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Ye Olde Anchor Inn, Upton upon Severn

Like this pub, i reckon it has the edge over some of the "hip" riverside pubs.

Usual good range of ales, just had a couple of Stowfords this visit, enjoyed in the petite - but lovely, sunny, and well planted back yard / beer garden. Excellent afternoon visit.

Clean and tidy house.

Even won a Stowford Glass, diamond visit..

11 Aug 2014 01:03

The Winged Spur, Ullenhall

Nipped in couple of days ago, on a wet Sunday evening.
Pleasantly surprised, a warm welcome had here. Initially a bit surprised by the smoking area, but on later inspection, it's really very good. In envy of their wood burners..

The main bar was serving most beers, plus as i recall Wetheroak IPA. Had a couple, and found to be a sturdy and consistent pint. The staff were quite young, but the service was good.

Good clean house, would definitely go again. This visit, between lunch and dinner, but reading their menu, for the varied range of sharing platters, and chalkboard specials.
For now a big 9

6 Aug 2013 00:02

The Olde Talbot Hotel, Ledbury

Eccentric...understated for him. The 6X was well fit, keep that alright, can't beat that fireplace when the weather is so cold..
No food this visit, other staff always A1, a big 9.

25 Mar 2013 00:33

The Marlbank, Welland

Been passing this pub for couple of years, finally nipped in. Got pleasantly surprised and made welcome, good range of beers, stuck to the "Old Hooky", haven't had such a great pint of Hooky in years (11/10) add Tyrells crisps = Total bliss.
Understand other comments, dont mind regulars, long as they don't look over like they're chewing a wasp. However, everyone pleasant, a very tidy & comfortable place, and very smart bar crew.
Might eat next time, but just for the service, and the 'Hooky' - a big 9..

4 Mar 2013 18:04

The Horseshoe Inn, Ledbury

Recommended by the butcher next door, visited late last year. Meal simple but v.good. Good service, good food, reasonable prices.
The butcher was right and i'll definitely re-visit.

5 Jan 2013 23:22

The Weighbridge, Alvechurch

Stumbled on this pub on the advice of "uglyduck32". I reckon they didn't go far enough to extol the brilliance of this canal-side nugget.

Just nipped in for a quick drink, to find an excellent range of ales, excellent value, the best crisps on earth, and will definitely be back to examine the mouthwatering described pork pie & sauce.

What a gem. Just for the surroundings, and the service, a big 9..

3 Aug 2012 22:24

The Drum and Monkey, Dorridge

Just nipped in for a quick drink. Service is beyond comparison, excellent. Recommend highly. Didn't try the food this visit.
Will always come again for the ale and the friendly staff.
Only nipped in for a drink, a Big 9..

11 Jul 2012 21:15

Ye Olde Anchor Inn, Upton upon Severn

Been in a few times now, always clean, always friendly. Really good welcome from that glowing open fire in the hearth, only England in June..

All the 'usuals' with Doom Bar, SN Spitfire, and Fullers Pride. Tried the Spitfire, rare to find that one unbottled, not disappointed. Had a few more to establish the consistent quality. Would recommend.

Back next week, maybe try the food. For the welcome, the character, (the warmth) and the ale, 8/10

5 Jul 2012 22:12

Ship Inn, Lyme Regis

'Jester' said they were actually Wolves fans.
Easy mistake...

18 May 2012 17:27

The Royal Standard, Lyme Regis

Visited the evening of St Patric day, this year. Had the Guinness of course, and Palmers PA.
By Stout & About Irish Posts reckoning it was somewhere between Nothing to Stout About Stout of the Ordinary. The Palmers a bit lack lustre too.

However, the food was another issue.
Truly brilliant and outstanding was the starter Fish Soup somewhere between Cullen Skink and Algarvean Pez Soup. So thick it was hard to find the liquor, and the taste was truly masterpiece.

The guys had various other starters, all were very tasty and satisfying. For the main, the 8oz rump steak, and a bargain 16oz for an extra two quid.
Came with all the trimmings and was totally filling after that brilliant soup. Gut buster.!!

Our Doc (Cheese expert) had even more cheese than he expected, and the only real disappointment that side of the table - was that they had run out of sticky toffee pudding.

