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The Victoria Hotel, Shipley

october 2014 Boarded up and closed. Don't say i didn't warn you.

4 Nov 2014 13:51

Sir Norman Rae, Shipley

Less a pub than an aircraft hangar (actually it was a co-op department store once upon a time.) Carpets smell of sick and its the low end of the Wetherspoons market. Bacardi Breezer on tap.

29 Aug 2012 16:21

The Noble Comb, Shipley

Note -that photo is not the Noble Comb. The pub is a fake aged building about 10 years old and built to serve the Holiday Inn. Ghastly but popular because its cheap as chips/ chips are cheap. Beer? forget it.

29 Aug 2012 16:16

The Cup and Ring, Baildon

Closed 2012. Good.

29 Aug 2012 16:12

The Bay Horse, Baildon

Closed late 2011. Sad.

29 Aug 2012 16:11

The Hockney, Shipley

A woman stands outside, unsteady on her feet but facing down a retreating woman... 'you f***ing slag, think your getting away with that do ya? eh? Come back here again and i'll rip your f***ing t**s off'
(sotto voce to side) " *****, come back inside. You are supposed to be managing this place...."
Lager. Sausage. Urinal blocks. Leering. Its all here, now where's David? Hockney you coward, get down here now and paint some REAL life.

28 May 2012 22:37

The Old House At Home, Shipley

Yz wanna fite? duz ya? DUZ YA???
Then visit this very fine hostelry vending Lambrini, Carling and every colour of WKD to the punters who are all outside desperately sucking on controlled fires.

28 May 2012 22:29

The Old Tramshed, Saltaire

I wish people wouldn't waste time and energy coming onto this site to complain about FOOD in an ALEHOUSE. Having said that, the TS is a bit food obsessed and now does bloody cocktails too for the tottering, orange - hued, bag hugging, wine swilling fair maidens of Shipley. And yet good beer still survives, so can't complain really

28 May 2012 22:26

The Ring of Bells, Shipley

An improved cellar and usually 5 or 6 decent ales including Salamander, Ilkley, Saltaire and Copper Dragon. Pie and peas is your best bet at 2.95, still standard fare otherwise. Good if you like sport but also has quiet areas when no footy or rugby on. Comps to the cellar man!

28 May 2012 22:19

The Britannia Inn, Shipley an ex pub. A dead pub. Gone to meet its maker. It could be Nisa....oh it is!!!

28 May 2012 22:15

The Cup and Ring, Baildon

Formerly known and the 'pint and punch-up'. One of those horrible 60's concrete Carling jungles.

28 May 2012 22:12

The Shipley Pride, Shipley

It was refurbed a couple of years back and now has a brash, modernist interior and plays music. On the positive side, excellent beers and a landlord who cares.

28 May 2012 22:10

The Bell Inn, Walberswick

Simply superb; old world, ancient interior, fires, good food, great beer. Go there!

4 Feb 2010 11:09

The White Hart, Aldeburgh

A simple, functional, quality boozer with excellent ales well kept; warm and cosy in winter, and next to the best chippy in the south (The Magpie in Whitby, since you are asking...) so why eat in there when theres a bench outside?

4 Feb 2010 11:04

The Cross Keys, Aldeburgh

Agree with previous poster (though posting it 3 months later: hope he's been sacked!) Food overpriced (as everywhere in Suffolk) and mediocre. Fortunately the beer is usually OK. Pus like htis are lucky to be tied to such a quality brewery as Adnams, otherwise they would have no redeeming features.

4 Feb 2010 10:55

The Parrot and Punchbowl, Aldringham

As previous poster stated, food is pricey for what it is, but they trade on the location being a few miles from anywhere else decent (Aldebrough).
Beer v. good though, and well kept. A nice place for a drink.

4 Feb 2010 10:50

The Turkey Inn, Goose Eye

Excellent country boozer with quality do- it- yourself beers, fires, beams etc. Only criticism - food seems to often take priority over beer. Still, they have to make a living...

4 Feb 2010 10:45

The Shoulder of Mutton, Bradford

Classic Sam Smiths pub with excellent reasonably priced ales, nooks and crannies containing crooks and nannies, with a touch of regularitis at the bar at times. Staff are 'functional'. Pubs like this get tarted up in other cities; thank goodness this one has been allowed to decay naturally, held together by beer and ash. A 'must see' fror the visitor to Bradford.

