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BITE user comments - mickyding

Comments by mickyding

The Wheatsheaf, Frome

Good place to chill out and have a drink, an expensive place and get there before 10pm as u have to pay afterwards. also take a sweat towel as it is like a suana in there!

16 Nov 2005 13:17

The Royal Oak, Frome

With out doubt the nicest family run pub in the town, known for its expensive drinks but dont let that worry you, a great atmoshere, gd grub and great entertainment! Card nite, curry nites, snooker nites and quality pub for all the family!

16 Nov 2005 13:04

The Blue Boar Inn, Frome

Prob best pub in the town center, friendly atmosphere, good pool table and a awesome Juke box!!! loving the house doubles

16 Nov 2005 12:56

The Badgers Hill, Frome

One of the cheapest pubs in frome, has a really friendly atmosphere and the best pub to watch the footy!!! Loving the work

16 Nov 2005 12:53

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