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The Whip Inn, Lacey Green

Sad news regarding the Whip. Landlord Nick is retiring and the pub is under new tenancy as of Wednesday 7 December 2016. I have been a customer there on an occasional basis for years and have always enjoyed the experience hugely. I wish Nick the very best for his retirement and hope he had many years of peace and quiet before him. Thanks, Nick, for all the beer and food! Lunch there today was a sad event.

5 Dec 2016 16:38

The Whip Inn, Lacey Green

Sad news regarding the Whip. Landlord Nick is retiring and the pub is under new tenancy as of Wednesday 7 December 2016. I have been a customer there on an occasional basis for years and have always enjoyed the experience hugely. I wish Nick the very best for his retirement and hope he had many years of peace and quiet before him. Thanks, Nick, for all the beer and food! Lunch there today was a sad event.

5 Dec 2016 16:38

The Tiger Inn, East Dean

We had lunch there this week and I was impressed with the pub, the building, and the surroundings. It is an idyllic spot. The food was good and freshly prepared but in a reasonable time. My only gripe was that the Harvey's Best was cloudy. There were no 'off' flavours but it should be crystal clear. I shall be back however.

20 Aug 2015 09:56

The Cuckmere Inn, Seaford

The views from the gardens are spectacular, and the menu comprehensive. It's part of a chain and the food is typically designed to be reproducible. Value for money is good, though, and I often eat lunch here when in the area. Sadly they have reduced their hand-pumped beer range since the re-branding from Golden Galleon and my favourite 'Harvey Sussex Bitter' is no longer on. The car park is usually choc-a-bloc with (I suspect) people who won't pay the Seven Sisters car park charges and this makes visiting to drink or eat a gamble. I don't think I would visit here when bad weather precludes eating outside because without the garden it becomes a run-of-the-mill pub/eatery. On the other hand as there's no local competition, maybe I would...

27 Jul 2015 17:02

Pink and Lily, Princes Risborough

Went here again twice fairly recently and the first time I was of the view that it was too expensive for quite average quality food, but the most recent time the quality of the food had improved and the prices remained the same - acceptable for the better fare. I am glad they have not (as far as I saw anyway) gone down the road of serving your meal on a lump of wood, or a slate. Plates are best! Hot ones in preference too if appropriate.

17 Mar 2015 16:20

The Chiltern Hotel and Restaurant, Princes Risborough

Looks as if it is now closed. A planning application to turn it into a dwelling was passed recently. Lots of vans and skips outside...

20 Jun 2014 17:13

The Red Lion, Bradenham

Looking at their website it seems that the opening hours are odd (closes at 9pm latest) and doesn't serve food in the evenings except on Fridays and Saturdays - until 8.30pm only even then.

15 Apr 2014 17:03

The Boot, Bledlow Ridge

Excellent food in my limited experience, and hand pumped ales plus other beers on tap. Rather 'foody' for a country pub - 'jus' mentioned on the menu and wooden boards instead of plates. Not too pricey despite the slight pretentiousness though, and good, attentive service. I just fear that the drinking trade which would support the pub, might not materialise in sufficient volumes. It needs more events in the form of live music: jazz nights, folk events, as well as the genres already offered. I wish the landlord/lady the very best of luck because every village deserves a good pub.

27 Feb 2014 09:13

The Beachy Head, Eastbourne

We had lunch here on a Saturday recently. We went there because the Golden Galleon at nearby Exceat Bridge was heaving with people. There were tables available at the Beachy Head so we chose one and sat down. I didn't know whether it was full table service, or like its sister pub in the Vintage Inns chain mentioned above, you had to go to the bar to order. As it happens there was a sign at the entrance saying to wait there to be seated, but the sign was hidden under a table and we didn't see it until we were leaving!

So, at the bar I asked a question about the detailed ingredients of two dishes on the table d'hote menu - received a quick answer from the bar staff member who said to sit and he'd come for our order. He did come, with the Harvey's Sussex Bitter pints I'd ordered, and he took our order for two servings of one of the dishes I had enquired about and said he'd start a tab for us. While we waited it was apparent that some dispute had happened over an order at a nearby table - dark looks were in evidence and the waiter was apologising. Meanwhile I went on the hunt for cutlery as the meagre supply comprising three forks and a knife at our table was looking a little 'tired'. A pair of sets was found on an adjacent vacant table, but I could find one napkin only - we opted to share! Then our order arrived. Incorrect inasmuch as there was one plate of what we'd asked for and one of the other dish I had asked about but not ordered. As this was a different waiter I was impressed that he picked up on our dismay as fast as he did purely from our expressions. To cut the long story down, he left one plate and scurried off promising a swift replacement for the wrong one. I sat and I watched by companion eat. And I waited...

