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The Red Lion, Lindfield

Seems alright - went in the summer and they have a huge beer garden, plus a big room out the back so can't imagine it gets too cramped. On the down side they're prone to serve others when letting Guinness settle - wouldn't be a big deal if they didn't consistently forget to pour the rest unless prompted! Also we were in there on a Saturday evening (about 6pm) and there was already a lad vomiting in the urinals...

11 Dec 2014 12:51

The Stand Up Inn, Lindfield

Nice and quirky but also more expensive than the other locals. Saturday afternoons tend to see an influx of 30-something parents and their "little treasures". Yet to try the food but it smells very nice (Thai menu)

11 Dec 2014 12:47

The Burrell Arms, Haywards Heath

Reasonable enough to stop in for a quick pint or to watch the football but nothing special. Entertainment on a Saturday night will either be great or massively off-putting depending on your tastes (recent treats have included a rock 'n' roll singer and karaoke - neither of which would entice me back). Only sampled the food once and it was so-so but since then there has been an overhaul of the menu and a refurb of the whole pub so I can't really comment. Sadly the pool table is no more.

11 Dec 2014 12:45

Wheelwrights, Cheshunt

Possibly the worst pub I've ever drunk in.

The main room was closed for a function so I can't comment on that but we ended up in the front bar. Ordered two pinot grigios, a glass of soda water, a fosters and a lager shandy...the soda water was poured into the wine and the barwoman thought we'd ordered a large brandy...Only three other people in there, the music (mainly hardcore punk...which I quite like but isn't to everyone's taste) was at full blast. We asked for it to be turned down, which it was, but then turned up again five minutes later. The wine was passable but the Fosters was bad (and Fosters is poor at the best of times).

Its probably fine if you're there with a load of mates and the whole pub is open but if you're not a local and you're there with anyone who isn't keen on something rough and ready then I'd avoid it like the plague

8 Oct 2012 14:34

The Cavendish Arms, Stockwell

Great venue for music and comedy. The staff are friendly, it's a bit out of place in the midst of deepest, darkest Stockwell but definitely worth popping in for a few pints and some excellent performances.

25 Jan 2012 14:58

The Duke Of Cambridge, Stockwell

Visited yesterday when I had an hour to kill. Looks a bit grim but the bar staff and clientele couldn't have been friendlier. You shouldn't judge a book by it's cover, it does great pints and well worth a visit

25 Jan 2012 14:46

Buccaneer, Fareham

Reasonably near the station when in need of a swift pint while waiting for a train but otherwise a typical carvery-style pub

4 Jan 2012 16:09

Brewhouse and Kitchen, Dorchester

Only ever been there when waiting for or arriving off a train. Nice but souless chain pub, the beer is cheap and the staff friendly but don't go out of your way to visit

4 Jan 2012 16:07

The Queen's Head, Pinner

Good, albeit quiet, atmosphere, friendly staff, lovely building and a good range of beers. The best pub in Pinner

4 Jan 2012 16:05

The Three Wishes, North Harrow

Not much to look at but a great spot to watch football, racing and cricket. The staff and patrons are friendly and the beer is decent, well worth a visit (especially given North Harrow's lack of pubs!)

4 Jan 2012 16:03

The Queens Tavern, Shepherds Bush

Went in today, sure it's great for QPR fans on match day but there was only one other person in there and he was being screamed at by the landlady. Drank my decent enough pint and left

4 Jan 2012 15:55

The North Pole, Canary Wharf

A wonderful place to avoid the normal clientele found on the Wharf. Slightly rough around the edges is a massive understatement but it does a decent pint, simple food and has a pool table. Never seen it busy and very rarely seen someone in a suit in such I receommend it heartily.

3 Aug 2011 16:53

The Ledger Building, Canary Wharf

Free wi-fi, good beer, brilliant staff, probably the best pub on the Wharf and certainly the best chain pub. The recent-ish refurbishment has improved the place massively and apart from a Friday night when it's a meat market it doesn't tend to get too busy so you can enjoy a pint

3 Aug 2011 16:51

Henry Addington, Canary Wharf

Pretty pricey and terribly laid out which can mean you wait a long time to be served, but generally a nice pub with good food and worth a visit when it's quiet

3 Aug 2011 16:46

The Cat And Canary, Canary Wharf

Gets busy on a Friday lunchtime (or when the cricket is on) but otherwise a great pub. Friendly staff, good pints (and a variety of ales) and a great beer festival. Food is expensive but good for pub grub

3 Aug 2011 16:45

All Bar One, Canary Wharf

Full of bankers and perenially busy. Avoid like the plague.

3 Aug 2011 16:44

Slug and Lettuce, Canary Wharf

Slow service and a very rude Irish bar manager. The beer garden is good if it's sunny and quiet but this is it's only redeeming feature

3 Aug 2011 16:43

The Romans, Southwick

Last went last Christmas when it was quite quiet but the staff were friendly and the beer was decent. Seemed to have a nicer atmosphere than the other alternatives in Southwick

3 Aug 2011 16:42

Cricketers, Southwick

I've been going to the Cricketers for over 4 years and I have to say it's got gradually worse. Admittedly I haven't been since the tail end of last year but when I did last go the patrons were unpleasant and the owner even more so. One recent visit saw the jukebox be "free for the night", but the landlord merely put the music he wanted on and deleted everyone else's selections from the playlist.

Because of all this I've started going to the Romans, much better.

3 Aug 2011 16:41

Penny Black, Northwich

As far as Wetherspoons go it's a decent one. Big and well lit, always pretty fast service and decent pints. Can attract a fair few chavs and get a little over full on a Friday/Saturday night but normally a good spot for a few beers

3 Aug 2011 16:32

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