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Comments by paulio1966

The King Charles I, Kings Cross

The Brodies 'Caledonian' was totally legendary. If you go to the King's Place venue and want a post-gig sup, this is 3 streets away. Lovely, lively and friendly boozer. On a good night they might have pork-pies and scotch eggs in stock - proper pub snacks.

14 Oct 2009 21:27

The Slaughtered Lamb, Clerkenwell

I have just DJ'd at this place - A smart but basic upstairs, a decent looking menu and a rather one-dimensional beer menu...apart from bottles of Coopers. The basement bar (where the music event was happening) was manned by a man more interested in his mobile than life itself. Not many people attempted his lack of customer service and personality to be honest and his scornful remark at 10.30pm ("that's the last one, yeah?") only prompted me to continue. Cock. This was a charity event tainted by Mr Grumpy.

It's off-pitch but that is no excuse for shabby treatment of those who are providing a service. Advice to pub manager - kick him right up the arse or get a smiling person who doesn't drop glasses and grimace.

6 Oct 2009 19:16

The O'Briens, Brentford

This was my first visit to a Brentford boozer and won't be my last despite the area's reputation for being a bit punchy. I tried the Monkey IPA which was so good it made my lips curl and my throat dance the fandango - chilli in beer. The Chimay was also served with the respective branded glass. Clean inside and convivial. A really homely boozer. Nice one landlord for selling Belgian as well as tasty English beers...

24 Sep 2009 11:02

The Wheatsheaf Inn, Grayswood

Sparse reviews for a pub that sells a decent pint. I had the Hip Hop which was glorious. The pub seems a bit TOO food-orientated for my liking but the portions looked decent enough - I get the feeling that it is situated on the wrong side of the busy road outside as nobody appeared to be a local from Grayswood.....
Still, the beer is great - try this place....

15 Sep 2009 00:13

The Red Lion, Isleworth

This place has gone and done it again - another cracking beer festival for Bank Holiday. Friendly lady in the ale house smiled her way through every request, the beer was good, the overhead planes instantly forgotten as another pint of Wobbly Bob slipped down my throat like honey. Cheers, Red Lion - Bank Holiday Sunday certainly became pleasantly blurry.......

1 Sep 2009 12:19

The Hollybush, Elstree

My partner and me went in their seeking refreshment on a bloody hot day - we had walked from Totteridge and were on our way to Edgware. What a lovely funny bunch of souls there were in this pub on the Sunday we went in. The only downside was there were no real beers on - but the hospitality was so welcoming. This place would piss all over the East bar and restaurant up the road if it provided basic nosh for walkers and locals, plus proper beers. But I can't fault them for the basic start in pub life - manners. Ray seems like a legend - birthday coming up and wants a fancy dress do..........get in!!!
But do get some real beer mate....

25 Aug 2009 17:23

De Hems, Soho

Excellent Dutch tavern-style bar that exudes a certain panache but I'm not sure why. Perhaps it is the simplicity of it all. Beer lists would be a nice idea guys - try it.
Other than that there is nothing scary about Belgian beers - I recommend either of the Maredsous on tap or the slightly tart Orval on bottle - and of course Chimay. Anything but bloody Stella - use your imagination.....oh and the grub is good. Bitterballen taste very good and are undoubtedly fattening, who cares?

15 Aug 2009 22:59

The Red Lion, Isleworth

They have another Beer Fest coming up - to be honest, I thought there was one running when I met a pal there last week. So many great beers - The Wandle beer was top as were the others. Good to see chilled Chimay in bottles......another friendly visit.

15 Aug 2009 22:48

Moorhen, Harlow

Myself and 30 other walkers were booked into a pre-arranged (by our boss) lunch buffet and a round of drinks after our first ever Saturday Social amble through the surrounding Harlow/Sawbridgeworth countryside. Despite the negative remarks below I have to say "Well Done" to the staff and management who provided a more than adequate array of basic but tasty finger-food on time. Everything except the guacamole was top-notch and provided to our outdoor tables without a grimace.
The beer does need a cuddle though - if they stuck a few well-kept local brews (NOT the usual 'major label' cream ales etc) then they may create an oasis in a desert of decent pubs. There is a wide choice of lagers plus Guinness, Strongbow and IPA. It's not an awful pub, it just needs a bit of thought with the beer side of it - the location is prime for real beer without resorting to serving braised lamb shanks with a red onion and cranberry jus for �16.99...again keep it simple. Thanks again for the efforts! We may well be back soon!!