After an inordinate time my lunch arrived with this second waiter apologising and promising that the bill would be voided. This seemed generous and I felt slightly awkward that such a grand gesture would result from a fairly simple error. It also occurred to me that it might be difficult when we came to leave if this chap was not to be found. As it happens he was busy and our original waiter made the fatal error of approaching and asking if all had been well when we went to the till. After I patiently explained what had happened he, too, said the bill would be voided and proceeded to look on the screen in order to cancel it. After an embarrassed look he admitted he hadn't even opened a tab and we could have simply walked out anyway! This was a classic self-adjusting cock-up!

On the positive side, no matter how much I offered to pay at least for the beer (very good it was too) he declined. The food had been fine especially at the table d'hote price, and the staff friendly and prepared to admit the error with no fuss at all. We shall return but we'll make certain that the order is fully understood! Not a bad place but it needs to tighten procedures; especially as it wasn't particularly busy at the time.

18 Nov 2013 16:45

Pink and Lily, Princes Risborough

My family and I had dinner here on a recent evening. By necessity (a baby and a toddler in the party) it had to be early so we didn't see the pub in full swing of a summer's evening. However I can report that the proprietors have made a huge effort and are very welcoming and helpful. The outdoor space is nicely laid out with tables and benches built into 'walled' niches, and with picnic style benches on the lawn. There's a fenced off children's play area, and patio heaters are available at the tables for the chillier evenings. The thermometer was in the high twenties when we were there so we needed out door air conditioning!

The menu is of a more ambitious kind than standard pub fare, but the prices are reasonable with a choice of 'standard' dishes like beer battered haddock (well cooked and generously proportioned), and more sophisticated items such as confit of duck. Children and dogs are welcomed. the beers well kept (four ales on hand pump).

My only disappointment is that the ring and hook game has lost its ring and string. We were assured by a patron-in-the-know in the Brooke Room that this was lost by the builders and that the pub is looking for a replacement. The Brooke Room is still dedicated to the eponymous poet; his 'The Chilterns' poem is framed on the wall next to a clock forever showing the time as being ten to three...

24 Jul 2013 09:16

The Royal Standard, Wooburn Common

I'm sorry to say that I have moved away from Beaconsfield and this wonderful pub is the only thing I miss. And I miss it sorely! Use it and use it NOW!

9 Jul 2013 16:21

Pink and Lily, Princes Risborough

I was about to post the opening date as a one-time enthusiast of this superb pub, but I'm glad to see that the landlord has beaten me to it! I hope the Brooke Room is unspoiled...

Good Luck!

5 Jul 2013 16:06

Pink and Lily, Princes Risborough

Latest: The Pink is to reopen in June 2013 under local ownership. Reports to follow...

29 May 2013 10:16

Pink and Lily, Princes Risborough

Here we are, a year on from the last entry and still this pub is dark. The location is beautiful, the building ideal - why is it still empty?

15 Mar 2013 11:10

The Marine, Eastbourne

Does this place really exist? I walked up and down Seaside today and couldn't find it. We ended up in the Buccaneer.

12 Aug 2012 21:17

The Gate Inn, Bryants Bottom

I had a couple of pints of London Pride there yesterday - lovely beer, in good condition. Four of us had a meal and couldn't fault it for quality or value. A good pub that I wouldn't mind as my local.

1 Jul 2012 09:44

The Cock Pub & Kitchen, Whaley Bridge

I dined here last Saturday 11th February and it was a big sporting day with all the pubs with TVs bursting, and this one fairly quiet - what I wanted. Being the nearest to Valentine's Day they were having a themed evening with a special menu and live music. The food was good, the music not bad, and the staff very attentive and helpful to our dietary needs (non-dairy). If I'm here again I shall certainly return to this pub. They had a selection of beers both on tap and hand-pump. Mine was 'Old Stockport' - a decent ale and not to alcoholic at <4%.

13 Feb 2012 13:17

The Bernard Arms, Aylesbury

Closed and dark, I hear...

30 Dec 2011 14:45

Birling Gap Hotel, East Dean

Delighted to find that not only was Harvey's Sussex Bitter on tap, but Legless Rambler as well! The Harvey's was in excellent condition and the lunch was very good too. I shall be back...

6 Sep 2011 17:37

Pink and Lily, Princes Risborough

I can see that I shall have to make it my business to go along and try the new 'Pink'.

Looks at diary.....

6 Sep 2011 17:34

Pink and Lily, Princes Risborough

tuna: quite so old bean, quite so!