4 Feb 2010 10:39

The Fighting Cock, Bradford

A cracking good pub with excellent ales, good ambience and friendly throughout. Its only problem is its' location; a bit out of the way but if you know it, you go it!

4 Feb 2010 10:31

The New Beehive Inn, Bradford

A truly unique hostelry, with all life there; high life, low life, no life. Bohemian, dimly lit for nefarious activity. Good, local/ regional ales well kept and good bar staff. It has bags of real Victorian character with a modern twist; and a good single table pool room. If you only visit one pub in central Bradford, this should be it, though a ten minute walk from the station.

4 Feb 2010 10:25

The Angel Inn, Hetton

Not really so much a pub any more, though the Ale is good. Expensive excellent - super Gastro!! A lovely building, well kept and i na pleasant rural setting. Recommended.

20 Aug 2009 13:59

The Victoria, Earl Soham

A fabulous pub , in my top ten. Incredible home- brewed beers, great atmosphere, a real traditional pub. I need to go in company so that someone will drag me out!

20 Aug 2009 11:52

The Olde Ship Hotel, Seahouses

In my top ten national favourites. a lovely seaside based pub with great atmosphere, beer, food and welcome. Fires in winter. I could stay in all night and day - and you can because they do accommodation too!! Very highly recommended.

20 Aug 2009 11:48

The Junction, Baildon

An excellent classy well run traditional pub with terrific beers and several rooms to hide away in or join in with the hubbub. Some food also; pub fare. Its a bit plagued at times by 'regularitis' at the bar but still does Sunday snacks. A bit like the Slubbers in Huddersfield in terms shape, position and ale quality. It is living proof that a well run pub can thrive in the current climate.

20 Aug 2009 11:41

The Shipley Pride, Shipley

Decent basic pub with real ale; no frills no food no trouble.

20 Aug 2009 11:37

The Ring of Bells, Shipley

beer is OK - usually a real ale or two. Food standard pub fare. Sky sports in every room. Wednesday matches are sometimes disrupted by landlords 'darts 'n Doms nights, when he unceremoniously removes people from comfortable positions. The landlord is blunt, a man of few words, most of them rude. Ex Rugby League player I think, hence a bit of an obsession in here. He is like a brick outhouse and I have seen him remove trouble from the pub in the blink of an eye, so go down the Rosse for your fights lads.

20 Aug 2009 11:34

The Sun Hotel, Shipley

One of those pubs that goes silent when you enter. Dull but the only real pub in Shipley centre. More lager than Ale. Smokey considering the ban. Not a place fro an evening out.

20 Aug 2009 10:58

The Victoria Hotel, Shipley

Struggled over recent years to keep going, changed landlords again after a period of closure. Can't understand why it doesn't work - perhaps too many changes in recent years? Note to new landlords; money needs spending on the damp walls and the bogs; try taking on Fannys. Get a full -on - full beer range; no John Smiths, Abbot or Tetleys; reduce or change the Brit lagers; allocate a small area for light meals; lunch or tea but not late; get the regulars away from the bloody bar; get an extensive snack selection; In winter keep it warm and light the fires; improve the lighting. And remember, if you are going down the sky sports route you will be competing with the Ring o Bells up the road - could be tough. Good luck.

20 Aug 2009 10:55

Fanny's Ale And Cider House, Saltaire

Excellent on the Ale selection, and different Euro Lagers and ciders. Food: pork scratchings and nuts only. This is a beer house. Unfortunately the bar is far too small and it usually takes ages to get served most evenings, plus the crowd standing on the street gets ridiculous - i'm amazed the Filth haven't nicked 'em. Its a bit pretentious, professionally distressed and painted nicotine stains. If the same business model was transferred to the Victoria across the road, it would be the perfect boozer.

20 Aug 2009 10:43

The Boathouse Inn, Saltaire

After a fire killed it off it has reopened August 2009. Postmodern interior with lots of clashing colours and brutalist furniture. Not cosy, though may improve in winter with open fires. Floor is stripped wood, leaving dusty trailmarks across the bar. A great aspect overlooking the river Aire. Does mass produced Brake Brothers style food. Usual Euro lagers, cloudy scrumpy, limited real ales (Pedigree and Tetleys when visited)

20 Aug 2009 10:35

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