25 May 2009 20:18

The Llandoger, Bristol

This is a typical pub that plays host to a Premier Inn stuck on top of it. Designed to amaze easily impressed tourists from abroad, locals seem to steer clear (apart from those that fancy a 'decent pint of cold Fosters' - I mean for ****s sake does this exist?)
Their Butcombe beer was as still as a Scottish lake and tasted like one. I would gladly shut this place, buy it from Brewers Fayre and re-open it with a smaller menu and a larger ale list - and no sodding lager except Staro and Budvar....A few Belgians and big bowls of proper chips plus packs of pigscabs and fresh fish dishes. Easy money.

22 May 2009 23:47

The Old Duke, Bristol

Pubs like this serve a purpose - to entertain you with shite blues bands relying on you being bleary-eyed and legless to appreciate them. I waited 5 minutes to be served - I was the only one at the bar...not good. I walked out. I then struggled to sleep in the hotel opposite due to yet another shite blues band that spent 15 minutes finishing each song with a drum roll up until Midnight - prats. Went back the next night only to witness some Brizzle burd flat on her knees hollering out someone's name outside on the steps. Jeez - if you like re-enacting 14th century drinking hostelries then this place will make you proud to be British. I gave it a chance and opted for the Apple Cider Boat by the water's edge - much much better.

22 May 2009 23:35

The White Lion, Bristol

This pub suffers from its location - central but prone to attracting pissed up vagrants spurting abuse at the barlady. Hey ho, it is Bristol, land of the character....
Wickwar beers - I tried 3 and experienced a mixture of sensations. Warm Banker's Draft, tasty Station Porter and a strange pint of Coopers. I was a bit perplexed by the rather lax quality but I did like the interior.
Time to pay attention methinks.

22 May 2009 23:22

The Kings Head, Bristol

I have been in here for the past 2 weeks (whilst on business) - cracking beer including the now deleted Sharps IPA which tasted like a Summer's day in a glass. Sharps surely have to get more of this produced - Cornish Coaster is good but nowhere near as moreish.
Old interior including crazy china jug display in the window and natty snug with long cushioned benches. I would pay �3 quid a pint to keep places like this alive if it meant keeping the chavs out.

22 May 2009 23:16

The Dovetail, Clerkenwell

Lovely lovely beers STILL all good - burgers are decent enough and ef needed after the room-spinning lovely beers....lievly not rowdy....a taste of the Benelux in Farringdon....

3 May 2009 23:56

Townsend Arms, Hertford

Dear oh dear - my girl and I stopped here for a swift beer that became swifter with every inaudible bawl and bellow from the neighbouring bar-room full of 'turned-up-collar boys' and sweary chav in-breds. I felt a little sorry for the (likely) landlord and his lady - they smiled sweetly as another glass was dropped on the floor...Hertford Heath strikes me as a place to dump all the old anti-socials from nearby Hertford town and this is their pub.....there are loads of bright shiny pumps full of gassy crap...and that's reflected on the clientele. The best beer was Newcastle Brown least with the bottle you have a back up weapon to toss at the proles apart from your glass....
This place needs a landlord with a crossbow to keep control plus a range of �3 real ales and no lager to rid him of these achilles heels.
Not a place to relax - looks nice from the outside...

3 May 2009 23:36

The Old Cross Tavern, Hertford

This is what all pubs should strive to be - friendly, community, beer, friendly, beer, scotch eggs, pork scratchings, beer, character, beer and smiles. Bloody hell - London Porter was just incredible...smoky,dark,sassy and perfectly chilled. Ascension, a floral Pale Ale was so tasty it positively shone in the glass.....and they sell Belgian beers....Corsendonk in it's proper glass - real beer served with grace. Basic snacks confirm the attention to beer detail, exactly how it should be. No poncey lamb shanks with redcurrant jus and no rows of neon light pumps serving chav fighting juice....Turn up and smile the night away....

