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Comments by nrmacg

The Royal Standard, Binfield

CLOSED in late 2008.

Now an Indian

30 Mar 2009 14:03

Bridge, Bracknell

Dying on its feet.

Empty most nights.

30 Mar 2009 14:00

The Boot, Bracknell

Pleasant enough Morlands pub which irritatingly would only serve wine in large measures!

30 Mar 2009 14:00

The Boot, Bracknell

Sadly this pub is dying on its feet.

Catered for a loud and youthful clientelle until 2008 - but they've all gone elsewhere and no-one has replaced them.

Hope it improves, but don't hold out much hope (April 2009)

30 Mar 2009 13:58

The Victoria Arms, Binfield

Friendly locals pub where visitors are made to feel welcome.

Excellent London Pride which benefits from high barrelage turnover as well as the professionalism of the manager and staff who clearly do care!

Food is good and, although a little on the pricey side, very popular.

30 Mar 2009 13:55

The Golden Retriever, Bracknell

No longer a punb with food, more of a restaurant with drinks.

Very little area for drinkers, but the beer is pleasant.

7 Aug 2008 11:38

Bridge, Bracknell

Rough and getting a bad reputaion. Member of staff badly attacked last year.

7 Aug 2008 11:37

Old Manor, Bracknell

Decent enough pub near the centre of town.

Tends to be busy at end of week lunchtimes and early evenings.

Food is typical Weatherspoon's fare, good value and quality. The breakfasts are better than most and at about 4 well worth a visit.

7 Aug 2008 11:35

The Royal Standard, Binfield

Rather lost its way over the years. Can't decide which age group it wants to appeal to and so ends up not quite right for any of them.

7 Aug 2008 11:32

The Victoria Arms, Binfield

Jim and his team have worked well to create a first class locals'pub that is also welcoming to visitors.

The beer is well kept, particularly the London Pride, and the food very good - if a little pricey.

7 Aug 2008 11:30

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