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Comments by palecitrus

Dover Castle, Northfleet

Regrettably, it would appear to have been CLOSED, and is in the process of conversion into flats.

Another one bites the dust...

9 Jan 2012 22:40

The Royal Oak, Tunbridge Wells

Rather good. Possibly one of the best pubs in TW. Warm, comfortable and spacious. A decent range of well-kept beer. Affable atmosphere. Definitely recommended.

9 Jan 2012 19:38

The Fountain Hotel, Sittingbourne

Very decent place for a decent, quick (Sheps) beer.

15 Nov 2011 22:11

The Bull, Horton Kirby

A jolly decent local pub!

10 Nov 2011 22:38

The Bridges, South Darenth

Beer's decent rather than spectacular and the cellar just doesn't cope when it's really sunny. However, it's a very clean, pleasant, quiet pub and always welcoming and well worth a visit.

10 Nov 2011 22:35

The Jolly Miller, South Darenth

How on Earth could this place have such a high (6+) rating? Rough as a badger's bum, as is the beer.

10 Nov 2011 22:27

The Queen, South Darenth

Fabulous, well-run local pub, which is welcoming to outsiders. Sandwiched in the middle of a terrace in a residential street. Not a great range of proper beer due to the poor taste of the aforementioned locals, but what there is always well looked after.

10 Nov 2011 22:26

The White Horse, Chilham

A very pleasant pub in a very pleasant village - as seen on Top Gear's 50th birthday/E-Type Jag' feature...

10 Nov 2011 22:17

The Cherry Tree, Canterbury

Pleasant little backstreet pub serving decent beer. Bit spit and sawdust, very friendly. Better still, the posh Abode hotel has complained to the council about the noise in a bid to either close it or curtail its hours of opening. Tough. Recommended. Visit it if only to annoy the w*nky hotel.

10 Nov 2011 22:09

Cafe Belge, Canterbury

Closed. Turned into a hoity-toity fish restaurant.

10 Nov 2011 22:06

The High Brooms Tavern, High Brooms

A very good local pub with jolly good locals. As others have said, it's one to see for the interior decor. Close to High Brooms station for anyone to-ing or fro-ing from Tunbridge Wells. Looks like it's seen better days, though. The beer, though, was tip-top even if the range was a little limited.

10 Nov 2011 21:37

The Nevill Crest and Gun, Eridge Green

Note to BITE: As another poster has mentioned, the pub is now owned by Brunning & Price - it's no longer a Brewer's Fart...

10 Nov 2011 21:34

The Nevill Crest and Gun, Eridge Green

Very nicely done up and now owned by a proper pub company that not only looks after a decent range of beers very well, but know how to cook a bit too. Food might be a bit pricey (although it's pretty good), as indeed is the beer, but it's still a jolly decent pub.

10 Nov 2011 21:33

The Opera House, Tunbridge Wells

Unfairly marked down for being a 'spoons. It's pleasant enough. The beer's well kept. The staff are fine, likewise the clientele whenever I've been there. However, I'd avoid it on Fridays and Saturdays given the noisy kids that descend on the place and the consequent need for 'door security'. The air con's a bit annoying too.

10 Nov 2011 21:30

The Sovereign of the Seas, Petts Wood

A decent local with a great range of beers, well served. Clientel fine. Pokey beer patio out the back.

Better value than the Co-op it replaced.... Marked unfairly low, IMO.

17 Oct 2009 22:46

Unicorn Inn, Canterbury

Without doubt one of the best pubs in Canterbury. Good beer, well served by friendly staff; very pleasant clientele.

Everything a good pub ought to be.

17 Oct 2009 22:31

Westgate Inn, Canterbury

Someone at 'spoons seem to have read the comments here as the beer choice has improved over the past year or so.

Smaller and friendlier of the two 'spoons in Canterbury; staff are friendly and the clientele fine.

Beer's good too - and extremely well-priced, too.

There are other good pubs round the corner, but this is worth a visit in St Dunstan's pub crawl.

17 Oct 2009 22:27

The Phoenix, Canterbury

Excellent beer. Pleasant, friendly service. Not trendy, but comfortable like an old slipper. Good for a nice, quiet pint - except when the cricket's on...

17 Oct 2009 22:19

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