3 May 2009 23:26

Le Bier Circus, Brussels

This was my first visit and it will not be my last. I was so happy I left a tip, something that I never ever do. The stouts are certainly worth trying....and the food was exemplary, not too filling but just right. Its about 20 minutes walk from the City or 5 minutes walk from Parc metro. Honestly, go. I will when I go back to Belgium again.

23 Apr 2009 16:58

A La Becasse, Brussels

One man to serve beer to around 20 tables? He is a legend. Time and time again this lovely place comes up with perfectly served quality beers. It's not a huge range by Brussels standards but the dozen or so are always worth coming back for. The speedily prepared snacks are basic (for Belgium) but tasty. Another great visit.

23 Apr 2009 16:54

The Woolpack, Banbury

Hmmm - I lived in Banbury for 2 years and this place was a decent attempt at a friendly boozer. I never quite got why they had that huge restaurant space at the back tucked away and only 5 or 6 tables in the front portion. This could explain its downfall - it was a food bar rather than a drinks bar and with the recession comes cheap shoddy eats, something I am sure the Woolpack didn't do. Someone with money should go in there and turn the restaurant into snugs and do cheap but home cooked European dishes. I'll just check my wallet....

13 Apr 2009 16:09

The Lion, Waddesdon

Hmmm - strange pub this one. It is trying to be a cosy pub but the interior suggests where the money has gone from the over-priced Kingsmill sandwiches - on the furniture and panelling making it 'feel' like a country manor pub but not in reality. The B&B accomodation looks inviting but the range of beer didn't. They could capitalize on the Bell pulling its finger out and do the same with the atmosphere. The staff were polite though and my beer was fine.

30 Mar 2009 17:16

The Forest Gate Inn, Epping

Mmmm - Nethergate was very tasty as was the Aspalls Dry, easily one of the best ciders on tap. The dog who was hiding under the table was also very accomodating and moved to another hiding place. Quiet (no teens) and jovial (few older locals) in equal measure plus a nice toasty fire to warm our cold legs after a 17 mile hike from Hoddesdon. It's always good to reach your destination but even better when that destination serves up decent beer with a smile.

30 Mar 2009 17:08

The Chandos, Trafalgar Square

In this day and age it is always reassuring to know that there are a few Sam Smiths pubs in London (and near where I live thank heavens!). This one is decent enough - I tend to drink the Stout and the cider but my companion actually liked the lager but struggled to tell the difference between the alpine and usual lager. A decent stop-off during a visit to the capital.

20 Mar 2009 22:20

The Agricultural, Penrith

Ended up staying the night due to bad weather surrounding the destination youth hostel in the mountains - ah well it's a hard life! The Jennings range of beers is well worth drinking at any time but these were well kept and very welcome during the circumstances. The bed and brek side was spot on. The breakfast was bewildering huge and very very tasty. A decent pub.

20 Mar 2009 22:16

The Good Intent, Puttenham

Nicely placed halfway between Guildford and Tongham on the North Downs Way path, this pub is a magnet for locals, walkers and beer-heads alike. Although the pub was heaving on the Saturday afternoon during January, the wait was worth it. Cracking pint of Surrey Hills - clean, grassy and attractive just like it's namesake. I chose the Addlestone's cider but there were pints and pints of loveliness across the taps. Very see my review of the Tongham Brewery Shop!

3 Feb 2009 20:52

A La Mort Subite, Brussels

A bit shabby - overworked table staff who definitely needed a cuddle when I was visiting. La Mort Subite beers are well worth the wait though - food was acceptable as usual in Brussels. It's OK and worth a gawp but you do get kept waiting before being served.

11 Dec 2008 22:21

A La Becasse, Brussels

a quality Flemish tavern down a dark alley - venture forth into the world of Lambic beers. The Gueuze is quality - the food is exemplary, after all it is Belgium. No jukebox, no boorish prats and no mobile phones - that's why it's better than a Wetherspoons!

