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Comments by passiton

The Royal Oak Inn, Meavy

Last Thursday I popped in for a quick pint after a cycle ride. I selected the Dartmoor Jail Ale Bitter but while the barmaid was pulling the pint, the barrel ran out. She asked me if I would mind waiting and I said I wouldn't. She called the guvnor who went to change the barrel. he then pulled through a quantity of beer before sampling it and holding it up to the light to check the quality. he did this a couple of times.The barmaid then pulled me a completely fresh pint and when I proffered the money she declined to accept it, saying that I had had to wait while they changed the barrel. How refreshingly different from many other pubs I could mention when this happens, where there is no attempt to change the barrel (or it is changed but not pulled through properly)and an alternative is offered, often costing more, with no apology. The beer from the new barrel was excellent by the way. I wasn't there for a meal or to spend lots of money yet I was treated like a valued customer - I will be back on the strength of this ecellent customer service.

18 Nov 2010 13:11

The Six Bells, Newdigate

Well worth a visit. Excellent beer - food is traditional country Pub food and is well presented, more importantly, there is a chalk board with Chef's Specials. The chef really knows his business. The staff are very helpful and easy to talk to they make everyone feel welcome. Excellent meal and a good choice. Well looked after Babger Ale, we will be back.

18 Nov 2010 13:03

The Royal Oak Inn, Meavy

Proper Devon pub with a great atmosphere, wonderful beer and friendly staff. Can get very busy but they always seem to find some room for you.
Good selection of reasonably priced food (in bar and restaurant).
The chips are to die for!

10 Feb 2010 22:27

The Royal Oak Inn, Meavy

Children have been allowed in the pub lounge for the last two years, however the bar is still adult only. Stephen & Julie have made the pub very welcoming, its clean and the food is simply superb. Most impressed by the friendly service and the beer is excellent. We will definately be back soon.

26 Feb 2009 02:13

The Royal Oak Inn, Meavy

Made several visits during Dec '07/Jan 08, sometimes just for a pint or two and sometimes for a meal as well. A very friendly pub with excellent ales, both local and from afar, all kept in superb condition. Tried a steak one evening and was able to congratulate mine hosts on the best steak I'd eaten anywhere for a long time.

9 Feb 2008 10:43

The Royal Oak Inn, Meavy

Haven't been for while, but only through lack of opportunity. This is a cracking little country pub, with plenty of genuine atmosphere and friendliness, in an all-too-rare 2-bar interior. The Jail & Dartmoor ales are always well-conditioned, and provide a worthy accompaniment, along with a well-balanced wine list, the range of home-cooked foods, which are equally excellent. A really cosy experience, especially on a cold and wet Autumn/Winter day, and well worth digging out.

5 Feb 2008 17:20

The Wheelwright Inn, Colyford

Excellent beer - food is traditional country Pub food and is well presented. The staff are very helpfull and easy to talk to they make everyone feel welcome. Excellent meal and a good choice.Well looked after Badger beer, we will be back.

3 Nov 2006 15:36

The Blackmore Vale Inn, Marnhull

The landlord (Steve) is not aussie but the friendly staff are. Very welcoming, both surroundings and excellent meal. Visited on Wedensday night had a great meal, washed down with three pints of very well kept Tanglefoot and joined in the quiz!!! did not win the quiz..... But had a great night at a very pleasant village pub.

Will be going back soon.

20 May 2006 18:29

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