1 Aug 2011 10:03

The Royal Standard, Wooburn Common

I was told that the tenancy has changed from the previous landlord to a couple of the people who have worked there for a good while. I was in for a meal this week (June 2011) and it is still the great place it was so get down there all you locals and support it or it will be in danger of joining the forty-odd pubs that close every week in UK!

9 Jun 2011 16:55

Pink and Lily, Princes Risborough

Sadly this pub is now closed. The previous landlord(s) are said (by a local pub magazine; 'Swansupping') to have given up the struggle to make it work "in the current climate" - make what you will of that. It (the pub) is being refurbished and should be open in July 2011 reportedly. It now under the umbrella of Enterprise Inns. Whether that is a good thing or not you will have to decide for yourselves.

9 Jun 2011 16:52

The Rambler Country House, Edale

It wasn't the barmaid's fault, she was as much a victim of lacklustre management at this alleged three star inn as we were. There had been a folk evening two days earlier and the cellar had been drunk dry of real ales. Two days to obtain fresh supplies is clearly beyond the landlord. If it were only that I wouldn't be writing this but, when we ordered lunch, two of the dishes were incomplete: no coleslaw on a chicken sandwich with salad despite the menu promising it, and pork loin chops served with no vegetables although the specials board advertised fresh veg in season. When we complained the coleslaw appeared on a dish "because one of you is non-dairy and we thought it best". True but they also said the coleslaw was dairy free so it didn't matter! On the loin chops and the missing vegetables, the chef said that someone must have altered the specials board as vegetables were not usually included. But still, frozen peas and boiled carrots were eventually provided. Just when are frozen peas out of season? To cap it all, the advertised malted multigrain bread of the sandwiches was stale!

26 Mar 2011 14:38

The Royal Standard of England, Beaconsfield

I had lunch there today and I admit it is expensive by pub standards but the food is freshly prepared and not bought in from a factory somewhere, the beer I drank (Brakspeare's bitter) was excellent if expensive at �3.20. For me it's a great place for a treat locally and nice to take people to as well. It is not my regular pub - that's farther from me than this by about a mile but a proper 'local' - but it will remain a place to go while out walking in the area.

30 Dec 2010 18:21

Pink and Lily, Princes Risborough

This pub is one of the best in the area with its friendly and attentive staff, good food, and wide choice of hand-pumped beers. Certainly it's not cheap, but then the food isn't standard pub fare. Circa �3 for a pint of average strength bitter is par for the course locally.

15 Nov 2010 17:41

The Rising Sun, Little Hampden

It's always sad when a pub closes, especially one in as idyllic location as this one. I have some sympathy with those who say that the landlord was a bit stand-offish and that the food was expensive, but it was a beautiful place and there are far worse experiences to be had in the Chilterns. A sad piece of news...

16 Oct 2010 18:25

The Bridge Hotel, Greenford

I had lunch with an old friend here today and I ate a cajun chicken burger - not an haute cuisine dish, I admit. My friend had a curry. He didn't comment on the curry but my cajun chicken burger was bland and the bun cotton wool in texture as were the chips. There was a token sprig of salad too. With a pint and a half of lager and my similar amount of Young's Bitter the bill was �30.05 - not exhorbitant but there's better to be had for less elsewhere. The best I can say is unremarkable.

21 Jul 2010 17:44

Birling Gap Hotel, East Dean

Sadly this place is no more. It was sold to the National Trust in April 2010 after 50 years in the hands of one family, and they are working inside to refurbish the building. Based on the information posted outside it is unlikely to be a licensed premises in future so no more Old Speckled Hen or Sussex Bitter for the weary cliff walker in this locale.

20 May 2010 16:38

The Royal Standard, Wooburn Common

Wonderful pub - just too far to walk in winter evenings, unfortunately.

14 Feb 2010 14:46

The Old Bell, High Wycombe

As of January 2010 the Old Bell is serving traditional pub fare instead of Oriental food. They have a website (not hard to find) with a menu. I have not tried the new menus so cannot recommend or criticise them. The proprietor is unchanged, however, and he is a freindly and welcoming landlord.

14 Feb 2010 14:45

The Old Bell, High Wycombe

This pub is a warm friendly place with some real ales on hand pump, and a very good Oriental (Thai, Chinese, and Malaysian) restaurant inside. There's currently a Curry Night on Thursdays and the main restaurant in open most evenings (not Monday or Sunday if I recall). The food is not like your local takeaway, it's far better in my view with a good choice. I haven't eaten there at lunchtime, but the menu looks fine. Their website is a bit out of date, unfortunately, and mentions Jazz Nights which were stopped a while back.

27 Apr 2009 18:41

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