11 Dec 2008 22:19

THE Distillers, Hammersmith

Getting there - UBU was off but the Tribute was bang on. Nice to see a Cornish beer up in the smoke. Please bring back the Grimbergen (or Duvel or any decent Belgian)

11 Dec 2008 22:12

Ye Olde Reindeer, Banbury

I'm going back there for a quick visit from London in the New Year - now if that doesn't say something then what does? Who the hell put the rubbish New Flyer on here?

11 Dec 2008 21:50

The Dovetail, Clerkenwell

Beer - Loads of it. Yes they do Artois but no Stella - good. I had Delerium, Boon and Leffe Braun and all reliable foamy glasses of flavour and joy. I'm moving to Belgium.

Food - Variations on Belgian cuisine plus some bar snacks. Reports are favourable so I will give it a try next time.

Atmosphere - Quiet at 5pm but by 6pm full of local suits and affecianados. The less brave chose the draught Cristal lager beer - each to his own but the bottles in the fridge are more exciting. Music was unobtrusive.

Service - Friendly and well-informed. The barman warned me about the gueuze beer that I ordered stating that some punters have said it was off (due to its tart taste). I already know gueuze beer from La Mort Subite in Brussels but it was good of him to check first.

Overall - Reminiscent of bars in Ghent and Brussels but with minimal table service when busy. I like this place - anywhere that doesn't pander to fighting juice or nerdy ale-heads is alright with me. Ilove real ale AND Belgian beers and Clerkenwell/Farringdon has enough great boozers to cater for both sets of affeciandos.

8 Oct 2008 16:38

The Crown Hotel, Horton in Ribblesdale

Beer - Not a great choice but Old Pec was perfect. The Best wasn't befitting it's name but it was OK.

Food - As with most of the pubs locally, the menu was a comforting array of pub-grub. Didn't get to try any. They do sell the lovely Seabrook crisps and delicious pork scratchings.

Atmosphere - I visited during the early evening when it was quiet, I believe it got flooded later on due to the crazy weather. The fire was belting out heat good enough to dry my coat.

Service - Landlord very pleasant and welcoming.

Overall - Tailored towards the top-end of occasional rambler rather than heavy duty walker, this hotel is situated in a very pleasant village and within easy walking distance of the rail station and the Pen Y Ghent peak paths.

8 Oct 2008 16:07

The Old Hill Inn, Chapel-le-Dale

Beer - A cracking array and certainly worthy of its inclusion in the 2009 Beer Guide. I sampled Dent Aviator (brewed about 15 miles away) and Marstons Oyster Stout - exemplary. I didn't have time to try the other beers - the weather was clsoing in and my lift was outside.

Food - There is a restaurant next to the bar area - didn't stop for food.

Atmosphere - I walked in on a large group singing folk songs around the tables - good natured if a little on the morbid side. How many songs are their about bearing coffins? Part of the local Folk festival overspill probably displaced by the atrocious weather outside.

Service - Welcoming.

Overall - This sits on one of the crossover paths on the 3 peaks trail from Whernside to Ingleborough and boy was it needed on the day I visited!

8 Oct 2008 15:37

The Station Inn, Ribblehead

Beer - Selection pretty low on the friday on my arrival (prior to attempting the 3 peaks in the worst weather possible) with Old Pec (from the wood - slightly sour but quaffable), TBB and Lancaster Red (very good). 3 more beers appeared including Golden Fleece, Copper Dragon and Tetley's. All very fresh. The Black Sheep had an odd taste about it when piped through.

Food - Very comfort-flavoured and very tasty. The small piece of plastic found in the mash wasn't. Sausages and pies are freshly prepared and worth the wait. Pork pies are available from the bar in a plastic cabinet - black pudding pork pies, mmmmmm.

Atmosphere - Something lacking when half-empty (rare) and buzzing when full (often). As with most Yorkshire pubs, rugby was playing on the TV. A mechanical pirate grunts and groans at anyone who 'tips' his tray - scary but a talking point. Lovely warm fire raged in the grate during most of our stay.

