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White Cross, Sidcup

Re visited. Cosy pub sitting by open fire. Had a meal, good choice of plain food at a reasonable price. No loud music belting out, and clientele mainly over 50's
which is fine by me. No game machines so uou can hear yourself think and chat to your mates.

10 Dec 2012 19:42

The Park Tavern, Eltham

Nice in the garden, but if you fancy a bottle of wine it will cost you 16, Chelsea prices in Eltham.

5 Jul 2012 20:42

The Jolly Fenman, Blackfen

Just visited after its revamp. All the chavs and screaming kids have gone, along with the pool tables. I was pleasantly surprised, very comfortable pub now, but oh, the prices forbid me being a regular, a pint and two glasses of wine 17+.

6 Mar 2012 14:55

We Anchor In Hope, Welling

Had the Sunday lunch today, lovely roast beef etc. Add soup and ale and the price creeps well above 11, but hey ho, well worth it, and no chavs either, definately will go again.

20 Nov 2011 21:31

We Anchor In Hope, Welling

What a lovely surprise. Large family pub, clean and pleasant with ok ale and food. Must visit one evening when one of the acts are on, plenty to choose from during the month.

28 Oct 2011 20:22

The Furze Wren, Bexleyheath

Oh dear. The portions have been drastically reduced. My steak dinner last night, was a child portion, the baked potato was the size of an egg, and the steak more like a rasher of bacon. Used to be good value, but now I am wondering.

22 Jun 2011 17:04

Eltham GPO, Eltham

Still will not go in as the chavs have returned, prefer the Park Tavern across the road.

9 Jun 2011 20:53

The Park Tavern, Eltham

The guvnor seems to have vanished, however, now the garden is in full bloom, enjoy your fags and a nice pint in good surroundings.

9 Jun 2011 20:49

The Rising Sun, Eltham

Its been revamped. Cannot make my mind up. High up tables, ordinary tables, then a cosy seat in the corner. Prices a little high, a night in here needs a lottery win.

15 Jun 2010 20:11

The Great Western, Corsham

Visited last week, like drinking in your mates living room. Found the prices a tad expensive for such a small pub, but cosy enough with the locals and their dogs. Not a great selection of ale, but ok for such a small place.

19 May 2010 20:51

The Three Blackbirds, Bexley

A pub of two halves. Good lounge bar and public area with tv's playing football. Car park nearly always full, I suspect this is local residents using the facilities illegally. Worth a visit.

30 Mar 2010 20:47

Eltham GPO, Eltham

This pub has been revamped, and part of it is now a restaurant. Well advertised in the local free papers as the place to go, will try it out sometime soon.

2 Mar 2010 19:49

The Furze Wren, Bexleyheath

Enjoyed the steak on Tuesday night, shame they mixed up the steaks, rare and well done on the wrong plates, but good value though.

27 Nov 2009 19:41

The Furze Wren, Bexleyheath

Yep, done it, me and her indoors loved our curry, 9/10. The poppadum was a little doughy, so a point dropped, apart from that, great. What a bargain, will definitely be going again.

5 Nov 2009 21:13

The Furze Wren, Bexleyheath

Anyone tried one of their curries on a Thursday, looks very tempting and cheapo as well.

27 Oct 2009 19:45

The Furze Wren, Bexleyheath

They have moved the cosy seats away from the windows and placed them nearer the bar, ok I suppose. Like this place because I feel comfortable, no oiks and the like. Must be popular cos yesterday, three ales were off, ne'r mind eh!

7 Oct 2009 21:05

The Methuen Arms, Corsham

Oh dear, that is all I can say.

1 Oct 2009 19:51

The Royal Oak, Corsham

This pub should be a location set for Hammer films, especially dealing with horror movies. Awful pub and mad staring customers, oh, never did see anyone behind the bar, perhaps they had been murdered, left without a drink. Again.

1 Oct 2009 19:50

The Flemish Weaver, Corsham

Stood at the empty bar for 5 minutes, when a harassed lady appeared and then disappeared, we left unserved after 10 minutes, I think they are only interested in diners.

