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The Royal Albert, Crystal Palace

No real ale but about 4 pumps for Guinness? Loads of live music nights and a BBQ in the beer garden every weekend (5 for a Burger?)
If the weather was nice Id make a visit just for the beer garden.

31 Aug 2011 13:26

The Falcon, Clapham Junction

Apparently it escaped unscathed.

18 Aug 2011 10:26

The Half Moon, Herne HIll

Excellent pint of Old Hooky last night and the service there is always good and friendly. Started talking to a couple of people sitting near me who turned out to be active CAMRA members with the SE London branch so I learnt a lot about the local pubs & ales. All in all a great night.

4 Aug 2011 10:57


Excellent pint of Doom Bar and a good crowd in for the Thursday night quiz. Food looked amazing.

14 Jan 2011 15:23

The Park Tavern, Southfields

Had a great night here the other night. Luckily enough to come along on Pizza Thursday to take advantage of the 5 pizza's which was the perfect size. Shame they only have 2 ales on but I loved the place. I'll be back for the quiz on Wednesday and bringing as many people as I can.

22 Jan 2009 16:40

The Clarence, Whitehall

Terrible Pint of Pride with a terrible price. At least the service I had was friendly.

22 Aug 2008 13:18

The Ship Inn, Wandsworth

PYT's & Raaraa crowd prefer to stand around outside; "all the better to see and been seen darlings". With a choice of burgers and bangers from the terrace BBQ or a more traditional pub meal inside (table service is better than the bar service) it's well worth trying the food here. Which, although pricey, is in line with the area and crowd.

There's usually a great range of well kept beers but it may be this range that lets them down on the service side, either that or all the bar are new, foreign or indifferent. There seems to be enough staff.....they just must have been hired for something more than their serving skills.....expect long waits for drinks, and then double up if and when you do get served. (You could always just take your own and sit on the green)

9 May 2008 16:12

The Falcon, Clapham Junction

God this pub has changed! I went in last night and was blown away by the difference. Good ales on tap and even though it was busy it didn't take too long to get served. (One more person behind the bar would have been perfect).
I'm overjoyed. Instead of having to meet friends getting off the train in the Slug and Lettuce (which always manages to smell of spew) I can come and relax here.

31 Jan 2008 10:04

Ben Crouch's Tavern, Fitzrovia

Not a bad place to booze before having to go to some stupidly priced Soho "bar". The staff were friendly the crowd young and they had London Pride on tap. (I'm easily pleased)

29 Jan 2008 17:06

The Royal Oak, Wandsworth

Only a small pub but I love it. Friendly bar staff, big screen TV for sport, good food and Black Sheep on tap. Well worth dropping in for a couple of pints and a chat, maybe play a few board games or just to read the papers. Some Friday and Saturday nights it gets booked out for private parties as it's the perfect size. Good Quiz on Thursday nights. (I sound like I work there but really just live too close).

29 Jan 2008 17:02

The Queens Head, Hammersmith

Starting to get too pricey for what it is. The food is has good days and horrendous days. It wouldn't hurt to have a couple of extra bar staff on some days as well. Wait till summer to take advantage of the good sized beer garden (filled with midges).

29 Jan 2008 16:57

The Prince Regent, Marylebone

Bottom bar was overcrowded but the bar staff were good at working through the crowd. There looked to be a good range of ales but all of them were off - at 6pm on a Friday night?! Maybe it takes too much time to pour an ale.
Nice that you can book rooms upstairs.

22 Feb 2007 12:00

The Kenilworth, Edinburgh

I've a load of time for this bar. Could have done with a few extra bar staff on Saturday afternoon/night but was fine on Friday. Food was great.

8 Dec 2006 11:56

The Havelock House Hotel, Nairn

Originally owned by his Excellency the Emir of Jaipur right in the middle of town we stumbled across this place trying to get out of the cold and the rain. We weren't blown away by the interior, the food or the service but I had the best steak Ive had in the UK there and certainly one of the biggest.
A tasty 24oz Rump steak came out cooked to perfection from the char grill which can be a bit dicey when you order a piece of meat that large cooked blue. Apparently theres also a cosy little restaurant out the back but it was booked for a private function the night we were in. Would have been good to have at least 1 ale on tap.

