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Comments by pintofyourbest

All Bar One, Bristol

Food is pretty good and not over the top price wise either. The staff where friendly however it gets a big thumbs down for the price of the drink. My lord 4 for a pint of cider.

18 Mar 2012 17:46

The Lord Rodney, Kingswood

closed and an eye sore.

18 Mar 2012 17:40

Kingswood Collier, Kingswood

The only pub in Kingswood that anybody can enter safely. Ales are well kept, usual wide range and low prices of weatherspoons. Seems to be always busy and bar staff are friendly. Can get a bit over busy on a Saturday night but then again that is to be expected. Nice smoking area, toilets clean, all round good pub.

18 Mar 2012 17:38

Essex Arms, Kingswood

Oh dear. AVOID

18 Mar 2012 17:33

Grain Barge, Bristol

The beer is excellent and the staff very friendly. Great place on a sunny day. Without a doubt worth a visit.

12 Feb 2012 22:43

The Old Plough, Kingswood

Food ok, staff ok and generally an alright community pub. Worth a visit if your in the area.

12 Feb 2012 22:39

Essex Arms, Kingswood

Oh dear this place doesnt even deserve a review

12 Feb 2012 22:38

The Chequers, Kingswood

Now closed due to the fact the place was always empty.

12 Feb 2012 22:36

The Black Horse, Kingswood

Went in for my first and only visit, not realizing food had stopped(The menus still on the table threw us off) went to order. Rude Landlord stated it is writing on the A board outside you should have looked. Didn't order a drink as the Landlord just simply walked away before we could even order a drink?!?

10 Feb 2012 23:57

The Shant, Kingswood

After passing by the pub and reading reviews myself and the missus decided to try this place out. So after walking over and getting a close up of the building, which looked bright and inviting and a sign on the door stated all were welcome. It then went all wrong we walked into the "Lounge" area where the lights were turned off the Landlord turned on the lights and stared at us without saying a word(maybe he was looking at the cat lying on the table) ordered our drinks, price was 6.90, ale and a lager. No thanks no nothing from the Landlord. So we said lets head into the main public bar area as seemed to be a few people in there. Cue walking into what felt like somebody's very dodgy sitting room. If you like been stared at, drinking average pints with a Landlord who doesn't appreciate the business then this is the pub for you. Biggest waste of 6.90 and 20 mins of our lives. Avoid like the plague. And they wonder why so many pubs are closing down!!!

10 Feb 2012 23:10

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