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The Pipe Major, Dagenham

I too attended a football match at D&R, kick off was 5.30 and the pub was really busy at 4.30, but we sat outside. I avoided the Marston's ales, and went for Wychwood Hobgolbin Gold that was in good condition. Wychwood Hobgoblin was also available.

After the match we returned to the pub and stood near the bar. The manager told us we could sit at the only empty table, until anyone wanted to use it for food. So it seems that common sense prevails.

It's not the greatest pub ever since it has no character, but for a few scoops before or after the footy it is certainly worth a visit.

4 Oct 2016 20:13

The Green Ginger, Torquay

One of two Spoons in Torquay. It is a barn of a place. Staff were efficient and there was reasonable selection of ale on, I think there were six handpumps. Had a pint of something from New Zealand, Pacific I think, which was OK.

10 Apr 2016 19:41

The Hole in the Wall, Torquay

The best pub I visited in Torquay. Had a pint of Tribute, well two, which came from a new barrel and in very good condition. Also had a pint of Butcombe Gold, which was OK and I think it was towards the end of the barrel. Very pleasant landlord and an all round nice pub!

10 Apr 2016 19:37

The Cider Press, Torquay

Went on 9/4, the Grand National had just finished and the speakers were blaring. Cider is the main thing, did not try any on offer. Had a pint of Tribute, which was OK but that's it. Not sure if there were any other ales on. The staff were very friendly!

10 Apr 2016 19:34

The Old Inn, Carbost

Went to this pub three times over a period of ten days. The only downside is that there are only three ales on offer, although there are bottled beers available (did not check if they were cask conditioned). Other than that I loved the pub! I sampled local brews from the local Cuillin Brewery, all good, as well as Trooper (Iron Maiden/Marston's).
The food available is really good, had prawns (more like mini lobsters), venison burger, haggis in filo pastry and venison casserole. All very good.

28 Sep 2015 21:15

The Duke of Hamilton, Hampstead

I was very disappointed with my visit today. Only two beers on today and both in poor condition. The last time I went, in June, there was only two on. The range of beers and quality is on the slide. If the publican wants to make a success of this place, he needs to not only concentrate on putting on gigs/shows but also the ale available.

31 Aug 2015 18:54

The Royal Oak, Charmouth

Visited this pub on two occasions. I sampled all the Palmers ales, which is all they offer. The best of the bunch was a Spring Hop, a nice hoppy ale. All the others on offer, Copper, Best and 200 were all variations of a theme i.e. just more alcoholic than the other and not very inspiring. The pub is very pleasant with local paraphernalia adorning the walls and the food is pretty good, very big portions. Just a shame that the beer was not to my taste/varied.

9 May 2015 17:58

The George, Charmouth

I had a pint of something from the St Austell Brewery, it was far too cold! Definitely geared towards families, which is no bad thing but the food was uninspiring and we decided to head elsewhere. Shame, I think the pub could do so much better.

9 May 2015 17:53

Wetherspoons, Hampstead

Now closed. Did not renew lease since it was too expensive to do so.

27 Jan 2015 20:10

The Priory Tavern, Kilburn

There are things I really like about this pub, the food, the staff and the ambience but the ale lets it down. TT Landlord has been a permanent fixture since the pub's refurbishment and the other two beers do not rotate enough. I would visit more regularly if the ale was more varied. I think the pub is missing a trick, particularly since The Clifton closed sometime ago.

27 Jan 2015 20:05

The Narrows, Abingdon

I was in Abingdon late one Saturday evening looking for a place to drink. I walked passed it thinking something better would turn up, all the other pubs I walked passed had musak on. I returned to the Narrows and then spotted the Cask Marque do decided to go in. It was only on my second visit to the bar that I realised it was a Spoons. It serves till midnight I think.

The previous posted is spot on about the description! It was very bust when I visited and the service was a little slow. There were people of all ages in there and some areas were busy but I found a quiet corner to read the paper.

I had two beers, one I can't remember that was OK and the other was Ruddles which was in good condition. I will visit again if I ever return to Abingdon.

11 Jan 2015 14:34

Crockers Folly, Maida Vale

Re-opening very soon. Apparently they will be serving ale.

26 Oct 2014 19:38

Douglas Arms, Bethesda

Went here for a pint yesterday. My brother and I passed many pubs but opted for this one and we were not disappointed. OK there were only two beers on from the Bragdy Mws Pws (The Purple Moose Brewery), we had one, I forget which. The beer was in good condition. Yes, a lot of the patrons were in their senior years, but there were younger people as well but who really cares about that. Both patrons and the landlady were very friendly, I go into many pubs and no-one acknowledges you, hear people spoke to you! If you are looking for a nice pint, pay it a visit and go to the room to the right of the bar tap.

