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The Duke of York, Ganwick Corner

We went again - good play area for the kids - and reasonably safe and secure. Interesting tactic though - you order your food at the bar - and the starters and the main course all brought out together - what sort of dimwit thought that one up.

The food order was wrong, the food was decidedly average - though had worked this out when saw the menu was immense - and felt sorry for the kitchen staff who must have to microwave everything - must have been at least 20 starters so you can imagine how vast it was. Saying that our meal was pub priced and 37 for two mains and the "bit of everything" platter "aka how much fried food can you have on one large plate".

The garden is nice and set back although is on the A1000. Food is nothing special but you get what you pay for.

Shame whenever I go here they never seem to get it right, which deters me from repeat custom.

11 Jul 2010 19:39

The Square, Barnet

I think its been renamed again. Went in a few months ago - the music was too loud or maybe im old. Full of nouveau riche/nouveau riche wannabes with short dresses and all miraculously blonde and had orange skin. Probably nice if you like that sort of thing - but not much cop if you are over 30

11 Jul 2010 19:31

East Barnet Valley United Services Club, Barnet

looks bloomin awful working mens club from the outside

11 Jul 2010 19:26

The Chequers, Potters Bar

well - if you have kids under 7 and its a nice day - this is a great pub. We have been a couple of times - and yes I know this site is supposed to be for hardened ale drinkers - but finding a pub that so caters for kids is a godsend to us so endowed. The drinks seemed adequate, yes it is on a road - but its safe its got a large beer garden - cant comment on the food though as didnt have any.

I rate this in regards to the catering for children.

11 Jul 2010 19:22

David's Place, Aldeburgh

This weekend to celebrate aldeburgh festival dp's had their own full day of music and what I saw it was great - diverse as you would expect, with irish fiddle de dee music, 15yr old great musician, and jazzy female on an organ. The place in unrecognisable, Mollys food is good - no I don't work for them but its such a great difference and its so much busier now which it well and truly deserves. Still serving different beers due to being a freehouse its different try it

20 Jun 2010 21:53

Ye Olde Monken Holt, Barnet

this is a pub that will never set the world on fire. its full of locals which is lovely - but never seems to make the newcomer unwelcome. Lovely leather armchairs in some areas which again make you feel like settling for the night. Weekends can become a bit of a cattlemarket for the middle aged - but again nothing wrong wtih that. Never any trouble, nice easy going clientele, nice wine its just a nice place to go and relax - probably not much cop for those under 28 though i would suggest

11 Jun 2010 20:46

The White Horse, Rendham

Have driven past this lovely little pub numerous times and finally got round to stopping on Sunday. It was everything a lovely country pub should be. Roaring fire, cosy, quirky - smashing on a day pouring with rain. Sorry don't do beer much (probably a bit of a misnoma due to the title of this website). But did do my favourite tipple (pinot grigiot) and the sandwiches looked smashing (yummy bread in great big doorstops) and chunky home cooked (not ghastly cardboard frozen jobs) chips.

There will be a beer festival again this year - and you betcha i will be there

3 May 2010 20:43

The Jolly Sailor, Orford

Went here at lunch time with my 5yr old. As others say it is a truly beautiful old pub with lots of charm, nooks and crannies. Ordered food, which unfortunately got lost somewhere along the way - but was quickly remedied by who i think was the landlady - who was very nice and didnt make a fuss especially when I sent it back as the beef sandwich had horseradish sauce on it when we didnt ask for it.

Its a lovely pub and really has far more character than the other pubs in orford

16 Apr 2010 16:55

George & Dragon, Watton at Stone

Popped in here purely by accident. New Years day, packed to the gills - had various real ales such as rocking rudolph and various others. The staff were very friendly and the food was great and of a high standard. It really was one of those lovely village pubs with a great atmosphere welcoming to kids, and nice real wood fires. Made me look at the property prices here was so damned nice - mmm

1 Jan 2010 16:04

The Albert, Primrose Hill

Popped in by accident on a saturday night - as got lost looking for another pub. Looks good from the outside, looked good on the inside. Nice collection of clientele, nice selection of beverages including organic cider and perry in the fridge. Didn't eat but did wonder which prize the pork pie and picallilli had actuall won. This to me gave the impression of a pub I would like as my local, laid back, clean and comfortable

13 Dec 2009 21:08

David's Place, Aldeburgh

Well the place is transformed, cleaner, smarter and now has the addition of mollys kitchen - selling local reasonably priced nosh. The clientele are far improved - in daylight hours in anycase, and although the spirit has changed it is really a far nicer place to go to now. They still have an eclectic taste in beers and ciders - which change as the months go by. The toilets which always required bravery and a poor sense of smell have been revamped and though the decor is an orignal taste (black) and the hallway leading reminiscent of entering the womb are clean and far better. The kitchen has been revamped.

30 Oct 2009 14:33

The Parrot and Punchbowl, Aldringham

ok further to the last - returned for a meal - starter and main course (plus childs meal), two small glasses of wine, two pints of beer and an apple juice - came to 62.00 - I was taken aback and certainly didnt consider the food that good at all - just bog standard pub grub - won't be eating there again

19 Jul 2009 22:44

David's Place, Aldeburgh

DP's is currently under renovation - the whole outside has been painted white, the windows stripped of its accoutrements. The inside is going to be revamped and window seats with cushions put in, a new bar, a new floor.

