aylesbury

It was like a petrol station inside. I had to wait ages for a rather ordinary pint, TV screens were good if that's your lot.

Why is it spelt Hog's Head? This surely means Hog is head? I thought a hogshead was a large cask. Sums it up really.

8 Sep 2006 11:38

Chicago Rock Cafe, Aylesbury

It had a live band, quite good, a mix of age groups, 18 to mid sixties, which in a pub like this was suprising. There were plenty of bouncers, which may tell its own story, but the night was trouble free. The beer was a little ropey, the bottles were fine.

It took ages to get served, but when eventually this happened the staff were friendly. Seemed more of a pick up joint in all honesty. Probably would go back.

3 Aug 2006 09:12

The White Swan, Wendover

It has friendly staff and the beer was of good quality and a reasonable price (2.37 a pint of lager).

There was a nice mix of people who were friendly and welcoming. The ongoing darts match was entertainment in itself.

A nice place overall.

29 Jul 2006 19:32

The Emperor, Aylesbury

I liked this place. The beer was fine and the service excellent. It is very clean and the music was not so loud as to interfere with conversation.

It had very good facilities for the disabled.

29 Jul 2006 19:27

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