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Bar Diva, St Leonards On Sea

this place is closed

8 May 2013 21:04

The Dripping Spring, St Leonards on Sea

Great gem of a pub. Good selection of ales and friendly staff & management. If you in this area try the North Star also, 5 min walk away

8 May 2013 21:03

The Duke, St Leonards on Sea

Called in on a Holiday Monday. Had a choice of two ales. Both were good and well presented. Staff was quiet but that was made up by a couple of friendly regulars.

8 May 2013 20:57

The Welcome Stranger, St Leonards on Sea

Two of us visited this place on Holiday Monday. Only one other person in there. The place is completely smothered with Chelsea regalia. They only had Harvey's best on. This place seems to be a lager pub as the ale was awful. We left it on the bar and walked away. If Harvey's wish to keep a good reputation for their ale then they should not let this place sell it.

8 May 2013 20:54

White Rock Hotel, Hastings

A very good selection of ales. Food is also pretty good. The only let down is the amount of dogs that keep yapping or sniffing around your glass when sitting at the tables. Great place to sit outside in the summer.

6 Apr 2013 14:40

Bo-peep, St Leonards on Sea

Not a bad place at all. Good food & the ale is kept & served well. I do pop into here a few times during the year. If you are in the area, call in

6 Apr 2013 14:36

The Horse and Groom, St Leonards on Sea

Ale kept and served very well. Odd landlord!! Most locals were trying to read the adverts in the Times or Telegraph.

6 Apr 2013 14:33

Norman Arms, St Leonards on Sea

Ordered a pint and had to wait for the landlord to clear up dogs piss from behind the bar. He then went on to serve without washing his hands. Didn't stay to try the ale.

6 Apr 2013 14:30

Ye Olde Pump House, Hastings

The ales & food are pretty good. Nothing outstanding about this place but worth a visit. Day trippers fill the place.

6 Apr 2013 14:26

The Cutter, Hastings

OK if you want to watch sport. Nice landlord & a pleasant place, but the ale is not brill. Food is plentiful and filling. If you are a real ale drinker go elsewhere. Sorry landlord.

6 Apr 2013 14:22

The John Logie Baird, Hastings

If the staff decide to serve you, you will probably find that they have not bothered to put any ales on. 8 hand pumps but usually only 2 -3 in use & that's normally the regular ales. Go over the road to the Havelock

6 Apr 2013 14:16

The Havelock, Hastings

This pub has been under new management since 2012 What a brilliant job he and the staff have done. It has good selection of 3 regular ales + a guest ale. Good food is served to late afternoon. It occasionally has live music. A gem of a place in the town centre.

6 Apr 2013 14:11

The Falcon Hotel, Bridgnorth

Spent a Saturday evening in this part of the country. We were staying over the road at The Parlours Hall Hotel (don't go there). The Falcon has had a refurb, the place is clean & the beer is pretty good. Staff very friendly, however the landlord/lady were at the bar and never welcomed us even though we were enquiring about accommodation for our next visit to Bridgnorth. Live music on a Sat evening until about midnight, I have heard a lot better but they were not that bad. Seems to fill with Mr & Mrs Ordinary after they have been out for a meal. You know what I mean, posh frock for her & him wearing golfing shirt & 1960's slacks. Pub OK, clientele stuck in a time-warp

25 Nov 2009 20:44

The Railwaymans Arms, Bridgnorth

Lovely pub & a lovely pint. there are plenty to choose from. The only down side and it is a big downer is the lack of seating and the arrangement of the tables. If you have a couple of pints here, don't visit the loo until you have finished, or else your seat will be taken before you move from the table and you won't get it offered back.

25 Nov 2009 20:32

The Duke of Wellington, Hastings

Unless you want to be bored out of your brains by the landlord and his wife talking about their travellers life, keep out. I give them 1 point because the glass was clean. Much better places close by

25 Nov 2009 20:14

Seven Stars Inn, Robertsbridge

Sorry I have calling this the Seven Sisters. This is a sporty pub. I was made welcome although upset a local because I do not support spurs. Beer was ok and the pub seems to be a lot cleaner than the last time I visited. Not a bad place, but if you don't like football keep out.

25 Nov 2009 20:11

The George, Robertsbridge

Moved on here from the Ostrich. It wasn't a good move. Beer was OK but I was surrounded by the barmaid and her friends & kids discussing their personal recent events. Not very welcoming at all although the sofa is comfortable. Next stop was the Seven Sisters

25 Nov 2009 20:07

The Ostrich Hotel, Robertsbridge

stopped by on a Sunday afternoon. Except for, I assume the landlords friends/family I was the only other punter. Beer was OK, staff very quite but welcoming. No one else welcomed me, they were to busy talking amongst themselves and listen to music that would make a mortuary seem sad. I moved on to the George & Seven Sisters, take a look at my reviews on these pages

25 Nov 2009 20:02

The Railwaymans Arms, Bridgnorth

good pub & decent ales

28 Nov 2007 13:40

The Black Boy Inn, Bridgnorth

Nice pub,friendly staff, good ale

28 Nov 2007 13:39

The Abbey Hotel, Battle

Another pub in Battle that does NOT stand out. Bland service and what can one say good about Shepard Neame ales. The only good thing about the pub is that it seemed cleaner than most of the other pubs in the area

9 May 2007 18:50

The 1066, Battle

This should stay CLOSED. Gents urinal was blocked the toilets and pub smelt of urine, the place is filthy. There are only six pubs in a very small town which is popular to visitors. A shame that most pubs are an insult to normal hygiene, perhaps the local environmental health department should get their act together.

