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Angkor What?, Siem Reap

Not what it was ....

30 Apr 2012 12:02

The Three Brewers, Wokingham


30 Apr 2012 11:54

The Oatland Chaser, Walton on Thames

I enjoyed my visit. Family friendly without being too "family". Great staff ....

30 Apr 2012 11:19

Old Manor, Bracknell

A good Wetherspoons. More character than most, very friendly staff who seem to have genuine interest.

30 Apr 2012 11:16

Broad Street Tavern, Wokingham

Great pub, great staff, although "fools" are not suffered gladly ...

20 Mar 2011 17:41

The Golden Farmer, Bracknell

Popped in for lunch yesterday. I had heard reports that the pub had changed and was making a real effort. I have to say I was very pleasantly surprised. The staff were friendly and efficient, the ale was well kept and well priced. The menu was varied and cheap. I had rump steak, egg and chips. The steak was the best cheap steak I've had for years, it was cooked exactly how I asked and even the egg was cooked just right.

24 Feb 2011 12:28

The Duke's Head, Wokingham

Sad, they tried really hard ...

21 Feb 2011 08:55

The Pot Kiln, Frilsham

Oh Dear, This pub is a real loss. I hate to say it but it might have been better if it had closed. At least then the memory of how excellent it used to be would not have been tainted. If you want to make a TV show use a TV studio and leave our pubs alone.

7 Jul 2006 14:54

The Edinburgh Castle, Sydney

A good friendly pub to site and have a drink in and watch the world go by.

27 Nov 2005 07:29

The Lord Nelson, Sydney

A great pub, one of my favorites in the world. A great old building, a brewery with great beers, good food and a good atmosphere. It is also clear that the landlord has an eye for a pretty girl so the barmaids are very pleasant too.

27 Nov 2005 07:23

The Pot Kiln, Frilsham

I for years I thought that the Pot Kiln was an unspoilt gem of a pub. I used to think that its owners had lovingly resisted commercial pressures to change in order to preserve a much loved country local.

I now understand that I have been mistaken for all these years After watching the new owner on his television programme (Heavens Kitchen UK FOOD) I realise that the previous owners have neglected the building and what it really needed was for walls to be knocked down and locals up routed so that a posh restaurant could be created.

22 Oct 2005 14:26

De Garre, Bruges

I think you will find that C.A.M.R.A spend a fair bit of time "harping" on about Belgium beers as well as fine British ones. Its not an international competition, enjoy all fine ale wherever it may be brewed.

I love Belgium beers and will be in De Garre next week, but If I lived in Belgium I fear I would be dead by now !!

28 Apr 2005 15:14

The Pot Kiln, Frilsham

Apparently the Pot Kiln has been sold to, quote "TV chef Mike Robinson" ... I hope that we will not lose another "proper" pub as a result ..

The Pot Kiln is a Pub, not a Restaurant, Bistro, theme dinner !!!!!!

15 Mar 2005 14:16

Angkor What?, Siem Reap

I agree, and there is a selection of takeaway food menus that you can choose from and the bar will order your meal and arrange delivery to your table ..

2 Dec 2004 13:04

The Cheshire Ring, Hyde

I apologise to anyone who thinks this entry is pointless but although I've not been lucky enough to visit the pub yet, from my experience of Duncan & Rachel's previous ventures I can guarantee the this is a great pub! See you soon - Luv Monty

2 Dec 2004 11:39

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