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Comments by milo71

Morgan's Wine and Ale House, Bexleyheath

Yes, this pub (The Royal Standard) has a new manager now, hooray :)

I popped in one sunday lunchtime. They have slightly refurbed it too. With green flowery wall paper on chimney breasts etc. The bar staff were friendly but a little inexperienced.

To short a visit to give a cast-iron review, but heading in the right direction. Would need to pop in again at different times of the day, to be sure the old scum bags have gone for good.

15 Aug 2011 16:20

The Princess of Wales, Blackheath

Nice pub in a great setting (overlooking the heath), but always wait ages to be served due to its popularity, so don't go there as often as I would like

7 Jul 2011 13:48

The Rising Sun, Lynmouth

Nice pub in a idyllic setting. dissapointed there don't do a sunday roast, but definately worth a visit

7 Jul 2011 13:45

The Black Horse, Bexley

Good little traditional pub, tucked slightly away from the beaten track, with a nice beer garden, worth a visit!

7 Jul 2011 13:42

The Blue Anchor, Bexley

Abit chavy, resembling a sports bar inside. Don't go out of your way for this one!

7 Jul 2011 13:41

The Rose And Crown, Welling

Quite a nice friendly pub, some seating outside (abit too near the trafiic though, carbon monoxide in abundance). Nice garden out back. Bands play from time to time, an old traditional pub, worth a visit if close-by

6 Jul 2011 16:19

The Lord Kitchener, Welling

Average pub, nothing to write home about 5/10

6 Jul 2011 16:15

The Plough and Harrow, Welling

A souless boozer, just about worth a quick pint after getting off train

6 Jul 2011 16:13

The New Cross Turnpike, Welling

Probably best pub in Welling. Modern interior, beer garden too. Not a bad pub

6 Jul 2011 16:09

The Duchess Of Edinburgh, Welling

Nasty racist Hell hole, frequented by dirty old men, prostitutes and extreme chavs. Need I say more!

6 Jul 2011 15:36

OHM Bar, Bexleyheath

By all acounts abit of a hellhole

6 Jul 2011 15:19

Zingara, Bexleyheath

Italian chain eatery, what more can i say, OK, that's about it

6 Jul 2011 15:16

The Danson Stables, Danson Park

Shocking service, confusion reigned! Not just my account, friends who have also visited reporting the same basic problems. Stick to a quick pint, quick if the staff / management can keep up with such a simple request! Otherwise you'll regret it. Shame really, because this should be all acounts be a sure fire winner, placed on the edge of the picturesque danson park, an inviting, handsome looking pub, terribly let down by total ineptness.

6 Jul 2011 15:02

The Wrong 'Un, Bexleyheath

Not bad for a weatherspoons, good variety of punter, from suited old gents to youngsters mixing well. Dark inside due to lack of windows, alright at night but not on a sunny day. Built on the site of an old cricket ground, hence the name the wrong un (a type of bowling action). Once had a big staute of WC Grace inside but chavs slowly but surely ruined it, stealing the bat first, and like the great man himself it is now gone completely. Downside is that it can get very busy, if so abit of a nightmare getting served, as spoons never employ enough staff, to keep costs down. As with most spoons serves food and coffee, resturant and childrens section towards the rear of the pub. Curry night is on thursdays, I tried it once, as they dared me to try the Phal. What a let down, (wasn't any hotter than a madras in real curry house). The poppadum was bendy and the nan bread almost dislodged one of my fillings!! but then what did I really expect, you get what you pay for. Overall, serves a purpose, worth a visit but only just.

6 Jul 2011 14:39

The William Camden, Bexleyheath

OK for a quick pint after getting off train, but would avoid weekends, when it's seriously chaved up with groups of plonkers strutting their stuff looking for trouble.

6 Jul 2011 14:23

The Royal Oak (Polly Clean Stairs), Bexleyheath

I new refurb has not done this pub any harm. Friendly staff, but not all were efficient, one bar maid seem very inexperienced for want of a much better word. Nice beer garden, children welcome, but not that welcome if you know what I mean. This pub is slightly off the beaten track, which at first would seem a negative, but this is a positive, in the fact that the lager louts hanging around the broadway can't be bother to walk that far. This pub is definately worth a visit, ideally on a summer's evening or lazy sunday afternoon.

6 Jul 2011 14:15

The Prince Albert, Bexleyheath

A pub that has certainly gone down hill. Never many people inside, but always noisy, especially when football is on, give you an idea of the locals. Loads of copper kettles and plates everwhere, the only good feature. A few tables out front, but right near busy traffic junction, so excessive carbon dioxide intake likely. My advice give the pub a miss, but victorian resturant upstairs is defo worth a visit.

6 Jul 2011 14:03

The Rose, Bexleyheath

Arguably the best pub in Bexleyheath, or at least joint best with Robin hood and little john. Simon the landlord treats all his customers (new and old) with the same warmness. Good seating outside front, to lazily watch life pass you by. Quiet, small concrete garden out back with plenty of greenery. Karaoke on thursday is normally quite a hoot especially when chinese elvis turns up! Good selection of real ales, traditonal albeit every so slightly tired interior. Does food during the week, quite well priced but fairly basic too. Would recommend.

6 Jul 2011 13:55

The Robin Hood and Little John, Bexleyheath

A good pub, winning numerous awards. Although this has over-inflated the ego of the landlord and son to epic proportions, you're not superstars, just serve me and drop the smugness please!!! A well kept beer garden out back, children welcome, but would only advise older children, as small concrete garden with no toys. A handful of nice seating outside the front. The only slight downside is that the pub is very small inside, narrow in places, near gents and darts board, but gets the thumbs up :)

6 Jul 2011 13:18

The Kings Arms, Bexleyheath

This pub is little bit tired, most of the clientele are the wrong side of 40, and big Chas and Dave fans (singing along to the jukebox) when I last visited. New Ladylady's trying to turn this pub around but the jury's definately out!

6 Jul 2011 12:58

The Toby Carvery, Bexleyheath

Used to be 50% pub and 50% restaurant, now 0.5% pub 99.5% restaurant. Food Ok, but horrendous queues if trying to get a sunday roast after 5pm. Ticket system, when your ticket comes up, head to cavery or wait for waitress if not eating roast.

Last time I visited for a quick pint in the small beer garden out back. Was shocked to see so much discarded rubbish blowing around at back of kitchen, made me think twice about trying roast again.

6 Jul 2011 12:47

Morgan's Wine and Ale House, Bexleyheath

Real shame about this pub, a steady down hill slide for the past 10 years. Was a good pub until Pete took over (a character who has little man syndome, and if he was any more ape-like he would start banging his chest, not just grunting). The pub is really unfriendly, with a small gang of druggies hanging around. Hence the glares received from anyone entering who's unknown, ie paranoia that police will raid or indeed shut down the pub again. The garden has been refurbished with new decking area and pub renamed to The Royal Standard. Ordinarily this would be a good idea, but pointless, as no body dares goes there.

6 Jul 2011 12:31

Volunteer Public House, Bexleyheath

A relativity friendly pub (albeit with the occasional local builder cliché), small but perfectly formed, a small selection of real ale and kronenbourg, stella, coors light and fosters on tap. A well kept, spacious beer garden, which is child friendly (a massive plus if you've got kids). One suggestion, to remove the old wooden climbing frame (which has seen much better days), and replacing with a couple of swings. On the whole a good pub.

6 Jul 2011 11:35

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