31 Aug 2014 18:04

The Anglesea Arms, Chelsea

Went here yesterday. Green King IPA (yuck), Truman's Swift and Wandworth's Wandle were available. Sharp's Doom Bar and another were off. I heard one of the barman say to a colleague he was training that "(so and so) can't be bothered to change the barrel on that one" - says it all really. I had a pint of Wandle and it was is pretty good nick, but I won't be rushing back.

26 Aug 2014 23:03

The Dyffryn Arms, Pontfaen

A must visit pub! OK, it only has Bass on but it is an experience to behold - the front room of the house is the pub. Did not see Bessie, but the barmaid was very friendly and poured the beer from a jug. If you go in early May, you'll get to see the beautiful Bluebells if you go on a walk up the Gwuan Valley.

11 May 2014 12:15

The Castle Hotel, Newport

Have to agree that this is the best pub in Newport. Good selection of local ales from the Mantel Brewery in Cardigan. The Butty Back is top notch, from the Wye Valley Brewery I think. The food is excellent as well. The faggots, lamb shank, burger and Shepard's pie are all great. The proprietors and the staff are all friendly and do a great job as well!

11 May 2014 12:06

The Royal Oak, Newport

Went there last week, had Watkins OSB and another brew I cannot remember - which was only £2.50 a pint. Both kept well. Had a Madras, which was really good and my wife had Shepard's pie that was OK. The pub harks back to the 70s, but I think that is part of its charm.

11 May 2014 12:00

The Crown and Anchor, Euston

Had a very nice pint of Citra today, and enjoyed ox cheeks pie. There were five hand pulls on offer. Service was very good. Will go again.

13 Apr 2014 19:48

Harp Inn, Little Neston

I used to the Harp quite regularly 17 years' ago and visit it whenever I can. Went last weekend, and the two beers I had were in good condition: Peerless Crystal Maze and Triple Blonde. The Triple Blonde was particularly good. Timothy Taylor's Landlord is still there, Holt Best was the other beer.
There is no food at the weekend, but then it really ain't big enough to do Sunday lunches. Think it still does food during the week. If the weather is good, then there are plenty of seats outside.
Well worth the visit!

31 Mar 2014 23:13

Gallaghers, Birkenhead

What a delightful pub! It had five or six beers on tap. Only had time for one as I was off to see Tranmere. I forget what bitter I had, but it was good. Only a shame I don't live in Birkennhead anymore and the part of London I live in is bereft of any pubs of this quality. Oh, and the publican is a top bloke!

31 Mar 2014 23:00

The Railway, Crawley

Quite simply one of the worst pubs I have ever has the misfortune to visit. Only ended up there because our match at Crawley was cancelled with an hour before kick off. There were three ales, none of them interesting and not one of them was on. Had to make do with Guinness. Did not think much of the décor or the ambience. At least there was soap in the toilets.

19 Feb 2014 23:09

Cobdens Hotel, Capel Curig

Stayed at the hotel on 23/6. Four ales on. I tried three of them, which were all well kept and I thoroughly enjoyed them. Cobdens, Rapart and Clogwyn Gold (all brewed by Conwy Brewery).There was a fourth, but I did not try it. I also ate there, could not fault the food.

25 Jun 2013 19:35

The Old Hunter's Lodge, Whipsnade

Just come back from a three night day. Really enjoyed it. Food is good, particularly in the restaurant. Anyway, about the beer. Tring Brock is the resident Local Ale, it was OK. I prefer a head on my beer, it was a little on the flat side. The other resident ale is Abbot, which was OK. There was no guest on when we arrived on Friday. On Saturday Doom Bar was available, I no longer drink it since the brewery was taken over by Coors.

1 Apr 2013 16:27

Ye Olde White Bear, Hampstead

I popped into the pub for the first time since the refurb and was shocked. I knew they would trash it but not that much. I then was doubly shocked when I saw they only had Abbot and Pride on, how boring! I stood at the bar for two minutes, there was no-one else waiting to be served and the barman ignored me, I left. I will never drink in this place again and as far as I could tell there were fewer people in there on this occasion in comparison to the last time I was in there. So so much for the refurb!
I hope this place fails! Homogenous kack!

18 Apr 2010 21:58

The Salt House, St John's Wood

I like the food but ale makes a pub. Too many times I've been here and it only has Old Speckled Hen or Abbot on. Both beers are not at all suitable for the Summer and not that well kept either. Why can't it do itself more justice and bring its beer up to the same level as the food. If you want a pint I'd suggest going to the Clifton instead.