1 Oct 2009 19:46

The George Staples, Blackfen

I know it is nothing to do with the pub, but there are a lot of young mums drinking at the tables outside, with their kids running around, what a mess they make leaving crisp wrappers etc. How come these mums can afford to do this in the afternoon, perhaps a visit from social services.

30 Sep 2009 21:16

The Tailor's Chalk, Sidcup

Standing room only at lunchtimes, is it the price of ale. The pub does not appear to have changed that much re decor since it was the Hogshead, but to full to evaluate, cheers.

9 Aug 2009 20:45

The Jolly Fenman, Blackfen

Gents toilet out of order, litter all around the garden area, and astronomic prices for a mediocre pub. Little wonder its nearly always empty during the day.

15 Jun 2009 21:52

The George Staples, Blackfen

Went in here first time today, well impressed. Glass of wine and a beer, 5. 1 hour later, went into the Jolly Fenman, same drinks nearly 7, oh and I wonder why it was empty, the Fenman that is.

15 Jun 2009 21:49

Eltham GPO, Eltham

Yes, it has re-opened, but the windows are all blacked out, perhaps they are expecting a visit from the Luftwaffe.

14 Dec 2008 22:26

Eltham GPO, Eltham

Yes, it has re-opened, but each Saturday I walk past I never see any customers, last Sat. a man was outside inviting me in for a drink, telling me it was 50p cheaper than the Park Tavern, 50 yds away. No thanks.

18 Nov 2008 20:55

Tudor Barn Eltham, Eltham

Folk group still meet every Wednesday night, first floor. Bring your own booze and guitar, sing along Dave will be there.

15 Oct 2008 19:39

The Portrait, Sidcup

Went in today and had lunch, not very impressed at all. My portion of French fries were for a child, the special burger was dry and undercooked, the bun being twice the size of the meat. Oh woe is me. Perhaps the chef has moved from the Horse and Groom.

15 Oct 2008 19:32

White Cross, Sidcup

This was once my favourite pub until they started bringing food from the extension to the main pub. They built the extension as a restaurant, why not leave it like that. Anyhow, out of the way pub to take your mistress, in a lovely setting, ideal for a walk in the country before or after a drink. Stands by itself and is only really accessible by car

13 Oct 2008 21:40

The Jolly Fenman, Blackfen

This place is definitely in need of a face lift, getting very unloved.I cannot see what justifies such high prices at the bar, are they saving for a new carpet.

13 Oct 2008 21:24

Eltham GPO, Eltham

Passed here on Sat. night, it was all lit up, the bar was well stocked and illuminated, a couple of bods wandering around. Is it about to re-open?

5 Oct 2008 22:17

The Park Tavern, Eltham

KM 1983. We do not want the clientele of the now defunct Post Office p/h.

19 Sep 2008 20:47

The Park Tavern, Eltham

Every time I visit, there are different beers on tap, wonderful, not to expensive either.

26 Jul 2008 20:52

Eltham GPO, Eltham

Yippee, it has closed. The grapevine tells me that Wetherspoons are negotiating to buy it, what a relief. The only worry is, what pub is going to be ruined when the chavs move on.

30 May 2008 22:34

The Old Wick, Bexley

Second visit and agree to a degree with maidenman. Remember those Hammer films when the hero walks into a pub and everything stops, well this pub is the same. I stood at the bar for 5 minutes before the guvnor [I presume]left an attractive blonde perched on a stool and deigned to venture on to his side of the bar and ask what I wanted. OK pub though.

2 May 2008 20:52

The Park Tavern, Eltham

Come on strongarm, I was there last Sat. evening and the place was full of MILF'S. You a smoker, plenty of seating outside for you, with ashtrays stuck to the walls in the narrow corridor.

2 May 2008 20:38

Sidcup Place, Sidcup

One of the strangest establishments I have ever been in, I will give it a miss in the future, nothing else to say.

10 Mar 2008 22:41

The Old Wick, Bexley

A cosy little pub with very expensive prices. Tele. on with sound turned down, radio on full blast, emmm. Not many people in there when I visited, but I would guess the patrons are all locals rather than visitors.