Excellent service, and friendly, helpful staff. Feasted, fed, and full up.
Definitely go for the food again, well stay longer and drink more if you

And yes, she does have a nice bumha ha

17 May 2012 20:05

The Cobb Arms, Lyme Regis

So 'Jester' stayed ashore and had his pint, 'Maverick' and 'Ice' went out on the charter boat. 'Jester' made a good call, apparently the diving was very low visibility - seriously pish.
And 'Jester' enjoyed the Palmers so much, he had another pint - "top job".

10 May 2012 21:55

Urban Beach Hotel, Boscombe

Aspells cider kept well. Try the Ale next time...
Staff attentive and v.helpful.

Excellent bit of tea, the mushroom soup - more like mushroom puree, it was truly superb, great balanced blend of mushrooms, texture, and seasoning.

The John Dory fillet was totally out of this world, served on a bowl of local moules in a drop dead gorgeous sauce of shredded vegetables, herbs, saffron, cream, so many flavours going on - but all heading the right way. There was nothing missing.
Result - an outstanding dish - definitely go for it again...

Hard to get tired of the decor, too. See for yourself.!!

22 Apr 2012 21:33

The Cobb Arms, Lyme Regis

Only nipped in for a cocoa and some change for the carpark (For March thats a rip-off) before 9 in the morning. Good service, helpful staff.
Nice outlook - 'Jester' wants to go back for a Palmers - soon matey back in May.

22 Mar 2012 22:14

Ship Inn, Lyme Regis

Found this little gem down the back streets of Lyme. Seriously cosy, a proper pub.
Stocked the usuals, Thatchers cider and Palmers beers - Palmers Best / IPA was kept well, consistently good, smooth as silk.
Excellent finish to a great night.

Brilliant atmosphere - despite being half full of Albion fans - very friendly, certainly return. Back again in May.

19 Mar 2012 23:13

The Pilot Boat Inn, Lyme Regis

True. Nice pub but it serves some seriously cracking food. Loved the gurnard. All the guys ate well.
Dr Phil recommends the cheesecake.
We tried the Palmers 200 and the Best Bitter / IPA. Both had been kept well, tasted as good as they looked. Stuck with the Best Bitter - consistently good. Neither was an average pint.

Would definitely return. Its no session pub - but excellent service.

19 Mar 2012 23:05

The Prince of Wales, Ledbury

Regularly in Ledbury always return to the Prince - sublime real pub atmosphere.
The ales, beers or Stowford Press are always kept very well, the range of Tyrells seems to grow with each visit, and the pies are a good plate full too, have never had an average visit.
Will always highly recommend - just try it. I'm back down next week.

25 Feb 2012 18:16

The Olde Talbot Hotel, Ledbury

Stayed a weekend just before christmas - love this town been returning for years - never been to the Talbot before. What a gem.
The atmosphere is outstanding, lovely, buzzing, trad, just great, the breakfast is the best i can recall for along time - absolutely food heaven, and so much.
Room was lovely got everything, bed comfy, newly decorated, v.clean, staff couldn't do enough. The wonky floors are out of this world - you don't get that in a designer pub, the floors must be older than the USA, ha ha.
Matt and the staff kept a good bar, stuck with the Henry's PA kept excellent, be back in March.
Parking can be a pain so.
Rate it 9.5/10 The bar is set high...

25 Feb 2012 17:47

Mill Inn, Mungrisdale

Stopped a night and stayed the week. The breakfast is very good, one of the best.
The warm welcome from the wood fire is truly magic, Andre and the staff are friendly too.
All of the food was good, and the soups in particular were excellent after a day up the tops.
Beer is mainly Robinsons, tried them all, the XB was very good. Stuck with the XB all week - an excellent consistent session ale.
Even got Stowford Press on draft - and it's kept well too - kept a good edge to it - and so far from HR8...ha ha.

25 Feb 2012 14:52

The Lord Clifden, Birmingham

Visited Thursday with Uncle Fester, had range of beers and blonde beers and HerefordHPA too. Stuck with the Moorland Original - lovely pint.
Stayed outside, impressed with the "star trek" warmers in the beer garden. Brilliant atmousphere, and good organisation, friendly staff.

25 Feb 2012 14:40

The Lord Clifden, Birmingham

I do like Harvest Pale - its about time Uncle Fester took me for another brew...