22 Jul 2009 23:14

The Railway, West Hampstead

Avoid this pub like the plague. Last time I went in there is started raining and it started coming in through the windows and they weren't open. The beer, and by beer I mean real ale, is awful. It does stink. Why it is still open I don't know. You can't keep pubs open just because of nostalgia and I don't think there is anything worth saving anyway. I hope it joins the 52 pubs a week that are currently closing. It won't be missed!

22 Jul 2009 23:09

The Stork Hotel, Birkenhead

I love this pub it is one of my favourites in the country let alone Birkenhead. I try and get there whenever I can. Considering the recent price increases for beer recently I am amased The Stork can still provide pints for 1.60, even if it is only during happy hour.
I agree with the previous comments. Get there if you can!

22 Jul 2009 22:53

The Britannia Inn, Elterwater

Nice pub but and good selection of beer but don't think they had much local beers on when I went. Think they had Landlord, London Pride and can't remember the other two. I agree that the prices are steep, I think 2.70 to 2.90 a pint. Worth a look all the same

26 Nov 2006 21:24

The Cavendish Arms, Cartmel

Visited on two separate occasions during a weekend away, a Friday and Monday evening. Friday evening was quite busy for November and Monday very queit. Nice pint of Jennings Cumbria, pity they didn't have other ales on. The food is good, have a go at the Moussaka. Avoid the whisky it is 3.40 a pop. Nice Polish bar staff as well! They get everywhere. Definitely worth a visit.

26 Nov 2006 21:17

Pig and Whistle, Cartmel

Went in for a pint on a Monday evening in November. It was an OK of Cumbria Way, not sure which brewery. Nice landlord and the other folk in the bar were welcoming. Didn't stay long but would go back. Don't know what the food is like.

26 Nov 2006 21:12

The Royal Oak Inn, Cartmel

Visited this pub on a very quiet Sunday afternoon. We were the only people there. Mind you it was mid-November. Had a very nice pint of Black Sheep, the best of our weekend away. Nice log fire and a traditional country pub but maybe it's not all totally original. The food is OK but for a better bite go to The Cavendish or The Kings Arms, both in Cartmel.

26 Nov 2006 21:11

The Masons Arms, Strawberry Bank

Very nice pub. Agree that it is a bit touristy but in the Winter with the log fire going it's great. Good pint of Hawkshead Gold, yes a bit pricey but worth it. The food is also worth a go. The gents is interesting, all built in slate. All in all worth the effort.

26 Nov 2006 21:00

The Cricketers, Kilburn

Think this has now closed down.

23 Sep 2006 00:12

The Salt House, St John's Wood

This is more of a restaurant than a pub but does do a half decent pint. If you want more of a pub atmosphere best go to the Clifton, which is not too far away.

23 Sep 2006 00:11

Ye Old Red Cow, Smithfield

Still closed. What a shame! Obviously people prefer to ply their uneducated palates with awful lager at places like Fluid and the Charterhouse.

23 Sep 2006 00:04

Barley Mow, Smithfield

It has closed down. A shame and doesn't look as though it will ever open, like a few other pubs in the area. Obviously people prefer to ply their uneducated palates with awful lager at places like Fluid and the Charterhouse.

23 Sep 2006 00:02

Fluid, Clerkenwell

If you like Kirin beer or cocktails then this is the place for you. If you don't then it's not for you. Loads of seating available, I don't think so.

22 Sep 2006 23:52

The Lansdowne, Primrose Hill

Not quite as bad as the engineer for Hooray Henries but don't go if you don't like the smell of food, particularly fishy food, whilst you enjoy your pint or wine. Can get very noisy.

11 Aug 2005 14:10

The Engineer, Primrose Hill

I totally concur with the previous four reviewers. Definitiely more gastro than pub.

11 Aug 2005 14:08

The Albert, Primrose Hill

Probably the best pub in Primrose Hill, IMHO. Green King Ales and the standard largers. Wouldn't bother with the food though. Excellent beer garden and nice friendly staff.

11 Aug 2005 14:05

The Princess Louise, Holborn

One of my favourite pubs in London. Great victoriana pub. Can get a bit smokey and the gents could do with a bit of a rennovation.

11 Aug 2005 14:01

The Walkabout, Finchley Road

You've been in one Walkabout you've been in them all and you could be anywhere. Not Clone Towns but Clone Bars. Yech!

5 Jul 2005 17:19

The North Star, Finchley Road

The quality of the beer has taken a nosedive recently and so has the clientel since the Brittania closed down.

5 Jul 2005 17:16

The Britannia, Kilburn

Now closed down and good riddance.

5 Jul 2005 17:14

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