2 Mar 2008 22:51

Tudor Barn Eltham, Eltham

The place is closing down, the lease has been given back to Greenwich Council, that explains why the place has gone downhill over the years, the owner lost interest. Watch it now become a ruin as the chavs move in with their bricks and matches.

23 Feb 2008 20:59

Eltham GPO, Eltham

Walked passed on Sat. evening about 5pm and looked in, loads of chavs running about, and yes, there she was again, a women with fag in gob changing a baby on one of the tables, what is going on here.

17 Feb 2008 20:58

The Park Tavern, Eltham

Yep, visited this newly opened little pub. Good selection of ales, nice log fire, no tv's, darts or snooker tables, probable the place is to small for such attractions, great. The pub is probable going to be a regular drinking hole for a few, cannot see it ever becoming crowded. Nicely decorated with a cosy feel about it. Hope it survives, should do provided the chavs do not move back, and yes, very reasonable priced ales.

17 Feb 2008 20:55

The George Staples, Blackfen

Now reopened with name change, looks very posh, shall I risk it, will let you know later.

30 Jan 2008 20:37

The Royal Tavern, Eltham

Thanks pigpen, I will drive past as well, middle of hoodie county, far to dangerous for me and her indoors.

30 Jan 2008 20:31

The Rising Sun, Eltham

Probably the cosiest pub in the Eltham area, also include Sidcup in that. Prices a little high, it is dearer than all other local pubs. I like it because there are no TV's, or the constant smell of food, and you can talk without music drowning you. Cosy seating, and friendly staff, worth a visit.

30 Jan 2008 20:10

Eltham GPO, Eltham

OH dear, what is happening to this place. Cold and draughty, side door always open. Threadbare carpets and the bogs a mile away. Pull it down and start again.

15 Jan 2008 21:17

The Charcoal Burner, New Eltham

Revisited and went into the posh bar, quite pleasant, surprisingly busy at 5 pm. Bought some DVD'S from Mr Chan. Worth going just to see the blonde barmaid, straight out of a 60's movie.

7 Jan 2008 20:06

The Hogshead, Sidcup

Revisited Sat.evening. No fire lit, the whole place was cold and windswept. Only one barman doing his best, two real ales off, mmmm give it a few more weeks to improve and light the fire.

7 Jan 2008 19:59

The Hogshead, Sidcup

This pub is a bit of a mixed bag. A bit woody, and in the corner, leather chairs around a gas log fire, very cosy. Bit of a drag getting up the stairs for a wee wee especially when you have had a few jars of real ale. Sure, needs some refurbishment, but if I can sit next to the fire all night, than its ok for me.

28 Dec 2007 20:04

The Furze Wren, Bexleyheath

Went again last Sat. early evening, as above but we sat for over an hour with someone else,s dirty plates on the table, so to the pot man, please look around and stop nattering to everybody.

18 Dec 2007 19:31

The Danson Stables, Danson Park

Once visited, and only once. Very wooden, best thing about this place is that the chavs find it hard to get to, so they avoid it. Food ok and decent beer at top prices.

4 Dec 2007 19:51

The Toby Carvery, Bexleyheath

Only went once to this establishment for a meal, never again. Although the food was ok, it was full of kids and loud noisy people, and this was at 8 pm, and when one of the chefs/cooks came from the kitchen and went for a fag outside, we could not help notice how filthy his whites were, it looked like he had been coal mining, and he was preparing the food. Retired to the pub area, to find overflowing ashtrays and crisp wrappers all over the place, the pits.

4 Dec 2007 19:48

The White Lion, St Albans

Car park full then?

4 Dec 2007 19:39

The Furze Wren, Bexleyheath

Loved this pub, probable the biggest pub in the world. Plenty of seating, good friendly staff and lovely coffee to finish the drinks off. Prices very reasonable, just sit by the window and watch the world go bye.

1 Dec 2007 17:56

The Blind Beggar, Whitechapel

I think 'off the wagon' has been drinking a little to much. Jack the Ripper shot someone, really. And I think he means Ronnie Kray, oh pass me the gun, lets end it all.