It almost seems a shame that the spirit will be ripped out of this piece of living history, but in another it seems a long time coming, to attract the faint of heart into DP's unable to see past the dingy doorway. I'm interested to watch the improvements and a hopefully a few extra shekels going into eliza's pocket.

17 Jul 2009 17:37

The Parrot and Punchbowl, Aldringham

Popped in for an early evening snifter prior to putting the 4yr old to bed. Beautiful quirky pub on a variety of levels, a good choice of beverages, the food looked very good (we intend to return to sample said food). Outside several seating areas as well as a large play/climbing area for children. Very very nice - better than we remembered some years ago.

10 Jul 2009 16:12

The White Hart Hotel, Saxmundham

Looks like an enormous pub from the outside, but is split into lots of smaller sections. The staff are friendly and the clientele on the friday afternoon I went in seemed a tad dubious. The outside space is large with a splendid view of the newly converted waitrose entrance as well as the overpowering smell of a local fishmongers cart. The area is completely tarmaced and the phrase could have done so much better comes to mind. I don't think I will be popping back in a hurry.

10 Jul 2009 16:10

The Duke of York, Ganwick Corner

Attended initially with westie and 4yr old in tow. Dog banned from everywhere except tables by A1000 where the smokers nestle. Dog taken home. The sun was shining and nice external tables with largest parasols ever seen. Yep they offer carling, adnams and pride on draught as well as many bottled beers. Staff were a little unhelpful initially (until advised westie off home) food lovely, nice and safe for kids, nice big wooden play area for small people. Actually far better than when we visited previously. Only issue is people seem to think as garden area can smoke next to you - when quite obviously not and staff did not intervene.

1 Jul 2009 22:44

The White Hart, Aldeburgh

Today is the last day of the summer solstice beer festival - with the best named beer of "Ginger Tosser" which made me chortle. As per usual a convivial atmostphere with folks pouring onto the street and a beer tent in the back yard. A very underestimated pub with nice clientele and good beverage stock. Just lacks seating

21 Jun 2009 19:56

The Ship Inn, Blaxhall

Popped in on a sunday afternoon at 4pm had quite a few people in with a nice local atmosphere. The staff behind the bar could not be more friendly and my son certainly enjoyed the four ferrets stashed in the back garden. Nice selection of beers - and for once a non Adnams pub. My bitter was very pleasant. It was a lovely sunny afternoon gazing over a wheat field - a glorious english country pub day

21 Jun 2009 19:53

The Crown Inn, Snape

popped in with my 4year old. Lovely old Adnams pub with a lovely snug almost in the shape of a barrel. The staff could not have been more helpful offering to take my drinks to the table for me, the food was pretty nice. But best of all there was a really nice atmosphere in there, a few locals chinwagging at the bar and it felt like a nice locals pub with lots of us tourists to boot. Outside is a smallholding with a good selection of animals (didnt like to tell son may potentially end up in the sandwiches)

20 Jun 2009 19:11

The Old Red Lion, Barnet

a local's pub, had the bog standard karaoke delights with the locals, nothing special but nothing offensive

10 May 2009 13:47

The Eels Foot Inn, Eastbridge

Second visit, arrived at midday and already a queue at the miniscule bar. We chose to eat today and really were not disappointed. A really nice mix of people of the rambling/twitching variety and two very helpful and busy bar staff. Good selection of beverages. A great pub to eat and drink

4 May 2009 20:26

The Bell Inn, Walberswick

Fabulous Olde Worlde Pub of the highest order. Last time i saw a pub with nooks and crannies like this was in cushendun in Northern Ireland. The floors are terrifically worn and uneven with hundreds of years worth of feet treading over the slabs. My little dog was welcome (always a good sign), the food was reallly very good and my bucket of chips did actually come in a bucket and were not of the frozen variety. Good selection of beverages. We went on a Saturday noon time but this must be a great little pub in the evening. I hear it is supposed to be haunted - well Walberswick does have the reputation for one of the most haunted villages in England so i suppose the pub would have to be. Oh also great beer garden, and a separate area where children were banned - another great idea (though my four year old did try and barge in).

4 May 2009 20:20

The Ferry Boat Inn, Felixstowe

Found this after a disagreement with my husband, tucked away beyond a golf course by the mouth of the river deben. The surroundings are just lovely, views over the sea, martello towers and the river deben. Its extremely old and hasn't been ruined. Its just what you want from an olde worlde pub. The food was pleasant - though frozen chips (bane of my life) and no dressing on my caesar salad. But the range of beers and beverages was good, the staff very pleasant and a lovely find with lots of character, snugs and a wonderfully large fireplace. Just charming

16 Apr 2009 19:17

David's Place, Aldeburgh

popped in, usual crowd, usual pleasant atmosphere on the whole. Interesting point to note - apparently jamiroquai popped in a couple of weeks ago after a minor spat with the chef in the brudenell

22 Mar 2009 21:30

The White Horse Inn, Westleton

popped in on saturday, 21st march at 1.55pm. food finished at 2pm but we still got served and extra chips to boot. The clientele were around the 65ish mark and mostly eating. It seemed a pleasant pub but nothing to set the world on fire. But this is westleton and anything else would be out of place - would go back as it seemed a good local with a pleasant atmosphere

22 Mar 2009 21:28

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