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Comments by perfect_spy

The Anglesea Arms, Chelsea

A pretty good pub with great decor. The choice of ales and beers are good. Staff are friendly and provide great service.

17 Sep 2013 13:30

Babushka, Chelsea

Just another bar thinking there different from the rest. Not bad but nothing special.

17 Sep 2013 13:26

The Zetland Arms, South Kensington

Used to be a good pub but the standards have dropped in the last few years.

17 Sep 2013 13:02

Janets Bar, South Kensington

A truly terrible bar. I've been here a few times and can only describe the regulars as hangers on, or tourists just wanting somewhere nearby to grab a quick drink. The only times I came here were with friends who on wanting an extra drink or two noticed this bar and wanted to go in. They soon learned.

Asking for cash up front before they serve you a drink is most probably a policy due to the watered down alcohol they serve. I know its a bar and you have to expect to pay more, but this bar takes that rule to the limit. Charging nearly five pounds for a small bottle of beer left me speechless. I have been to expensive bars in the west end, and don't mind paying as long as its a nice mix. I just don't like being ripped off.

What is with all the photo's spread all over the wall making the place look very tacky and cheap. Its like something you expect inside a typical club twenty dive bar in Tenerife or Malia. I don't wanna see a bunch of nerds clowning around thinking they are part of Janet's entourage.

They even once did a raffle here in which I was pressured into buying a ticket. I bought one and won a prize of a free consultation to a Hairdresser's. The staff didn't seem happy that I won, LOL. I sold the prize to someone and quickly left........and I have never been back.

17 Sep 2013 12:53

The Trafalgar, Chelsea

A terrible pub. Rude staff, slow service, enough said.

17 Sep 2013 12:27

The Tottenham, Soho

A fairly decent pub

17 Sep 2013 12:23

The Dublin Castle, Camden

I mainly come here to see bands play, but when I have poped in for an afternoon pint, I have found it pretty good.

5 Jul 2013 01:39

The Goat In Boots, Chelsea

Pretty decent lively pub when I used to go there

5 Jul 2013 01:14

12 Bar Club, Soho

A great place. Been here many times and have seen just about every musical genre performed in the 12 bar. I have seen no trouble here as everyone just enjoys the live music. expect to pay five or six pounds for entry but for that, you get to see 3, 4 and sometimes 5 bands play live.

The staff are friendly, it takes a while to get served at the end of a band's performance but that is to be expected. Great deals on drinks. Highly recommend a visit here.

5 Jul 2013 01:03

The Australian, Sloane Square

I was never really a fan of this pub, maybe I was too young during the 90's and maybe missed out on the great 80's hey day. During the 90's I came here with the gf for a meal where we sat outside to be told when the food was bought to our table that I would have to go in to collect the salt and pepper etc. Never went back for food after that. Maybe I didn't sound posh enough.

This pub used to only ever show cricket on the tv and in the last 3 or 4 years it showed nothing else but football. There was a chef who worked here called Sami who cooked some very good food. Decent beers, staff was so so, I remember one of the managers doing his famous vodka trick. Vodka comes out of the bottle but once in your glass it tastes like water. He was almost lynched for doing that, won't say his name but he knows who he is.

The last few years attracted the Peter Jones crowd on a Friday night, they were okay and good fun. The pub began to attract a rougher crowd which then became very hard to get in the toilet as many were doing coke. In all honesty I am surprised this pub was never raided with the amount of druggies there.

Overall it was a place to just come and have a drink and nothing more, I lived in the area so convenient for me. 5/10

4 Nov 2011 04:19

Belushi's, Camden

In the day time its okay to stop off for a quick bite to eat and a drink, a bit too rowdy in the evening, not for me.

4 Nov 2011 03:58

The Elephants Head, Camden

A pretty good pub, always stop off here when I'm in the area.

4 Nov 2011 03:49

The Hawley Arms, Camden

In the early 90's this pub had a real good vibe to it, last few years it has become very poncy. The staff think they are something special. Lagers very average, full of wanna be's. Not for me.

4 Nov 2011 03:47

The Purple Turtle, Camden

I come here mainly to see bands as its more of a venue then pub. Prices are quite cheap, good drinks, good staff and a good night out.

4 Nov 2011 03:44

The Railway, Clapham North

I really like this pub. Staff have always been good, they don't keep you waiting for a long time like in other places. Pretty decent seating, nice decor.

4 Nov 2011 03:40

Adventure Bar, Clapham

Been here a few times mainly on a Saturday night. Staff are very good, clean bar and nice people enjoying a drink.

4 Nov 2011 03:36

The Collection, Chelsea

Been there a few times as a mate dragged me in, some lady told me it was the best place to people watch. Its a bar full of bored rich insecure people spending their trust funds. Also a place where some pretend to be loaded in the hope of picking up a rich husband or wife. Its laughable. The DJ'ing was rubbish. A truly pretentious bar that I suppose has to exist for these mundane wanna be's.

4 Nov 2011 03:29

The Gloucester, Knightsbridge

I quite like this pub, don't visit on a regular basis but have always found it to be good whenever I pop in. Good service and good drinks.

1 Nov 2011 20:27

The Chelsea Potter, Chelsea

The best pub in Chelsea by far. Great service and run by a true professional. Excellent music and very good food at a reasonable price. No loudmouths in here which creates a nice atmosphere.

1 Nov 2011 19:26

The Hour Glass, South Kensington

A nice cosy pub that is warm and friendly which is more than I can ask for. Staff do a good job and the Landlady doesn't put up with any nonsense. Its nice to be in a pub that has no loudmouth drunks giving you aggro. The food is very good with good service even during rush hour. Great selection of Ale's.

1 Nov 2011 18:58

Henry J Beans, Chelsea

I only come here in the afternoon as that means I can get served as there ain't much people here. When its packed the staff have no idea on clocking who had been waiting there the longest. They only like serving people asking for cocktails as that is where they think the tips are. Many times I have had to ask for my pint to be topped up. The staff never seem to stay there as this could be the problem. I have had food a few times which can be hit or miss. In my opinion it is over priced even for Chelsea. It is also supposed to be an American pub but I can't recall them selling any American beers, what a joke that it. Plus points are Music is good.

1 Nov 2011 18:40

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