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Comments by midnightpoolchampion

The Pineapple, Lambeth

Not as good as it used to be. Staff a little off hand. Good do better. Shame really.

15 Apr 2009 12:55

The Ship, Lambeth

Good pub this one. A real find. You have a little of everything here, pool, quiz, D.J on saturday nights, ski sports, and at an affordable rate. Not many like this one left.

15 Apr 2009 12:54

The Ladywell Tavern, Ladywell

Poped in over the week-end for a beer. Not to sure about some of the customers.
Beer was good. I heard this place has had a refurb recently, a bit surprised as I felt it a bit tatty!! still it takes all sorts. Not a bad place overall, just needs a little bit of cleaning up.

22 Oct 2008 21:36

One, Lewisham

One has got a really good new menu, Tapas, I took my sister there last friday for a meal, and was very pleased with the food and the service. The staff have really improved, very polite like you would expect from a well run venue. Great new wine list, must admit we left a little worse for ware!!

14 Oct 2008 22:35

The Forest Hill Tavern, Forest Hill

I spoke to the manager who said the man that was shot had nothing to do with the pub. Must say that this could have happened anywhere nowadays.
Dosen't seem fair to me to blame it on the pub. As regards 1,000 times less likely to be shot down at the Herne, have you seen some of their customers lately? They seem to have inherited the old Forest Hill lot, and I don't mean the good ones.

I heard that the doormen looked after the victim and made sure he got to hospital where he was making a good recovery, they couldn't do more than that.

This is still one of the best places to watch sport. Have always felt safe and comfortable there since the refurb.

7 Oct 2008 17:31

One, Lewisham

I think the staff are great, a couple of new really friendly girls, Also Joe new guy. Love the new floor.

8 May 2008 01:40

The Vale Bar, Dulwich

Always feel that the Vale does not get enough credit for such a good place to watch sport, nice and big, you do not feel crushed.

26 Mar 2008 22:53

The Bishop, East Dulwich

Quite nice bar, but too many mothers and babies, can be a little off putting if you just want to go and chill out.

26 Mar 2008 22:51

One, Lewisham

Les, thats' not very nice is it, perhaps, if ,you had put on a cardigan or coat you might not be so cold, after all, it is winter!!

and yes, they do sell real ale.

18 Mar 2008 22:51

The Forest Hill Tavern, Forest Hill

Its just a good allrounder. Does it have to be just one thing? Can't it appeal to different people?
Never claimed to be a gastro pub, just a pub that serves food, a nice place to watch sport, and a good Friday nigh music venue. I would have though it has the best of all worlds. I am one of the locals who still drinks here, if you stayed around, you would see that there are still some of us about.

16 Mar 2008 22:28

The Market Tavern, Lewisham

This pub has some strange customers, I went in there the orhter day, and was not sure if I was in a care centre. Everybody seems to be acting as if they had somethin to hide. No somewhere I would like to take a friend to.

19 Feb 2008 19:37

Herne Tavern, Forest Hill

Glad to be in an area where there are two good bars, here and the Forest Hill Tavern, both very friendly places, good food, and both have a nice custom base. We are getting spolited for choice. GREAT.

19 Feb 2008 19:33

The Pineapple, Lambeth

Qite a good pub, this and The Ship on Kennington Road, are the two remaing good run pubs around Kennington, both have pool tables, good tv and friendly staff.

12 Feb 2008 19:51

One, Lewisham

Hi there, its me again, I dont know when the previous person was in One, I was there last saturday night, and the place was as busy as ever, and it was open really late. Food back on, and staff very good . Its still the top bar for me in Lewisham.

12 Feb 2008 19:45

One, Lewisham

I like this bar, despite what the previous "expert" rampant wurzel has to say.

16 Jan 2008 19:15

The Honor Oak, Honor Oak

Good pub/bar, a welcome to Forest Hill, along with the Forest Hill Taverm, nice to have two really good bars to go to without having to travel to Lordship Lane.

13 Jan 2008 22:41

The Ship, Lambeth

Pleased to see that the Ship has a pool table back. It is rather nice to still feel that the Ship is a mix of old and new, almost a thing of the past now in pubs/bars.

7 Jan 2008 21:44

One, Lewisham

To the previous comments, foreign beer, dosen't nearly everyone pub in London sell Stella and Krongbourg? and I suppose people refer to ONE as "ONE" because that is what it is called!!

2 Jan 2008 20:46

One, Lewisham

I am rather surprised with the last comment, as I was in ONE all over Christmas, and had a great time. Nick the manager even had a game of pool with me, cant be bad.

30 Dec 2007 16:48

The Forest Hill Tavern, Forest Hill

Went into FHT yeterday to watch match, again really good atmosphere, it seems to have found its feet.
New guy behind bar, with a lot of Irish charm, cant be bad.I bet the ladies will be pleased.

30 Dec 2007 16:45

The Forest Hill Tavern, Forest Hill

Great atmosphere in the FHT yesterday for the Football games. Its getting to be an in place to go to watch Football matches. Good staff, and nice vibe.

17 Dec 2007 21:14

One, Lewisham

As one of the middle class drones, as referred to by an earlier posting " easyskip", may I say that I am really glad ONE is the kind of bar it is.Good forbid, if there was not a place like ONE in Lewisham, where could I go, and others like me, to have a quiet drink, read if I want, or, watch a big game, in such nice surroundings, and where staff, treat you with respect.

17 Dec 2007 19:47

One, Lewisham

I would just like to second the previous comments. I went into ONE on saturday night, and it was extremely busy, very good atmosphere. The new manager is a great improvement on the last guy, Nick and Ray made me feel really welcome, and took the time to ask me what I thought of the place, and was there any thing that I thought "as a customer" would make the place even better. I suggested a Pool Table !! so who knows.

12 Dec 2007 21:58

The Ship, Lambeth

Such a nice bar, with a good mix, I am surprised that it is not a lot busier.

3 Nov 2007 14:57

One, Lewisham

A plesent surprise, finding such a nice bar in Lewisham, The wine menu is really very good, resonably priced. A few locals, not enough to spoil the atmosphere. A good place to relax after work friday night. Like the mixture of sport on the tv, but, music being played to create a party atmoshpere.
A good mix.

25 Oct 2007 17:49

The Ship, Lambeth

Very nice pub, recently gone upmarket, friendly staff,
sky sports, watched the Rugby final there, what a night!! Everyone danced and cheered together, english and south african. That is what we need to see more of, everyone getting on together. Well done guys.

25 Oct 2007 17:42

The Forest Hill Tavern, Forest Hill

Went in on Saturday for the rugby and had an awesome time. Staff were brilliant and contrary to other postings, NOT eastern european (although nothing wrong even if they were). Had a really good mix. Had absolutely no trouble at all. Was going to go home after the game - what a game!- but had such a good atmosphere, I decided to stay on. A young member of staff cranked the music up and we had a great time. Can't wait till Saturday's game. Springboks, you are going down!

16 Oct 2007 22:22

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