Service - The proprietors handled a power-cut with good grace and humour. Very few left the pub and a small hen-party with broken down limo arrived to liven it up in a good-natured way.

Overall - Toilets need a serious overhaul, they stank. A rather scruffy but agreeable inn. The neighbouring bunkhouse is a lottery but clean and secure.

8 Oct 2008 15:19

The Red Lion, Isleworth

Nice one Salty - got my copy yesterday and good to see this pub returning to that very page! Might well pop down for some cider later on before the winter closes in.....

8 Oct 2008 15:06

The Red Lion, Isleworth

Not seen the 2009 Good Beer Guide but this should be in it!

20 Sep 2008 22:47

The Cambridge, Soho

I have been in here a few times with mixed results. Today it was a rather warm pint of Golden Newt and a chilled rather wonderful pint of Wainwright. Even though it is in busy Central London it is not too expensive (under �3 for most beers) and friendly enough but prone to pissed idiots occasionally. All in all - I like their attempts at selling tasty REAL beers with tasting notes on the pumps. Yes it's aimed at tourists but some neighbourhood pubs would do well to emulate this formula. Well done Cambridge.

30 Aug 2008 20:12

The North Bridge Inn, Exeter

The sort of pub frequented by Exeter's local "special" fraternity but it's never threatening just - well, chatty and that's fine. The beer assortment is OK - the cider is a safe bet. It's alright - go inside....there are far far worse in this city..

25 Aug 2008 21:59

The Imperial, Exeter

Came in on 17th August 2007 - still waiting to be served. GET SOME BLOODY STAFF!

25 Aug 2008 21:51

Shannons, Hounslow

It's still covered in kebabs and pewk thrown by Hounslow's finest residents - probably the same dweebs that smash up bus shelters in Isleworth and glass people in pubs in Brentford. Anyone know when this eyesore is getting knocked down?

25 Aug 2008 21:40

The Queens Head, Hammersmith

I detest pubs like this - that sort of smug and smarmy self-assured crotch-grabbing that goes with the average Audi driver or Robbie Williams - I wouldn't be surprised if it was run by him. When the food eventually arrives it's like you have to remember whether you ordered it or not or whether it was actually last week...But when it does turn up it is generally acceptable in a "shouldn't be more than �10" kind of way (but it is). It's the bar experience I lose the will to live - order 4 or more drinks and see if you get overcharged or the wrong drinks . It is best to visit this place at 4am - when it's shut. Over-priced pretentious nonsense for people who don't dare complain.

25 Aug 2008 20:41

The Old Ship, Hammersmith

Riverside pubs should appeal to ALL river visitors including those that like REAL beer. Their counter looked like Blackpool Lights with their silly beer pumps. Only the Discovery was worth several glugs.

Go to the DOVE

25 Aug 2008 20:32

THE Distillers, Hammersmith

I work across the road so was delighted to see that they sold Purity and bottled Grimbergen - they seemed to have stopped both. I would love to run this place - although Fulham Palace Road is a rat-hole at the best of times (great for the sound of police sirens and heroin-boys skulking with carrier bags full of Ace) and is pretty much like most of Hammersmith - BUT - this is a place that could still deter idiots without charging silly pennies for a standard pint of "off-license" cider and bottles of real Belgian beer as well as REAL ale.

25 Aug 2008 20:28

The Brook Green Hotel, Hammersmith

Bloody hell - what has happened to this once quality boozer. In order to deter the regular legion of meths-supping tramps that frequent Brook Green (an area that thinks it's nice and upmarket but, hey, it's Hammersmith so it's not - fact, Young's have cranked the prices up and stopped doing the Special. They do sell the Double Chocolate Stout - at stupid pounds a bottle but at least it's chilled. I don't know - all Youngs had to do was clean the toilets - it was never a bad pub. It isn't now but just too poncey - stop it. Bring back the Special and sell proper beers.