9 May 2007 18:46

The Queens Head, Icklesham

Visited this place over May Bank Holiday, Place was busy, service was good, can't understand previous comments about that, although I agree the food is a bit overpriced but it was plentiful, tasty & hot. Only advice I will give is, perhaps the menu can be updated a bit, the selection was a bit tired.

7 May 2007 20:32

The Dripping Spring, St Leonards on Sea

I usually pop into this place a couple of times a week although I wouldn't say it's my local. This pub now has a new landlord and I notice the regulars are drifting back in after being barred by the previous landlord for smoking too much. Beer and service seem ok at the moment, time will tell if the place improves.

7 May 2007 20:22

The Bay Hotel, Pevensey Bay

After my previous comment and also recommendation from a friend. I thought I better try this one out for food. Bank Holiday Monday we arrived & ordered drinks. Moved along to the restaurant only to be confronted screaming children (appreciate that's not the landlords fault)& the tables still full of dirty plates & glasses. The place was not busy I assume just lazy staff & manager. On the food bar, the pre cooked vegetables were soaking away in water alongside roast potatoes, all uncovered. I then noticed my glass was still filthy with someones lipstick. If the kitchen was anything similar to the state of the bar, we considered it will be wise to leave the drinks and eat elsewhere, may I suggest you do the same.

7 May 2007 20:14

The 1066, Battle

A pub CLOSED on a warm Tuesday evening in May. It will not make money doing this

2 May 2007 18:16

The Chequers Inn, Battle

Another pub visited for the first time on a night out.
Food very expensive for a smokey pub. Certainly would not eat here with the louts shouting at the football on the TV

2 May 2007 18:14

The Senlac Inn & Restaurant, Battle

An evening out with friends. we visited this place, staff very friendly, food looked good, plentiful & reasonably priced. Certainly do not agree with previous comments. But there again it was our first time. No smaoking at lunchtime.

2 May 2007 18:11

The Moorings, Pevensey Bay

I have used the restaurant on many occasions. Prices are typical of pubs in Sussex. Food was good but did deteriorate on some occasions. The bar is full of smoking bores, no one speaks or welcomes you. Glasses were clean and the beer OK. Bar staff prefer to sit & smoke with their mates. Maybe in July hopefully the air will get cleaner.

19 Mar 2007 18:54

The Bay Hotel, Pevensey Bay

We were the only two that were in the pub on a rainy Tuesday evening. The barmaid made us very welcome and was very informative about the pub and it owners. It's part of the Chapman's group of Hotels. Menu seems good and prices of food and the beer is very reasonable. Will be trying out the menu within the next few weeks. Watch this space.

19 Mar 2007 18:45

The Black Lion, Appledore

Very large selection of fleshly cooked food. Didn't have any ale (driving) so can't comment on that. This place will be better after July 1st when the smoking ban comes in. Gents loo outside in the freezing cold.

15 Mar 2007 17:00

The Horse and Groom, St Leonards on Sea

The beer may be good but don't expect to get a welcome from staff or customers. Strange breed of people drink here.

15 Mar 2007 16:52

Seven Stars Inn, Robertsbridge

My visit was ruined by seeing the local dog (four legged that is)sitting at a table and eating off a punters plate.

5 Mar 2007 18:49

The Buccaneer, Eastbourne

Good clean pub. Staff friendly, beer tasty and reasonably priced. Unfortunately the staff smoke more than the customers so hopefully the pub will improve after July when the smoking ban comes in.

5 Mar 2007 18:46

The Dolphin, Eastbourne

Totally agree with previous comment, the place is much cleaner, HOWEVER it's ruined by allowing the bar to be taken over by smelly dogs. Not all of us want dogs around us when we eat or drink. Get rid of the dogs & you have a good pub. Certainly wouldn't eat here for the above reason.

5 Mar 2007 18:42

The Bedford Arms, Rye

Visited on A quiet Tuesday evening. Spoke with the new landlady. She seems to be trying to improve the premises. Toilets being revamped & generally the pub is much cleaner. Was told its busy at weekends, but unfortunately the local council have resticted the late night opening.

21 Feb 2007 19:04

The Standard Inn, Rye

Visited on a Tuesday evening. Although the beer was OK, I would have preferred the barmaid to stop talking to her friends and cleaned the dirty sticky tables. Background music drowned our conversation. If the kitchen is as dirty as the pub, I certainly would not eat here.

21 Feb 2007 18:56

The Queens Head, Rye

Tuesday evening. Typical local pub fro the youngsters. Staff friendly & helpful, lager OK but can't say about anything else. Always seems busy when we go in there.

19 Feb 2007 19:27

The Ypres Castle Inn, Rye

Tuesday evening about 8pm. The pub was closed.

19 Feb 2007 19:24

The London Trader, Hastings

Saturday evening. Good live music but that's about all. Although the staff are always helpful & friendly.

19 Feb 2007 19:21

The Filo (First In Last Out), Hastings

Unfortunately the barman picking his nose put me off what I, until then thought was a very good pint. Better ventilation is needed to remove the smoke from the open fire in the bar.

13 Feb 2007 17:31

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