5 Dec 2006 17:17

The Moulin Inn, Moulin

I have to agree with Siansaturns comment that even thought the ales were brewed next door they didnt knock my socks off. The Braveheart was probably my favourite but I felt like the tourist I was asking for it. The food was good; maybe hearty is the word Im looking for. Most of the Blue Rinse Brigade at the tables near us at lunch didnt come close to finishing their meals.
Good to see Pub Skittles instead of a pool table. When we were in they were adding logs to the fire at an alarming rate, both rooms were toasty so maybe Siansaturn had different bar staff with thicker skins.
It's a good old pub.

5 Dec 2006 16:48

The Troubadour, West Brompton

Go for the music in the basement...nothing else.

2 Nov 2006 10:54

The Kings Head, Earls Court

Good pub always fairly full so get there early if you want a seat. Friendly bar staff with quick service. Tasty pint of Tim Taylors landlord on tap made it even better.

2 Nov 2006 10:53

Dixie's, Battersea

Worth going for the happy hour (6-8) cocktails and larger.
The food looked aright and the nachos we tried were spot on....the happy hour could have contributed to this I think.

25 Oct 2006 11:03

The Fox and Grapes, Wimbledon Common

After a day tramping across the common it was nice to come into a nice warm pub and be greeted by friendly staff and a nice selection of ales; shame that 2 of the ones I tried were either at the bottom of the barrel or needed the pipes changing.
I must admit it was weird as the main bar is a fairly large spacey room and there were only a couple of others in there. It just felt a bit weird. Maybe because from the outside I was expecting a pokey front bar and massive beer garden.

24 Oct 2006 15:57

The Pigs Ear, Chelsea

Dropped in mid week for lunch on one of my days off. Good friendly service and tasty ale (The Pig's Ear). I can imagine it would be packed with yuppies in the evenings. The foods good if youre willing to pay the price for it. Its a proper gastro pub and you wont find a 5 curry & pint deal here.

24 Oct 2006 15:49

The Holy Drinker, Battersea

Midweek its a great place to meet a few friends and have a quiet drink while catching up. Its only a small place with limited seating so either get there early or be prepared to pull up a pew on the stairs. Some good tap beers, not tap ales but the bottle selection is impressive for the size of the place. The big screen showing black and white movies makes it a good place to kill time while waiting for your friends to show up.

24 Oct 2006 15:43

The Devonshire Arms, Kensington

I really enjoyed this pub. We were there with a large group of people but I never had to wait very long at bar for a drink. The large non-smoking section out the back is nice for those that don't want to stink like an ashtray when they get home and I enjoyed the 3 ales on.

4 Sep 2006 11:19

The Fox and Hounds, Battersea

I like this bar. I must admit I usually go and meet a friend here midweek. Then you can get a seat, have a few pints and a bite to eat if you want. I can imagine it's a bit full on Friday and Saturdays. If you don't like it walk back up to the main street and find something else.

30 Aug 2006 12:53

The Castle, Holland Park

Nice place but annoying that even on the Tuesday night I went nearly every table was booked. Besides that I like it. Nice light front room, nice dark back one. Nice and close to the tube. Shame that there's only one ale on, but good choice of wine and lagers.

16 Aug 2006 09:17

Mook, Notting Hill

I think it's now closed...Oh Dear. What a pity. Nevermind.

16 Aug 2006 09:14

The Prince Albert, Notting Hill

There are now signs up saying that theives operate in the bar. The service is slow, the toilets rubbish but because of this it reminds me of a student bar. Don't go if you want a good meal, well kept pint or quiet drink with your croonies. Go to people watch, get drunk with rowdy mates and talk to complete strangers as you share more personal space that is health. I like it, in a weird way.

16 Aug 2006 09:13

The Garrick Arms, Trafalgar Square

Friendly staff, quick service and went in there expecting it to be bad and was actually pretty happy. Good place to wait for the crowds to die down on the transport as all the plays finish.

2 Aug 2006 15:08

The Bear and Staff, Leicester Square

Agree it's better than most in the area. Not a bad spot to meet people as you can watch Charlie Chaplin films while you wait.

2 Aug 2006 15:06

The Mitre, Fulham

Like sitting in the beer garden in the sun but find the inside a bit soulless. Staff seemed friendly enough and even though it was busy managed to keep up with the crowd.

24 Jul 2006 11:01

The Dog and Duck, Soho

Very Friendly staff, nice to see the try before you buy policy in operation. Nice ales and fast service. Stand outside on the street and soak up the Soho atmosphere.

24 Jul 2006 10:59

The Masons Arms, Battersea

It was nice sitting outside and I found the service pretty swift. 2 taps of London Pride? Why not have another ale on instead?