25 Aug 2008 20:22

The Red Lion, Isleworth

I had a cracking pint of Declaration and Nelson's Delight on Sunday evening (i think the beer fest had died off by then) but this was their standard roster. They do like their Hogs Back brewery which is fine. What a splendid garden they have and what an agreeable clientele they attract. As I have banged on before - Isleworth is alright if you know where to go - and this pub needs support. I could quite happily chill in their garden even with the flightpath to one side - so what? Planes, shmanes. Get some lovely beer down you. Oh and fair play to Trainman for glugging a pint of St Austell's Proper Job - a gorgeous pint. I would love this pub to have a try with more St Austell and Skinner's. my only disappointment was the bar-lady's lack of Belgian beer knowledge when asked.

25 Aug 2008 19:30

The Wheatsheaf and Pigeon, Staines

Walked 16 miles from Isleworth to this lively community pub just 150 yds from the Thames (a brown sign points you along the way from the river) in the hope of tasty food and beer - not disappointed. A friendly and loud welcome from tha bar staff, even when packed on a Bank Holiday Monday, and a cracking pint of Cirrus from Mr Whitehead's Cider Company. They also had the always good Doombar and the usual Pride. The cider was marvellous. Cool and cloudy. The BBQ was a one off but the pork, stuffing and apple bap was really worth the walk. It caters for all tastes - there are houses of all types around this pub. Council houses, riverside flats and terraces add to the mix so expect a half decent small wine list, the usual "off-license" larrga and decent drinker's beers. Good.

25 Aug 2008 19:22

The Anchor, Stanwell Moor

Passed through Stanwell Moor on Bank Hol Monday - bit disappointing really. No proper real ales and no Strongbow (the best of the remaining "off-licence" bunch). I plumped for Guinness which was as cold as Extra Cold. They also didn't have coke on tap just cans - this was a plus since tapped soft drinks are utter crud normally. The pub itself is opposite a housing estate that, although well kept, seemed to spawn regular speed-bys by its resident bikers and white van men so sitting outside is not that great even on a quiet day. The place needs a cuddle on the outside but on the inside is a perfectly acceptable layout with comfy sofas, clean tables and a garden. It could do with a spruce but NOT poncey lights or wines, just proper beer and proper rolls in a cool cabinet on the bar.

25 Aug 2008 19:09

The Town Wharf, Old Isleworth

I agree with gladstone - I have never worked out when the downstairs is open either. I imagine it is a cost-cutting exercise. However, if it is the it is also a customer-cutting service as well. Isleworth suffers for already being on the wrong side of the Thames - scruffy, office-inhabited and "a bit council" (a comment I heard from a stuffy couple in the London Apprentice up the road) but it IS on the river and a prime spot with fabulous views, georgian properties and bird-life plus a lack of too many plummy toffs pontificating over the Telegraph about the price of Bentleys and over-boisterous chavs. It's generally an OK area (and far nicer than the London Road / Ivybridge end). It's fate lies with the Landlord!

24 Aug 2008 12:02

The Golden Lion, St Ives

What a smashing front room boozer in a classic Cornish town. No pretensions and no nonsense - just fabulous Old Rosie... and a room of jovial smiley locals. The pub dog was also a jolly character - I prefer cats but a dog with a grimace deserves a mention. Its one of those pubs where you keep glugging with no time restrictions.......

29 Jun 2008 00:18

The Castle Inn, St Ives

I had a very respectable Skinners blonde here (ooer) and supped 2 pints of this before the place seemed to fill with those annoying tiny flies that float above peoples glasses on demand (bastards)...but (armed with a can of RAID) I survived ...Good boozer..

29 Jun 2008 00:13

The Turks Head, Penzance

Doom Bar fantastic - beer garden sheltered from lunatic gale force winds - great location (Chapel St) - come again? Oh alright then if you must - Betty Stogs rocked on the day....

29 Jun 2008 00:05

The Admiral Benbow, Penzance

A locals pub by day - they were testing out the pub jukebox when I was in there - but a real treasure nonetheless. The Doombar was on top form. Chapel Street in Penzance is well worth a visit anyway but this place and the Turks' are a beer drinkers paradise...

29 Jun 2008 00:01

The Lion and Lamb, Ashton

Excellent beer - pleasant welcome - Good Pirates beer on offer and cracking Addlestones cider.......After an evil 15 mile coastal walk (and lack of decent pubs en route from Penzance) this place delivered...

