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The Anchor, Henley-On-Thames

Dear "anonymous - 17 Nov 2005 03:12"

I did notice that they were looking for a new franchisee a few months back so presumably the nasty landlady has gone... a decent pub and worth a visit.

17 Nov 2005 20:05

The Toad at the Olde Bank, Cheltenham

has now closed down and looks like becoming 'Que Pasa' - if the one in Oxford is anything to go by this will be during the day/evening and a 'club' at night...

14 Feb 2005 15:47

Fez Bar, Cheltenham

now 'Fez Bar' to permenantly make up part of 'Fez'... a lot better too.

14 Feb 2005 15:44

The Chelsea Square Brasserie, Cheltenham

Closed - and opening soon as a Thai restaurant! What a shame.

5 Jun 2004 16:19

The Magpie, Flackwell Heath

Quite nice pub... stopped by on a few occasions for a game of pool in the summer. Never felt "unwelcome".

24 Jan 2004 15:17

Yates's, High Wycombe

Apart from the aforementioned cheapness on a Tues/Fri... a typical story to expect from the "bouncers" (one of which is a 50 year old woman):

I went into High Wycombe to watch an England game recently and was horrified to be turned away as I was wearing my England shirt!!! The "no football shirt" rule is a ridiculous one, especially if they're showing the match! This was a Wednesday night too, so not even part of their "shoes and collars" traditon (although pretty sure this doesn't exist anymore as I've seen many entering wearing trainers etc.)

24 Jan 2004 15:14

The Quaich, Cheltenham

More or less shows any footy match you want, if you ask - which is a far cry from the other pubs in town.

24 Jan 2004 15:06

The Brewery Tap, Reading

Pool tables which are always free! Also sells a pint of Stella which will have you feeling stoned within 5 minutes!

9 Dec 2003 18:24

The Antelope, High Wycombe

Open until 2 on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays! If you hate dressing out to go out at a weekend then the Antelope is for you! The most diverse collection of people known to man!!

9 Dec 2003 15:18

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