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Comments by pitstop

The Chatterton Arms, Bromley

Well....Where do i start....

What is this walk in and it looks like a back street boozer but when you purchase a drink your brain tells you, you must be somwhere more grand...4.50 for a small glass of wine? (and it was the cheap shite) 3.45 for a pint of Carling is this really an estate pub in Bromley?

No wonder pubs are closing down at a rate on knots! Mangement have no idea they are charging way too much for a beer and with chains like O'Neils and TP's just minutes away (granted not as local or welcoming) but at least they keep the doors closed when the young (perhaps too young to be in a pub) go outside for a cigarette every 2 minutes and charge a lot less for drinks!

To sum this pub up it is good for a quick drink but has nothing else to offer.

15 Jan 2011 23:37

The Beech Tree, Bromley

Not much to say...could do with a clean inside and out and perhaps more attentive bar staff.

A standard "estate pub". Didnt really want to stay here to see what it was really like.

Note for Barman gain eye contact and if your busy just tell the customer who wants to contribute towards your wages you wont keep them long rather then avoid eye contact at all costs and serve your mate.

4 May 2010 16:31

The Lounge, Chislehurst

What is this place....

So many staff standing around looking gormless and moody perhaps they could make themselves busy and clean the sticky floor or wipe down the bar and with only 3 tables you would expect them to be clean as well.

Great garden though and this could be an excellent pub. More tables more chairs less black paint and less attitude from staff you are a bar man/woman not a wag or model!

4 May 2010 16:25

The Chatterton Arms, Bromley

Great pub with a very nice beer garden.

Bar staff are very friendly and even remember your drinks which is unheard of in most pubs!

Excellent atmosphere for sports and live entertaiment!

6 Jul 2009 13:58

The Crown, Lee

Waiting upto 10 minutes for a drink while the barman watches rugby is unacceptable.

The pub wasnt busy and there was no reason why I should have had to wait for a drink.

I wasnt rude in anyway but just wanted to highlight a few downfalls with this pub on a forum for pub reviews........

And the username "pitstop" was chosen for other reasons not because of my drinking habits!

No doubt you are called Sue and are very curly!

19 Jun 2009 10:04

The Crown, Lee

This place hasnt improved at all.

Staff think they are doing you a favour by serving you,(especially Lurch) chairs and tables are filthy.....doesnt take much to wipe a table now and then!

Cigarette butts all over the floor outside!

Will never go back to this place.

14 May 2009 13:12

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