28 Jun 2008 23:58

The Cittie of Yorke, Holborn

Sam Smiths beer and all the usual no-frills generic spirits contained behind a low-level bar and lots of little snugs and booths. No music just beer beer and some food (served in the basement area - its OK).
There are few better reasons to visit this place - the Extra Stout is ridiculously moreish (and only �2.20). For less than a tenner you can have a cheery old time people watching. Other Sam Smiths worth a punt are The Chandos (near Traf Sq) and The Town Wharf in Isleworth Ait Creek..

21 Jun 2008 19:24

The Admiral Holland, Banbury

Soul-less and intimidating. It suits the locals down to a ground. The one occasion I braved this place was to drink John Smiths and quickly use the loo after a 10mile walk from Edgehill. The contrast in this place and The Castle in the aforementioned village could not be greater. Thankfully it serves its purpose in keeping the local constabulary amused and the surrounding demographic as drunk as lords.

21 Jun 2008 19:19

The Red Lion, Isleworth

This is not my local (That would be the shady Milford) but I did like the beer (DaisyCutter was exceptionally fresh and tasty) plus they do try to be a bit wider than your standard "Largar" drinks with Leffe and Fruilli plus several ales. I have found the "local cronies" rather agreeable - if you ask nicely they will let you see the pumps, it's not difficult. I used English - it works sometimes. Isleworth has it's salty characters but they tend to drink in the Bridge, The Milford or the Coach & Horses near Hounslow end of London Road. Live music adds to the atmosphere although rather too many accoustic blues acts for my liking...

21 Jun 2008 19:04

The Rose and Crown PH, Oxford

Simple, unpretentious, expensive (reassuringly), Adnams top-notch, beer garden with grapevines, toilet with hurricane hand-dryer, landlord (rather like a squire patrolling his land for young scallywags) who has been rumoured to drop the odd twittering mobile phone into the pint in front of its ill-mannered braying loser, pints of pistachios and lovely lovely Tyrells crisps. Go there.

9 Jun 2008 00:01

The Dun Cow, Hornton

Some of the best ciders ever...Marvellous location - kids playground opposite to let the offspring jump about without annoying the regulars in the pub but the landlord who looks like santa is such an accomodating chap it makes it all worthwhile - the 6 mile walk back to Banbury is very pleasant too.

8 Jun 2008 23:48

Ye Olde Reindeer, Banbury

Dot and Tony are such a pleasant pair of hosts you almost forgive them for letting the occasional brat in there. But I would rather have kids in a pub than teenagers and this pub tries to keep them out with its over-21 policy. The Hook Norton range of beers is second to none and Tony has worked his arse off to keep them in great condition over the years. They will be very very sorely missed and I hope the pub stays as unspoilt - you cant beat this place with its log fire in the winter, it's tennis coverage during summer and it's grumpy scratchy cat. Food is simple inexpensive and perfectly acceptable nourishing fayre. Worth a train trip alone.

8 Jun 2008 23:38

The Woolpack, Banbury

Well done - a real rival to the Reindeer but with a modern minimal twist. Very large dining room at the rear. Front room is small but not intimidating. Cracking beer on as well and very well kept. I haven't been since leaving Banbury late last year but I have had reports that it is still very very good.

8 Jun 2008 23:28

Musketeer, Banbury

As welcoming as herpes - the beer choice is aimed at wife-beaters and plebs. Come on come on what is wrong with these sort of pubs - surely not everyone in Ruscote Estate is devoid of taste buds? Not everybody in the surrounding area wants just fizzy urine..

8 Jun 2008 23:23

Wonder Lounge, Banbury

Dear oh dear - i suppose the underclass need somewhere to go and fight (that will be when Yates is too busy)and the only plus point was the toilet was clean - but it wouldn't flush!!
The Guinness was OK but then so are a couple of ABBA albums after 8 cans of White Lightning...

