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The Fountain, Horsham

Every town needs somewhere like this so that all the middle aged violent twats have somewhere to go only use if you want to fight or be abused by the locals

29 Jun 2011 14:13

The Royal Oak, Rusper

i used to use this pub quite often but was put off by the racist drunk landlord that used to run it i went in there when it next changed hands about five years ago and they were chargeing 4 pounds a pint which put me off going there again
but whilst passing by i couldn't resist trying it again and what a pleasant supprise the place is unreconiseable freindly customers 7 different ales on offer all really well kept and also at a reasonable price nearly a pound cheaper than five years ago i will be visiting this great traditional pub again

29 Jun 2011 14:08

The Railway, Crawley

brilliant lively pub with cheap drinks and food and great live music

29 Jun 2011 14:00

The Shelley Arms, Broadbridge Heath

poped in for a quick pint and something to eat place was dirty and also costs four pounds for a bottle of newcastle brown the chef managed to burn my burger and also deliver it cold i wont ever be going in here again i can see why it is empty

29 Jun 2011 13:58

Rodboro Buildings, Guildford

I used to come here quite often but i now travel further afield as it always has poor ales and bitters on offer although there well kept the buyer seems to only prefer really strong flavours but if your one of the few that like these this is the place for you i wouldn't recomend eating here as the breakfasts are allways cold as is there other food but i guess it would be ok for salad but if i was you i would travel to other wetherspoons as the food and ales are usualy great in most of them

29 Jun 2011 11:02

Bar Med, Guildford

Have been in here a few times now it's allways clean with great cheap food offers and cheap drinks and also great for sports as it has multiple screens would highly recomend

29 Jun 2011 10:54

The Goose, Aldershot

This pub is one of the more upmarket pubs in the area great for taking your partner out for a romantic meal or for a quiet drink with the freindly regulars the food is top quality the drinks are well kept and all at a reasonable price one of the cleanest pubs i've ever been in

29 Jun 2011 10:50

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