1 Dec 2007 17:48

The Blue Anchor, Bexley

I have never seen a pub with so many tv's, they are everywhere, plus a juke box which destroys any conversation when played. Two pool tables which attract a certain type. Not the family pub it used to be, now serving meals all over the place. So in the evenings if you want kids running around everywhere, this is the pub for you, but not me.

30 Nov 2007 20:57

The Wrong 'Un, Bexleyheath

Busy pub, but no rowdies. Good priced ale, and nice chips if you want to be fat. Usually get a seat ok, but plenty of standing room. No car park, so its on foot from the overpriced Bexley car park nearby.

30 Nov 2007 20:52

The Bankers Draft, Eltham

Standing room only, but prices probably the best in Eltham, handy for a quicky whilst shopping, but not a local, certainly not one I would visit in the evenings.

29 Nov 2007 20:00

The Crown, Eltham

The only thing missing from this place is the spit and sawdust of old.

29 Nov 2007 19:55

The Park Tavern, Eltham

The place has been gutted and is undergoing complete refurbishment, when finished, please no tv's, snooker tables [pool],cooked meals or juke boxes, lets stay real with good ale and a place to chat at normal volume.

29 Nov 2007 19:53

The George Staples, Blackfen

Its being refurbished, lets hope the drug dealing scum do not return, you know who you are, me will be watching you.

29 Nov 2007 19:42

The Alma, Sidcup

I keep going to this pub @ 5pm, and it is never open, everyone speaks so highly of it, please open earlier for me to sip my half of shandy.

29 Nov 2007 19:37

Ye Olde Black Horse, Sidcup

A very busy pub in a residential area, but it is not a family pub any more. Is it only me that wants to sit and chat without tv's in every corner shouting at you, the smell of food is overpowering, are there any pubs these days that do not sell food? And oh, the bar staff, if you want to stand and chat please do it elsewhere and try and serve the customers.

29 Nov 2007 19:26

The Portrait, Sidcup

This is a long and narrow pub, tv at far end for the footie enthusiasts. The seats were fastened to the floors, so you had to squeeze into them, and being a corpulant type of person, my belly was stuck against the table, very uncomfortable and not a place for me to hang around, or should I say sit around.

29 Nov 2007 17:31

The Horse and Groom, Sidcup

Went there Saturday, early evening, and every table in the pub was occupied by people eating meals, this is not a pub any more, its a restaurant. Did not stay, went elsewhere. I do not think the management want it to be a pub any more, fine if you are hungry and not thirsty.

29 Nov 2007 17:26

The Charcoal Burner, New Eltham

Made the mistake of going to the pub on a Saturday afternoon. I think the local rugby team had just arrived along with the local football team, could not hear myself speak, why do these types always shout at each other and hang around the bar so you have a struggle getting another drink. Lady bar staff ok, but to noisy for me, bye bye.

29 Nov 2007 17:22

The Jolly Fenman, Blackfen

I live close to this pub, and I have never seen a pub have so many governors. They are doing reasonable grub throughout the day, but I am afraid it is for youngsters, not oldies like it used to be. Beer selection ok.

24 Jun 2007 19:39

The Park Tavern, Eltham

A place to sit at lunchtime, have a couple, buy a couple of dodgy videos, and watch the chavs go by, friendly staff and beer ok. It is a local used by the same people every day and night, a little like the Queen Vic.[Eastenders]

24 Jun 2007 19:24

Eltham GPO, Eltham

Went in this pub last week at lunchtime, I could not believe it, my wife and I just wanted a quiet drink mid shopping, but we found the pub littered with chavs, one was actually changing a baby on a table at the raised section, which they appear to have taken over, with a fag sticking out of her gob. Do none of these 18-25 yr olds go to work, the new manager has a lot to learn about paying customers, not just oiks using it as a meeting place.

22 Jun 2007 17:03

Tudor Barn Eltham, Eltham

Every Wednesday, on the first floor, Eltham folk group meet, come and listen or bring your guitar and play a tune and /or sing a song.

22 Jun 2007 16:55

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