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Comments by ornithology

The Parklands Hotel, Lincoln

This pub closed down

30 Apr 2010 11:12

The Nightingale Inn, Lincoln

Have heard that this pub is closed verify anyone?

30 Apr 2010 11:11

The Joiners Arms, Lincoln

Closure reported in local paper April 29,2010

30 Apr 2010 11:09

The Monson Arms, Lincoln

The Lincolnshire Echo said this pub closed down

30 Apr 2010 11:03

The Lord Tennyson, Lincoln

The Lincolnshire Echo recently stated that this pub closed ,have not been past to verify

30 Apr 2010 11:02

De Wint, Lincoln

This pub is now closed

30 Apr 2010 10:15

The Cornhill Vaults, Lincoln

Great cellar bar, great atmosphere all gone, they built a bookshop on it.

25 Apr 2010 12:12

The Lark, Lincoln

Gone and not missed

25 Apr 2010 12:06

The Turks Head, Lincoln

Another victim of the recession now closed

25 Apr 2010 12:04

The Barbican, Lincoln

This pub/hotel is now closed

25 Apr 2010 12:01

Chicago Rock Cafe, Lincoln

Closed in the week weekends only

25 Apr 2010 11:58

The Steamhammer Inn, Lincoln

I believe this pub is a victim of the recession and is now closed

25 Apr 2010 11:56

The Monks Abbey, Lincoln

This pub is now closed

25 Apr 2010 11:49

The New Manvers Arms, Lincoln

This pub no longer exists it was demolished and replaced by housing

25 Apr 2010 11:47

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