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The Gary Cooper, Dunstable

Slow service but one of the cheapest pubs in Dunstable. Pint of Fosters was almost one pound cheaper than the Norman King. The food and beer is not only cheap but cooked to a fairly good standard. Opens at nine in the morning which is handy for breakfast. Both the bar and toilets were very clean. You get the odd pisshead in because of the cheap beer but they cause no trouble and keep themselves to themselves. Its cleat that this pub is stealing trade from the Norman, Sugar Loaf ect and all the local landlords say they can't compete with the prices but maybe they should try competing with the service. Staff are always polite at the Gary Cooper and my food always comes out hot. The last time I had something to eat at the Norman I had some big bird in a blue T-shirt hovering over me who was apparently the chef.

19 Dec 2008 23:52

The Harvest Home, Houghton Regis

What a shambles. Will never go back. This is the sort of bar you go to until your Giro runs out. If you don't get hammered on the beer, you will when you leave once its dark.

19 Dec 2008 23:37

The Old Sugar Loaf, Dunstable

Was in here last week albeit in the afternoon and they were doing a pint og Fosters at 1.83 which is cheaper than the new Weatherspoons pub the Gary Cooper around the corner. Also, on offer was a load of buy one get one free meals which were reasonable. Down the road, you can go to the Norman King and pay 3.00 for the same drink but not the same nice decor.

13 Apr 2008 16:16

The Glider, Dunstable

New landlord Terry in place now. Well run pub with mostly locals who all appear pleasant. Will go there again soon.

22 Dec 2007 21:01

The Southwark Tavern, London Bridge

This little diamond was my wateringhole for many a year. It used to open at 6am for the market staff and was a great livener before going to work. I will go back soon to see if its changed but although it looks a really rough area is a great place. Just for the memories alone I will rate it a 9 out of ten.

27 Jul 2007 00:47

The Bree Louise, Euston

This pub used to be run by a couple called Tony and Avrill. Nobody will ever come close to them. They were eventually thrown out as they would leave staff on all day and go down the road to the tip called the Exmouth Arms. We would drink until the very early hours with them and whatever anyone says about them they were very nice welcoming people. Hopefully, the mouse problem has now been resolved. Another regular who used to come in for meetings there was Jimmy Knapp the railway union man.

26 Jul 2007 00:13

The Stourvale, Christchurch

This pub in Christchurch is a nice place. I went in and because I had to drive all night ordered a non alcoholic beer. To my astonishment the overweight barman decided to clap, shout and do some kind of dance because of the beer order. What fatso didn't realise is its people like me that contribute to his wages. However, after all is said and done it is a fair old beer shop so will rate it as an 8. As for fatso, he should try saving some of his wages instead to knocking them out at the chippy.

25 Jul 2007 23:45

The English Rose, Luton

Well, that is fair comment but as we are strangers in town we didn't want to cause any problem - so left. I can't knock Stan as I don't know him. Also, on the day we were there the same person told us not to play pool - who is he? Is this Rob the landlord's son or something?

25 Jul 2007 23:28

The Compasses, Greenfield

This place is very friendly and I go there every day for two pints and have never had a problem. The comment by Deggy is somewhat confusing. Did he expect everyone to come up to him and start speaking? Quite simply you get out what you put in and if you try being friendly you will get a proper reply.

25 Jul 2007 23:23

The Boston Arms, Tufnell Park

We went in there some time ago and met a man called John Hickman who thought he owned the place. We got up and left as all he would do was boast about how much he gets in benifits and spends it in the pub. As for the people moaning about the kids, go elsewhere and pay almost double. You can't knock The Boston when its so cheap. You will get a few undesirables because of the price. If it was a tenner a pint you would only get the breed of bankers that have moved into the area. And with them, it wouldnt be a CD they were offering out of a bag it would be a line of coke. So, at just over one fifty a pint its definatly good value for money. As for the kids, its an Irish pub and they are family orientated.

22 Jul 2007 19:13

The Steamship, Blackwall

Mooncrief - I remember the singer and thought he was top notch too. I used to go in this bar in the late 70s early 80s and we always got a late drink. It must have been one of the first to do a late one in those days. It used to get rammed and we all drunk so much I wouldn't know if the beer was good or not but it worked. A great pulling place for us and we were there almost every weekend. I think it was called locally something like Lauro's Steamship. We will go back in the next few weeks and report back

22 Jul 2007 18:17

The English Rose, Luton

The last time I went in here I met a gay guy called Rob and his boyfriend Paul. They seem to have chapagne taste but as usual lemonade money. They told us not to go there as the landlord Stan didn't want strangers in the pub. We had a quick beer and left because we didn't want to upset anyone.

4 Jul 2007 23:06

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