15 Jan 2012 18:56

The Anchor Inn, Welland

Done up v.nice, beer was tasty too. Must go back and try it again - need a bit more time, next time.
Need a bit more cash too. But v.clean and v.attentive staff.
Be over in March

5 Jan 2012 20:06

The Fleur De Lys, Lowsonford

Visited many times during the summer until GMT. Always been a lovely location, an excellent positioned pub to enjoy beautiful country, in a verdant lush valley, with the cut running through it. Warwickshire is one of the best counties.

Most of the regular beers were good and reliable, and the few visiting ales I tried all good too

I love English and the British, for their invention, brewing, friendliness, brilliance and a sublime sense of humour. Theyre always offering advice, but when they get to know you, they will back you they would help anyone. Brilliant people, Im proud to be pure British and half English.

Bit disappointed that the Fleur has had a few negative pitches lately. With nothing really positive since 2010. It was once truly great, enormous renown.

I love that Stowford Press too, when I fancy a change never had a bad head with that fantastic stuff. The finest cider must come from Herefordshire.

I was disappointed with the smoking dope (weed), albeit in the smoking area, late summer. This should be a cracking country pub, not a crack house. And right in front of you too - under your nose.

Usually, if just one takes the trouble to comment, must be another 50 keep silent. Its really good business to have your customers leave, wanting more. But not for them to leave WANTING..!!

Take that good, kind, and friendly advise, from those kind, thoughtful, visitors. You should be either profit from it or get a crime number. Still got a way to go

Why not invite them back, and reconcile things.
Ill be seeing you soon.

4 Jan 2012 23:59

The Fleet Inn, Twyning

Nipped in week before last, for couple of pints and a bag of crisps, the Westons SP was good. Crisps not so good, oxidized, oo-er.!!
Any chance? No probs, change my crisps for a fresh pack, thanks girls, no drama just good service.

1 Aug 2011 23:16

The White Swan, Solihull

Couldn't agree more BB.
However The Swan "cider fest" last week. Afternoon sunshine, lovely out front, lovely later out back too.
Staff helpful, and service was prompt, v.tidy. Smart for a JDW pub. Sampled some apple sauces, Westons Medium Dry - is outstanding, followed by Thatchers Trad.
Anyone else try that Mont Saint Michel, extremely intense...

1 Aug 2011 20:25

The Fleur De Lys, Lowsonford

Not completely convinced Mario. Visit FdL occasional, earlier this summer had an IPA, nothing complicated?
The pale ale was "off" took it back to the manager, initially reckoned theres nothing wrong with that. Oh really.!
Then admitted he knew nothing of ale, as a committed lager drinker.

So what was the nothing wrong crap about.? Poor service
Hit-and-miss at best. Still got a long way to go.

This place was great back in the day. Certainly the location, architecture, fire places, canal side location are excellent. However, you want decent feedback - Treat your customers decent.

28 Jul 2011 23:42

The Shaven Crown Hotel, Shipton under Wychwood

Great entrance, but arrive through the rear gate, as you lift the heavy latch, an experience in itself...

9 Jul 2011 13:08

The Cotswold Arms, Burford

Admit this aint the finest and fanciest looking pub in town. Inside the pub front room was not what i expected.
However, the service was really, good. From really, helpful staff. The food was excellent, haven't had a starter taste as good since...
Outstanding meal, few jars in the front room with the locals, top visit. Certainly go again. Top pub grub in Oxford.

Didn't try the beer garden - January's a bit cool for my ale.

9 Jul 2011 12:55

O'Neills, Solihull

By day lovely staff, friendly atmosphere. All mock antique trad & clean.
Beers OK.

5 Jul 2011 23:07

The Fleet Inn, Twyning

Before the floods had so much going for it - visited The Fleet in early last year hated it.
However, popped in last week, pleased to see bit of a revival is taking shape. Pub is very clean, redecorated, bar kept tidy, staff willing and pleased to serve, and not too poncey. Outside, very tidy, overflow parking sorted, got rid of that mini-golf.

Is painting over the oak beams a sacrilegious heresy one for Kevin McCloud perhaps.

As nominated driver, didnt get much chance to sample the gear, fair range of ales, some Westons & Thatchers, food looks nice, few veggie items for her indoors, let you know, try it out next week.

Critical report next month. Bout time this old ladies fortunes were revived.

1 Jul 2011 15:52

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