8 Jun 2008 23:15

The Bell Inn, Banbury

Serves great beer full stop. Also turns a blind eye to people selling pirate goods and as it is the scruffy East End of Banbury I can only guess this is de rigeur for the are the lion-sized rottweilers roaming the lounges but don't let that put you off. The Iceberg or Harveys I had was the best in its class - just keep an eye on the man with the bag of DVDs

8 Jun 2008 23:10

The Boringdon Arms, Turnchapel

The best beer and the best pub in Plymouth bar none - and it is in a really pleasant part of South East harbour area, Turnchapel Village. There is another pub nearby - it's not bad either. But this one sells so much good beer and serves gorgeous simple food (yes to the Fish Pie). The great thing is - no boorish prats with tracksuits, something that really blights a lot of this quality city and it's pubs. Just thoughtfully spoken locals with a lust for life.

8 Jun 2008 22:36

The Fortescue, Mutley Plain

Cracking Spingo & Black Sheep and Skinners and Sharps and well the list goes on. If the pint isn't nice they will change it - just ask rather than scowl in a corner sulking. It heaves on Saturday nights with short-sleeved "buys" and crusty locals tolerating each other but I have honestly not witnessed an issue in the 15 years I have spent in it. Please please get the toilets sorted out - detergent and bleach are normally on offer at Wilkinsons so no excuse. I resorted to nipping into the KFC to use theirs - now that is bad! But, the Sunday roast is bang on as is the beer and the majority of the locals...

8 Jun 2008 22:28

The Minerva Inn, Plymouth

I used to go in here in my early 20's to throw �1 into the creaky jukebox and listen The Triffids and The Fall - all on lovely 7". I will be back there during the summer to check out the jukebox again. Oh and the beer is also very good and well kept - The Sharps rocked.
best time to visit is between 6.30 and 8.30 - after that it's difficult to get to the very tiny bar...

8 Jun 2008 22:16

The Millbridge Inn, Plymouth

The thing with the Millbridge is it doesn't try to be anything it isn't. Firkin up the back passage indeed. Millbridge is otherwise devoid of decent pubs - East Stonehouse and North Road West pubs are far worse and dangerous so most decent locals and drop-outs pop in here to talk rubbish and get all smiley - hey it's no bad thing! The beer and the cider is very good and quite how this has not been a regular Real Ale entry in the guides is beyond me. Not had the food (if there is any) but the craic is normally friendly and very busy

8 Jun 2008 22:11

The Junction, Plymouth

I have never seen any bother in this pub to be fair because, on a live gig night, no-one cares what you look like UNLESS you are a chav - they quickly get glared at (as indeed they should with their inability to handle more than 1 pint of chemical enhanced urine with fizz)
Beer is OK, music is better although the Diamond Geezers are about as enjoyable as stapling your tongue to a bus drivers arse. Generally I have been to some good nights there...

8 Jun 2008 22:04

The Britannia Inn, Plymouth

It's a Wetherspoons.... it's big inside (although crowded and reasonably humoured on match days) and it is in the wilderness of Milehouse which is a big ugly 8 lane crossroads. If you don't get knocked down heading for the pub sober, you will whilst rat-arsed after glugging their beer. It is pretty good actually. As with all Wetherspoons - mostly good beer, mostly good prices, mostly slow service. Gets a bit underclass though on Friday nights as it is a stop-off point en route to the fighting arenas of West Plymouth. Food is OK.

8 Jun 2008 21:52

The Town Wharf, Old Isleworth

A Sam Smith's in my local area? Cheap wonderful Extra Stout that tastes so good and the pub is next to (virtually overhanging) the Thames (on the rather unglamourous, less picturesque North Bank). I prefer this no-nonsense establishment compared to the overpriced and pompous London Apprentice further upstream. Isleworth has a welter of pubs - this is the best of the bunch

8 Jun 2008 11:24

The Seven Stars, Chancery Lane

Great boozer, fabulous beers and a real unspoilt gem in Central London. I didn't see the famous cat but I expect he was relaxing in a quiet corner somewhere. In some ways this is an almost continental-style cafe but that can only be a good thing. They sell Aspall's Dry Suffolk Cyder and Harveys (not the Bristol Cream). The blackboard outside recommended NO Big Brother Conversation - I couldn't agree more...

8 Jun 2008 11:01

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