5 Jul 2006 14:19

Dusk, Battersea

I'd go again if it was for a friend's birthday (I'm guessing that friend would be female as the bar is way to pretentious for it's own good).
Midweek sitting out in the garden on a warm evening is nice. I wouldn't go there for a big night or on a weekend.

4 Jul 2006 11:28

The Volunteer, Baker Street

Really enjoyed this bar. 4 Real Ales, nice dcor and the crowd in there seemed suited for the bar, everyone looked comfortable. Only gripe is that it too a while for one of the 3 bar staff to stop talking to each other and serve me, not sure how they would have coped when the cricket got out later that evening.
Id go back. Would love to spend a whole afternoon there in winter based on the beer and the mood of the bar.

4 Jul 2006 11:21

Champion, Notting Hill

The night I went the bar was pretty busy but I still didnt have long to wait to get served. The small garden out the backs nice on hot days, the downstairs area is cool for chilling out with comfy sofas and a Bedouin (?) type feel.
3 Ales, large choice of lagers on tap and in bottles. Apparently the food was pretty good as well.

23 Jun 2006 16:36

The Puzzle, Hammersmith

Watched one of the recent England world cup games here; interesting mix of suits and guys with painted faces who ducked out at half time for a spiff. Plenty of screens and a good atmosphere...may have to go back to see what it's like on a "normal" night.

21 Jun 2006 15:07

The Larrik, Putney Bridge

Not sure why I drink here. You get what you see, wood floors, normal culprits of beers. All the character of a Sainsburys cheddar. Big space so when its not packed theres room to move and breath, if its full its a nightmare to get served.

21 Jun 2006 15:04

The Eight Bells, Putney Bridge

Small pub with friendly staff, decent beer and a few seats outside for when its sunny. It can get busy on a Thursday or Friday when its sunny but the service is always swift.
So much better than the sterile Larrik or dark ONeills nearby.

21 Jun 2006 14:59

The Sun, Clapham

Always packed and impossible to get served. Full of beautiful people talking at the top of their voices about themselves. If I was there with a large group of girls I would have left.
I can't believe there was a line of people waiting to get into the beer garden there on Sunday! Seriously if you want to sit outside that badly go to the Offie, get some takeouts and sit on the Common.

9 Jun 2006 16:13

The Calf, Clapham

Slow service by a guy that didn't manage to break into a smile once while we were there. Pool table was missing a few balls and the food took ages to come out.
I still like it for some reason and will be going back. Maybe in the winter as even though it's big it's pretty warm for day sessions.

9 Jun 2006 16:09

The Leather Bottle, Earlsfield

I really like this pub. Small bar inside is great for winter drinks and the garden outside is massive. Good Youngs and I found the staff really friendly.

9 Jun 2006 16:05

The Market Porter, Borough

Great ales and good pub. It does get crowded on Saturdays but the tourists tend to clear out later in the day when the market is shutting up. Well worth the visit.

16 Dec 2005 10:47

The Hope, Wandsworth Common

Foods not bad but a bit pricey for what you get. Good ales, 6 different gins and a half decent wine list make it worth while.

15 Dec 2005 13:16

Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese, Fleet Street

Avoid the front room and instead explore and allow yourself to get lost. Great bar to find when it's cold and wet outside and you need an ale in front of a coal fire.

14 Dec 2005 15:10

Garlic and Shots, Soho

Great place for a late night drink with a difference in the Soho area. Escape to the beer garden to seek a break from the death metal. Blood shots are a meal in a glass.

14 Dec 2005 14:52

The Elk Bar, Fulham

True meat market in the best Fulham tradition. Not just sleazy guys but plenty of girls as well.
Packed on Friday and Saturdays and a bit pricey.

14 Dec 2005 14:48

The Five Bells, Streatham

Good Ales. Think that there were 4 full time and one or two guest ales.
The Air conditioning makes it perfect for a too hot day.

14 Jul 2005 12:19

The Ship Inn, Wandsworth

Where did the Ship go? Summer won't be the same without it.
Good food, great location (well bar the cement factory).

31 Jan 2005 18:36

The Cat's Back, Wandsworth

This is my new favourite pub in London. Haven't been in Daylight and don't really want to. eclectic, candle lit, place with mismatched furniture (including an old barbers chair) and an interesting assortment of wall decorations. Friendly crowd. Now if only I could remember how to get back.

5 Apr 2004 18:33

The Spencer Arms, Putney

Thai food has gone, replaced by an 'English kitchen'. Only good to watch the rugby on the big screen otherwise a bit lifeless

2 Feb 2004 10:38

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