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Comments by mooky

The Duke of Devonshire, Balham

wow - this place has stirred the passions. My view - another Youngs refurb with some good points but many negetives too. This feminized boudoir is completely inappropriate for this location and the pubs former clientele. Now it resembles a Parisian bar circa '79 and I like it for that. I find some of the schizo-retro styling are queasily distracting but at least they sorted out the bogs. Sadly the refurb did not include the other tired remnants as staff and service are poorer for the changes.

12 Mar 2008 09:09

Bison & Bird, Clapham

same as it ever was - two words: service

10 Jan 2008 13:31

The Fox and Anchor, Smithfield

I have been in couple of times. The refurb looks good but sadly was not thought through, main bar remains cramped. Service has veeered from cheerful to useless. Beer selection not bad - I may return for brekky.

5 Dec 2007 10:48

The Green Man, Wembley

Watched Chelsea lift the Cup and then went drinking here. Up a hill and overlooking the stadium, this place has big beer garden and seems to cope well with postmatch throng.

21 May 2007 08:41

The Bobbin, Clapham

Top pub!! Love it here (see below) and hope it doesn't get overrunn by the herds of HighSt massive.

15 Jan 2007 13:55

The Plough Inn, Clapham

Surprisingly good Youngs pub. Helpful staff on rammed Saturday night. I stuck to lager because I was rather distracted by a number of lovely girls.

15 Jan 2007 13:53

The Magpie and Stump, City Of London

The Stagpie & Mump was truly horrid. It's now a 'style bar' from the fledgling Firefly group of high street style bars, for the discerning drinker who demands a little bit more style, when they are drinking stylishly.

20 Dec 2006 08:40

The Clapham North, Clapham North

refurb is ACE. If you like the urban loungy brown thing, more space somehow and I hear on the grapevine (hopbush?) that they are opening an auspicious resto here soon. Top for watching footy; now if they could just improve the beers...

7 Nov 2006 13:29

The Drayton Arms, Earls Court

Excellent pub. Kuppers Kolsch was very refreshing and the local wildlife in kensington/chelsea was very easy on the eye.

1 Sep 2006 11:36

The Windmill on the Common, Clapham Common

I’m no sleuth but judging by the speed of your response your anonymity must be in doubt, I strongly suspect you are part of the management here. I think that petulantly mocking your competitors (undeservedly) does nothing to improve your lot. I came in last week and was amazed by the cosmetic transformation the pub has gone through, however beauty in your case is only skin deep. I was soon astounded at the dead-eyed rudeness of your overworked staff. “IN OR OUT ?” barked your barman before I could even complete my order, let alone decide where I might be sitting. After a prolonged wait at the bar, while staff meandered noisily around, it was disappointing to have such discourteous and then inept service. Sort it out.

2 Aug 2006 17:53

The One Tun, Goodge Street

Gents, I hate to interrupt your fond reminiscences of Youngs pubs loved, lost and gone but is The One Tun any kop?

19 Jul 2006 17:08

The Clarence, Balham

I like the Clarence; in terms of beer, service, food, music, ambience and attitude it is hard to fault, so I take issue with Robertstone’s comments. Personally, I like the originality of the décor; they have made an effort to create a fresh, inviting look. The Clarence is not ostentatious, exclusive nor trying to be anything that is not, quite the contrary. As for mocking the itinerant unfortunates on the street, that is rather scraping the barrel; indeed it is commendable that this pub thrives and brings a bit of class to the area. You come across like a bitter, suspicious malcontent sir; perhaps you need more Budvar dark to give this dog the bone.

11 May 2006 18:54

Richard III, Leicester

nice name. I take it the owner is not a Cockney.

24 Apr 2006 14:59

The Meyrick Arms, Clapham Junction

Awful. Simply an unloved way-station for local alcoholics, stumbling toward dementia.

20 Apr 2006 17:49

The Bishop, East Dulwich

This pub is very fabulous. Weekend party loving, unpretentious vibey, modern retro, community serving, fit& friendly, hot-diggity-dog! I have had a few spicy evenings in here. Well kept beers, (bring back the Old Bob), great seating and lighting, buzzy crowd is served by an attractive team who seem to know their onions. I have been in for quiet paper reading or the full Saturday night session; both work. The Sunday roast is truly a thing of splendour. I had a nice juicy red grape too, in fact all the food rocks and not too pricey. The management really seem to care about what they are doing here. I am by no means local but I am happy to make the trip to this altar of frisky fun; it surprises me how many reviewers on this site are happy to bash the Bishop. I say make him Pope!

28 Mar 2006 17:28

The Bierodrome, Clapham

Corporate but tasty Belgy beer selection that is priced to suit. Late night gets a bit sweaty but the service remains able. When the sun's out grab a chimay and bench outside and watch the world drift by.

28 Mar 2006 16:41

Arch 635, Clapham North

Always liked this place for an extended pre-club warmup. Bar prices and attitude but all good. Excellent tunes and a clearly involved management make this a hidden gem amongst the more commercialized offerings near by

28 Mar 2006 16:35

The Falcon, Clapham North

Spring is on the doorstep and so a young man's fancy turns to outdoor drinking. So why not pop to the local fav outdoor haunt The Falcon? I shall tell you why. Beer: awful, poor selection as with sister pubs SUN and RAILWAY. Food: often sketchy. Service: missing, have they transferred from the ClapNorf up the road? This place gets rammed anyway so my quibbles will not count for much.

28 Mar 2006 16:27

The Landor, Clapham

Great Pub, my favorite local. Crowd has young, not so young, sports and theatre fiends. Beer good, food tasty, atmos friendly, service fast enough but often blunt...well you can't have everything. A superb local boozer with tons of character

28 Mar 2006 16:20

The Clapham North, Clapham North

One my locals and a fairly good bar. Beer selection is limited, Guinness tasted a tad odd last time. Good vibey, young and trendy atmosphere let down by well meaning but erratic service. Clapham High St area is blessed with a few outdoorsy pubs and this is one the best

28 Mar 2006 16:11

The Clarence, Balham

This an excellent pub with a wide selection of interesting beers, I think there are ten on tap. The Beamish was lovely and dark Budvar truly was a revelation. The decor is contemporary, inviting and full of beans. I was warmly greeted by knowledgeable staff who continued to be charming and fit. I have been in several times and cursed myself for not eating here sooner; the food is a lot better than it needs to be. The wine list also impressed me, as did the VFM. The good people of Balham should be proud of this puppy, it should be noted that the team here have put a lot of effort into setting up and running every aspect of this bar. Full marks and I hope you nail the Evening Standard Pub of the Year award.

28 Mar 2006 14:06

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